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  • Smooth silky skin, beautiful well-groomed body - isn't every woman dreaming about it? In order for at least a millimeter to get closer to this dream, you need to make a lot of effort and constantly take care of your beauty, without breaks and vacations! Many women «break off» and completely forget about the mode for the time of vacation, however, if you want to get results, the fight against stretch marks should be started today!

    Not all changes in the life of a woman disappear without a trace. Some have long reminiscent of themselves non-psychic stripes on the skin. Birth, fast weight loss, long-term drug treatment are often left on the leather traces. Most often, these cosmetic defects appear in the abdomen, hips, chest and buttocks. These defects are called stretch marks.

    Stretch marks

    Stretch marks - the result of microscipes of skin and loose connective tissue. This cosmetic defect is developing at the site of the break of elastic fibers of the epidermis. Elasticity and elasticity of the skin are reduced, the skin becomes so thin that the tiny blood vessels located in the upper layer are visible to the naked eye. Small internal breaks over time are filled with connecting cloth. At first, stretch marks have a purple-reddish tint, but gradually it goes into a pale pink, and then «Flowers» to bodies. Especially noticeable stretch marks on the tanned body, since the connecting tissue does not contain pigments and therefore does not sunbathe.

    Well, be very unpleasant to be like a striped zebra, but it is not necessary to panicly afraid of stretch marks - because it is not a deformity, not a disease, they do not scare men, in one word, harm from them there is no. In addition, the probability of occurrence is not so high and you can fight with them and even eliminate!

    One of the most common reasons for the appearance of stretch marks is a pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women need to be particularly carefully listening to the advice and recommendations of doctors. Follow them is easy, and most importantly, the exact observance of all the instructions of the doctor will relieve from the need to fight stretch marks after delivery.

    During pregnancy, we should wear special support brass and bandages that protect the skin and muscle from stretching. To preserve the elasticity of the chest, it should be trimmed with a terry towel, moistened with cold water or massage ice cubes (starting from the fourth month of pregnancy). In this case, the contrast shower is also useful. After taking the soul, scroll through the dairy glands with slices of lemon. Try every day to find the opportunity to take air baths for a few minutes. Air baths have a positive effect on skin condition.

    Famous French actress Sofia Marso during pregnancy for stretch prevention used olive oil. She regularly rubbed olive oil rich in vitamin E. According to the actress, this simple means helped her to avoid the appearance of stretch marks and keep the beauty of the body and after delivery.

    Prevention of stretch marks

    As you know, it is easier to prevent the appearance of stretch marks than to fight them, and it is difficult to deal. The main principle underlying the complex of preventive measures is support for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, which is ensured by the presence in the connecting tissue of a sufficient amount of collagen and elastin. To do this, you need to eat correctly, regularly make massage, use professional creams and gels. It is also very important to maintain a stable healthy weight, because sharp weight differences lead to the appearance of stretch marks.

    Just in case, for prevention, it is recommended to take baths with the addition of a tablespoon of coniferous extract to preserve the smoothness of the skin. For a quarter of an hour, immerse yourself in the discharge bath (recommended water temperature - 38ºC) and forget about all problems.

    Also try such a means - 350-500 grams of starch dissolve in 2-5 liters of cold water. Cooked starch solution pour into the bath.

    What is stretch marksFood. Rational nutrition and provision of the body with the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins to some extent reduces the likelihood of stretch marks on the skin. Dairy products provide the body with the desired amount of calcium, tomatoes and bananas - potassium, and the fluorine contained in the fish strengthens the body. Also do not forget to include in the daily ration of soy and olive oil, t.E. Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

    Improve blood circulation. Blood stagnation in problem areas are unacceptable. To prevent it, short-spinning movements daily massage the skin on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and chest.

    The contrasting shower also has a beneficial effect on the skin: act in circular motions to the skin alternately hot and cold jets of water under pressure. Under the soul Quickly laugh with a terry towel and circular movements apply a special remedy for stretch marks.

    Sport classes also help improve blood circulation - jogging, fast walking, jumping with a rope accelerate blood and return the skin elasticity and beauty.

    Keep the beauty and elasticity of the chest. To keep the beautiful, high and elastic chest to the old age, you need to start taking care of it in young years. Any breast care program must necessarily include regular gymnastics - exercises aimed at the development and strengthening of the breast muscles. Every day should begin with water massage the breast: direct the shower jet first on one chest, then to another, moving the shower from top to bottom clockwise, and then in a circle. Do not direct the jet right on the nipples. Change the water temperature several times, alternating hot and cold water, but to finish the procedure should be cold water.

    Contrast compresses help to avoid dripping the skin of the mammary glands, as well as the formation of stretch marks. For compresses you need two tanks (with hot and cold water) and dry terry towel. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of cook salt in hot water and 1 spoon of lemon juice - in cold. Moisten a towel in hot water, peel well and attach to the chest as a compress for 30 seconds. After this time expires, remove the towel and moisten in cold water. Press and attach to the chest for one minute. Repeat this procedure 5 - 6 times. The last compress should be cold.

    How to get rid of stretch marks

    Get rid of the old and lost color stretch marks much harder than preventing their appearance. In this case, home procedures will no longer help, you need to make more radical measures. Professionals from a cosmetic salon will be offered to hold microdermabrasia (special skin peeling) or subject to the skin of expensive laser therapy.

    Microdermabrasion - the optimal procedure for the treatment of stretch marks they lose color, are becoming thinner and gradually disappear at all. However, such a happy end will only if you adopted all the appropriate measures in advance. There is also a surgical method for removing stretch marks (resection), but it acts only if the stretch marks are caused by pregnancy. Minus of this surgical procedure - long and painful healing of the operated sections.

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