Hypotrophy, causes and treatment


  • Hypotrophy, reasons
  • Hypotrophy, treatment

  • Hypotrophy, reasons

    Hypotrophy - one of the forms of chronic disorder
    food in children characterized by gradually developing exhaustion.
    Hypotrophy is found primarily in young children, maybe
    Early and in the fetus during the period of intrauterine development in various
    Mother diseases (intrauterine hypotrophy).

    Hypotrophy, causes and treatment
    The most frequent causes of hypotrophy are insufficient
    Number of milk in mothers, improper breastfeeding technique,
    prolonged breastfeeding with milk mixtures, presence, incorrect or insufficient and monotonous
    food, poor child care, lack of mode and rare stay
    Its outdoors, hereditary and acquired diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, frequent colds. This leads or to
    Insufficient flow of nutrients in the child's body, or
    to violation of their assimilation. Due to insufficient receipt
    Nutrients The body begins to spend their own stocks
    proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral, salts and vitamins. Arises
    Dehydration of the body violates the formation of the bone system,
    Rachi-like changes appear. As a result, starvation is developing
    And the exhaustion of the body. Violates metabolism, as well as functions
    various organs and nervous system, resilience
    organism to various diseases.

    In the development of hypotrophy, the child loses weight, its growth and development
    slow down. The skin becomes pale, flue, dry, easily going
    In folds. The thickness of the skin fold at the level of the navel is becoming less than 1.0
    cm. The subcutaneous fat layer is thinned - at the beginning on the stomach and torso,
    then on hand and legs, and afterwards on the face. The muscle tone is reduced.
    Appetite worsens noticeably, often an unstable stool occurs.
    The behavior of the child changes: it becomes a capricious, restless or
    sluggish, sleep is disturbed, the development of motor skills is delayed
    (Children later begin to get on legs and walk). In children with hypotrophy more often
    infectious diseases arise; they are easier and harder
    endure inflammation of the lungs and intestinal infections, even minor
    Error in nutrition cause them violations from the gastrointestinal
    tract. Treatment is appointed by a doctor strictly individually after identifying
    all the reasons caused by hypotrophy.

    Prevention of hypotrophy needs to be started before the birth of a child.
    Future mother must comply with the day of the day, eat. After
    Birthday Baby Nursing Mother should also follow their food,
    Including in it products containing enough proteins,
    Fats, carbohydrates, vitamins. It is necessary to make efforts for
    providing breastfeeding and trace the amount of milk,
    Such a child. Communication rules should be followed
    child in time to introduce adhesion. Necessary
    ensure compliance with the regime of the day, a sufficient stay of the child on
    air, timely treatment of diseases.

    Hypotrophy, treatment

    It is carried out taking into account the reason that caused hypotrophy, as well as its degree.
    With 1 degree - outpatient, at 2 and 3 degrees - in the hospital.
    Basic principles - elimination of the causes of hypotrophy, proper nutrition
    and child care, treatment of disorders arising from this
    Measuring of substances, infectious complications.

    With the insufficient number of milk, the mother of the child is remembered
    donor or mixtures. With less than normal, content in
    The maternal milk of the components of them is prescribed additionally (when
    Protein deficiency - kefir, cottage cheese, protein milk, with a deficit
    carbohydrates - sugar syrup add to drinking water, with a deficit
    Fats give 10-20% cream). In severe cases, nutrients
    Enter intravenously drip. In the case of hypotrophy due to
    Violation of metabolism, conduct special medical nutrition.

    Regardless of the cause of the disease, all children are prescribed vitamins,
    Enzymes (Abomin, Pepsin, Festal, Panzinorm, Pankreatin and DR.),
    Stimulating tools (apilax, dibazole, in severe cases -
    Hormone therapy), massage, medicinal physical education, ultraviolet
    irradiation. Of great importance is the right child care
    (regular outdoor walks, stagnant warning
    phenomena in the lungs - more often take a child in hand, turn over; at
    cooling to put on the legs of the harrant; Careful cavity care).

    Forecast for hypotrophy 1 degree favorable, at 3 degrees - mortality is 30-50%.

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