The adenoids in children

Many parents have heard this word - adenoids. But not all are correct - that is it. Some people mistakenly think that the adenoids - is some terrible and harmful growths that occur in the nose. Our site will tell your readers details about this disease.

The article tells parents how to figure out if their baby adenoids, how to recognize their presence, how to treat the child.

What are adenoids?

adeinoidy, adenoids in children, flu, ENT, SARS

For starters, let's say that adenoids are focilymphoid tissue. They are needed in order to stand "on guard" and protect the ENT organs from trying to invade the body of uninvited guests - pathogens. Adenoids can be called one of the necessary and important links in the immune chain of each person. But it happens that under the influence of any negative processes, the lymphoid tissue of adenoids begins to grow pathologically, these growths enlarge and begin to perform a completely different function from which they are assigned. They become a good refuge for infectious agents. The screen disappears, the infection constantly enters the bronchial tree and lungs - the baby is more and more sick. Adenoid growths are most characteristic of children from a year to 15 years. Significant enlargement of the pharyngeal (or nasopharyngeal) tonsil, located on the nasopharyngeal arch, and the constant inflammatory processes on it are called by doctors adenoids (adenoid vegetations, growths). Healthy pink adenoid, tuberous and friable. But with adenoiditis (inflammation of the adenoid) due to swelling, it becomes even, smooth, but the whole is covered with pus. So why do some children have no idea about such a disease, while others even have to remove overgrown adenoids in an operative way? There is a hypothesis among doctors that this disease is transmitted at the genetic level. Increased adenoids contribute to scarlet fever, Measles, tuberculosis. flu, Recurrent acute respiratory viral infections other children inflammationrespiratory tract. Pathology impressed: a weak immune system, allergies, congenital predisposition. Sometimes the proliferation of lymphoid tissue gradually disappear on their own.

And the degree of disease symptoms

adeinoidy, adenoids in children, flu, ENT, SARS

ENT doctors use several methods to diagnose correctly and resolve the issue of the treatment:

  1. Palpation - finger examination that allows to know the consistency of the adenoids.
  2. X-ray of the nasopharynx - informative method, but it is associated with exposure to X-rays.
  3. The classic and most common method - backrhinoscopy, conducted by a physician specialized mirror through the patient's mouth. The surface of the adenoids and experienced Otorhinolaryngologists see when examining the front of the nasal cavity.
  4. Endoscopy. The modern method, which takes place through the nose (the so-called endoscopic rhinoscopy), or through the mouth (when the method is called endoscopic epifaringoskopiya). To carry out this survey require special device - an endoscope.
  5. Computed tomography - a method is good, but expensive, so rarely used.


adeinoidy, adenoids in children, flu, ENT, SARS

The main method of treatment to which recourseENT doctors considered the surgical removal of the enlarged adenoid tissue. Sometimes appointed conservative treatment, ie antibiotics, sprays and nose drops. This approach reduces inflammation of the pharyngeal tonsil, there is a slight reduction in its size. With age, increasing the nasopharynx and adenoids reduced in size. But if the child has pronounced problems with nasal breathing, you should not wait for the disappearance of the adenoids, as during this time can join intractable complications. The younger little patient, which the doctor removes the overgrown tissue, the greater the risk that the adenoids will grow again, and again have to resort to surgery. If respiratory problems are small, the degree of proliferation of small, it is better to postpone the operation, but be sure to regularly visit the otolaryngologist. If possible, it is best not to do surgery until the child is three years will not be executed. Now operations are carried out in a hospital under general anesthesia, in which the child feels nothing and does not see, it does not apply psihotravma actions of the medical staff. Some clinics do only local anesthesia and sedative injection.

Lifeline could be homeopathy. Search for your child's good, knowledgeable homeopath who individually appoint granulki little sweetness for internal use, drops, ointments. Often assigned homeopathic Tui oil, usually at night. Its instill a few drops of 14 days. After a week's break, the course is resumed. After the procedure a few seconds in the nose tingling, or other discomfort occurs, notify your baby, persuade patience to get rid of the disease without resorting to surgery.

Sometimes doctors prescribe laser therapy - 10sessions four times a year. These treatments do not reduce the adenoids, but make it easier for the disease, reduce inflammation, restore breathing, renewing the immune cells and metabolic processes.

In recent years, promotedPhysiotherapy techniques physiologist doctor Buteyko, avoiding surgery to remove the adenoids. After such treatment, the child's normal good sleep, snoring disappears, stops excessive secretion of mucus and nasal discharge. The method normalizes the nasal breathing, prevents inflammation of the ear, nose, laryngitis and bronchospasm.

the most effective herbal and folk remedies:

  1. Instill four times a day in the nostrils of sea buckthorn oil in a month. Last time burying produce in the crib when the baby is getting ready for bed.
  2. The drops in the nose own preparation forwhich is necessary to squeeze the juice from fresh beets (two) and one part honey (for example, lime, chestnut or eucalyptus). This sweet mixture drip too, four times a day for 5 or 6 drops.
  3. Rinsing the nose and throat sea water, which can be done by adding 200 ml of warm water, previously boiled, a teaspoon of sea salt, and five drops of iodine solution pharmacy.
  4. Before going to bed to dig into the nasal passages juice obtained from a small piece of leaf aloe. It will be bitter in the mouth - will have to wait. The course - one year.
  5. Inhalation of ten minutes with essential oils (juniper, fir, spruce, pine).

Readers of our site should be remembered that the pathologyadenoids can not be run, to make efforts, monitor the situation and get the reward - improved health status of the child, back again the ability to breathe through the nose. And do not rush to surgery, first try alternative therapies.

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