Mastopatia? Treatment has


  • How does breast?
  • Diagnosis of mastitis
  • Treatment of mastitis
  • Prevention of mastitis

  • This disease will be discussed in the article, prepared by me
    especially for mymedinform. I would like to tell you what is
    a breast and, of course, address the issue of its treatment.

    How does breast?

    Mastopatia? Treatment has
    For the development of mastitis
    needed boost, which will launch the disease. This can be a time consuming
    stress, infectious diseases, abortion, smoking, alcohol, lack of
    breastfeeding and is now fashionable, sunbathing topless.
    Of great importance is heredity. If your mother and grandmother
    had breast, you need to visit mammalogy at least twice a year.

    In addition to these factors, essential for the development of mastitis is
    hormonal imbalance - this is due to a change in the level of progesterone in
    woman's blood. The level of this hormone is changed depending on the phase
    menstrual cycle and emotional condition of the woman.

    None of us is safe from accidental injury breast:
    They pushed into the crowd, pressed in the crush of the subway ... and please, chest
    becomes painful, there are seals These seals ...
    formed by fibrous tissue changes - grows connective
    tissue and replaces a normal breast tissue.

    Diagnosis of mastitis

    It mentioned above, when mastitis breast becomes painful when
    touch, it is very difficult for women. In addition, breast
    appear uneven gland seals - if most feel the chest,
    it turns out that under the skin are like lumps and bumps. Their
    occurrence associated with the change in the prostate tissue. Besides chest pain
    a woman can be confusing for discharge from the nipple. In this case, you need to
    immediately consult your doctor.

    When you notice at suspicious symptoms, you can try
    mastopathy define yourself. To do this, you need to undress
    belt, stand before a mirror, lift one hand and carefully examine
    mammary gland. If there are no external changes (and you should
    immediately alerted the changed portions of the skin: a thin, thickened,
    wrinkled skin as a "lemon peel"), you can start
    palpate. Starting from the axilla, gently palpate
    breast, all parts of the breast.

    A sign will be mastitis
    uneven sealing beads under the skin may be painful when
    palpation. After self-test, contact your doctor. He will appoint
    You ultrasound or x-ray examination, to establish an accurate diagnosis and
    begin treatment.

    Treatment of mastitis

    If the time to seek medical attention
    aid can be stopped during the early stages of the disease or
    prevent such terrible consequences, as the reincarnation of mastitis in cancer, for example.

    Mastopatia? Treatment has
    If you contact mammologist with complaints of chest pain before
    monthly, and discharge from the nipples, likely the doctor will prescribe you
    immunomodulatory, antioxidant herbal drugs
    origin, rich in iodine and vitamins A, E and C. These drugs
    able to stop breast mastopathy and return to normal.

    But sadly, have to recognize the fact that the Russian
    people tend to endure to the end, hoping that the disease will pass
    "herself". Therefore, many women turn to mammology much later,
    what you need for easy and quick cure. In these cases, doctors
    appoint or combined drugs, which include
    vegetable and hormonal components, or some hormones.

    the regulation of the menstrual cycle and reduce chest pain, doctors often
    prescribe hormonal contraceptives. Hormones contained therein,
    contribute to the reduction of fibrotic foci, and hinder development
    mastitis. If the chest pain is very strong, the doctors admit
    the use of painkillers and diuretics. Diuretic
    you need to remove excess fluid and reduce swelling breast
    cancer. But what kind of preparations can be taken only by the doctor says!
    Self-medication with mastitis may end very badly.

    In the most advanced cases of breast cysts develop during mastitis
    cancer (education, fluid-filled). Previously, they were removed
    fully, together with the breast, but now the surgeon removes only
    lesion, chest remains in place. The operation will be
    resemble a thin scar, which is completely invisible under clothing.
    However, this does not insure a woman from the development of mastitis on the remaining breast.

    When cysts breast cysts doctor may prescribe a puncture (inside
    introduced needle and aspirated its contents). Before the puncture
    required comprehensive examination: palpation, ultrasound - for women to 40
    years, mammography - for older women. No one will
    do you puncture "just so" - when the doctor prescribes this procedure,
    therefore, he has reason to believe that the change mastopathy
    breast cancer tissues may occur. However, there
    different forms of mastitis, and not every one can be reborn in

    If the newly formed, then the procedure after the puncture of cysts
    appointed or re-adopted a decision on the operational
    intervention. Pumping liquid (puncture) is carried out not only with the
    to remove the cyst, after also carried out a biopsy. Biopsy - a
    microscopic examination of tissues, which allows to determine whether there is
    malignant changes in the mammary gland. As the most extreme method of treatment of mastitis in the most severe cases, resorted to a complete removal of the breast, replacing them with implants.

    The success of treatment of mastitis is the cure of a disease or condition that caused mastopathy.
    So, for the detection of the disease, which became the impetus for the development of mastitis
    appoint an endocrinologist consultation, carried out a comprehensive survey

    Prevention of mastitis

    A good preventive measure for the prevention of mastitis is pregnancy, childbirth and the long-term breastfeeding.
    These natural processes beneficial effect on breast tissue and
    prevent the development of mastitis. Paramount importance
    balanced diet that includes foods with high
    iodine content. mymedinform encourages you to develop the valuable
    habit of protecting the breast from accidental injury. This can be done simply
    hand or bag. Besides all this, the lack of weight loss help
    your body keep hormones in health and to minimize
    the risk of mastitis and other diseases.

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