Redness in children - what they can mean?


Redness in children
Redness skin
Children's cover most often arise where the skin is exposed to friction and exposure
moisture, where it in contact with urine and feces. Since children's skin is very
The current and tender, diaper dermatitis is manifested in one degree or another

Picture of diaper dermatitis develops
30-50% of babies and often accompanied by redness in the field
crotches, buttocks, hips and lower belly. Usually foci of hyperemia
Appear in places of close contact of the skin with a diaper or diaper.
Cala and urine components that are under the diaper are becoming irritants for
skin and magnificent reproduction medium bacteria. As a result, mechanical,
Chemical irritation and inflammation on the skin are formed foci redness.

Dermatitis can be explained by the following factors:

  • long
    Contact of skin with urine and feces when using disposable
  • Unreasonable
    shift diaper or diaper;
  • Diarrhea U
  • Increased
    sensitivity to the material of the diaper, diapers, to the leather care products and
    washing powder;
  • artificial
  • excess
    weight kid.

Difference and Paddle as the cause of redness

One of
The most common forms of redness of the skin in children are a dye, or the Padman. Usually foci of dialliness
are in the folds of delicate skin of the child, for example in the neck and armpits,
groin and inter-fodder region, as well as abdominal ears or at the bottom.

Depending on the intensity of skin lesion distinguish three degrees

  • First
    degree — minor redness of the skin without disrupting its integrity;
  • Second
    degree — Bright redness with small bubbles and cracks;
  • Third
    degree — Pronounced redness with mocking cracks, ulcers or erosions,
    Itching and burning.

How it becomes
Clearly from the term, the Padder develops as a result of closing or blockage
Sweat iron. The reason for this inflammation is often reinforced
Potting when overheating kid. The disease contributes to the imperfection of thermoregulation
in this age. Potnis most often meets in places of cluster sweat
glands on the forehead and ears, on the back of the head, on the chest and on the back, on the buttocks, in
in the groove region and in the armpits. The child has redness, itching,
burning and humidity of the skin. In these areas, small point appears
rash bright or pale pink color, slightly towering over the skin, and
Small cracks.

Atopic dermatitis and allergies

Redness in children

Redness of the skin in a child occurs with atopic
dermatitis. This disease has a hereditary nature defining
Increased toddler body sensitivity to any stimulus. Atopic
dermatitis is manifested in the form of an allergic reaction to food and characterized
Symmetric skin redness on cheeks, hands and torso. Provoking factor
can become acute viral infection in combination with hygiene disorders
Skin Care Norm. In parallel with redness on the face, skin hyperemia develops
On buttocks, hips, legs, shoulders, in the perineum and genitals. Usually
rashes are accompanied by a strong itch, the child combs them and enters
infection that causes the development of eczema. Over time can
Fine small bubbles for forming, when damaged which is formed
Wet foci and erosioned surfaces.

Development of acute allergic reaction Redness of the skin can be associated with the urticaria. Babies on
breastfeeding, most often react to that product that ate
Nursing mom, such as chocolate, smoked, fish. At the same time, the skin of the kid starts
Itch, blushes, large subcutaneous blisters are formed on it.

kids feel discomfort when contacting certain means of household
Chemistry, soap or shampoo. Some children react to a decrease in temperature
environment that manifests cold allergies. Such a sign will be observed
When contacting the skin of the baby with cold winter air.

How to help: Treatment and care

Treatment skin treatment requires a clear observance of hygiene rules and
performing appointments of the doctor. To get rid of redness on the skin, it is recommended
To focusing regularly and bathe babies, often change diapers and diapers,
Carefully inspect the skin folds and the crotch area. In order to
Dammatitis prophylaxis can be wiped with 1% skin
boric or salicylic acid and use cream «Bepanten».

Baths with a pale pink solution of manganese and influenza proven themselves
Healing and Medical Herbs for Folk Medicine Recipes. For hygienic
Child's skin care are suitable herbs with antimicrobial and
anti-inflammatory action, for example sage, yarrow, hunt. At
It should not be forgotten that the choice of herbal collection should be treated with
extreme caution, he can cause allergies.

For washing
lingerie and bedding baby with sensitive skin not
should be used «Adults» Synthetic washing agents. Better to give
Preference to natural children's soap or powder containing vegetable
PH-neutral components. When processing skin cover is not recommended
use alcohol and alcohol solutions because they have the ability to overwork

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