Treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids

Sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle - allthis leads to the occurrence of hemorrhoids. According to statistics, there are hemorrhoids every fourth adult. If you sit most of the day in the office and then go home and showered relax on the couch - you are at risk. In order not to fill up the number of patients to read this article.

Sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle - all this leads to the emergence of such an unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids. According to statistics, there are hemorrhoids every fourth adult. If you sit most of the day in the office and then go home and rest collapses on your favorite couch - you are at risk. In order not to fill up the number of patients to read through this article.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The causes of hemorrhoids are very much - itunbalanced diet (plenty of fatty, spicy and pungent foods), and excessive exercise, in which the increased intra-abdominal pressure, alcohol, obesity, prolonged diarrhea and, finally, anal sex.

Hemorrhoids gradually begins: first there is not strong itching in the anal area, then there is pain when defecating. These symptoms can persist for years without causing concern person. But most of hemorrhoids quickly moves in the acute phase, when blood appears in the stool.

Advice from our website: if the blood appeared in the stool, call your proctologist, since blood can appear not only for hemorrhoids, but also in malignant intestinal tumors.

If the appearance of blood is caused by hemorrhoids, it shouldwait for other "swallows" - loss of hemorrhoidal nodes. The hemorrhoid is a swollen, dilated vein in the anus. In other words, hemorrhoids are somewhat similar to phlebeurysm: Due to the reasons listed above is brokenvenous return and there is hemorrhoid. Bleeding hemorrhoids occur due to the fact that the nodes wall thinning, often inflamed (anus - restless place, stool constantly irritate the walls of hemorrhoids.) And bleed.

Stages of development of the disease

Stages of development of hemorrhoids
Doctors are four stages of development of hemorrhoids. At the 1st stage of the patient concerned recurrent bleeding and pain before and after defecation. When the disease goes into the second stage, bleeding added to the drop-down at the voltage press hemorrhoids (at this stage nodes reduce a self). On the third stage - the nodes fall at each defecation and straighten them manage only his hands. Later nodes fall even when coughing or lifting heavy objects. In the 4 th stage hemorrhoids nodes fall even in repose, falls immediately after the reduction. Thrombosis, frequent heavy bleeding.

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids is diagnosed on the basis of the fingerresearch anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. At manual study, the doctor inserts a finger into the anus and gently touches the wall of the rectum, evaluates the extensibility of the intestinal wall. When the finger is removed, evaluate the contents of the intestine - feces, mucus, pus, blood (if any).

If the doctor can not make a final conclusionafter digital examination, appointed anoscopy. The patient made a cleansing enema, and then injected into the anus anoscope 6-8 cm. It is a small device with which the physician visually "acquainted" with the patient's rectum. When anoscopy visible hemorrhoids, cancer neoplasms.

The most reliable method of diagnosing bowela sigmoidoscopy. Sigmoidoscopy allows you to examine the intestine at a distance of 30 cm from the anus. During the procedure, the patient is on all fours in the intestine provides air - to lumen was straightened and slowly advance proctoscope. Proctoscope is equipped with a magnifying optical device that allows you to see any, even the smallest changes in the intestine.

Once established the presence of hemorrhoids and determine the stage of disease, the doctor will select the treatment regimen.

hemorrhoids Treatment

Funds from hemorrhoids
Begin to treat hemorrhoids can be at any stagedisease, but the sooner the patient ask for help, the treatment will be faster and easier. Acute hemorrhoid develops suddenly after heavy fizichekoy work, weight lifting or sharp deviations in the diet. Acute hemorrhoids treated posimptomno (see. Gemorrroya treatment stage 1-2), and after the symptoms disappear, the patient must observe a balanced diet, avoid excessive physical effort.

If the hemorrhoids have a chronic course withperiodic exacerbations, apply several treatments. If hemorrhoids are on stage 1-2 (patient tormented pain, burning in the anus, sometimes bleeding), your doctor may suggest a patient medication. In the initial stages of the disease can be successfully deter years, using drugs and observing some simple rules: do not eat spicy, oily and spicy food, do not carry gravity, not to sit for long periods, not supercool and do not practice anal sex - but it does not guarantee a person a complete cure, but reduce the frequency of exacerbations of the disease.

For pain relief is used various ointments, gels andcandles - bupivacaine, lidocaine, benzocaine, ultraprokt. If the pain is unbearable, the doctor will perform novocaine blockade of the anus - is a few shots of novocaine in the tissue near the anus. If the pain caused by anal fissures, apply baralgin, spazmalgon or patch with nitroglycerin.

To stop the bleeding appointHemostatic agents such as Vikasol, intramuscularly or intravenously. Normalize blood circulation hemorrhoids drugs such as detraleks, ginkor fort glivenol, cyclo 3 fort endotelon.

If the patient suffers from frequent bleeding,Candles are also used with epinephrine, collagen sponges and sponges of TachoComb, androksona, berillasta. Collagen sponges made of natural collagen - a natural material with high hemostatic capacity.

Long ago, people began to use the ice tohemorrhoid treatment - ice relieves pain, constricts blood vessels, used to stop bleeding. Modern medicine does not negate the advantages of the ice and facilitate its use created Krinus device. Krinus easily inserted into the anus, and the ice is in the container, which slows down its melting. The device itself is made of plastic, due to this ice is not in contact directly with the intestinal wall and, hence, cold will not burn. By the way, as the ice in krinuse used special cooling liquid, which melts more slowly than ordinary ice. Treatment with ice, including via krinusa bring relief, but does not cure the disease.

But the main remedy for hemorrhoids aredrugs that improve the tone of veins - it's the same detraleks, ginkor fort glivenol, cyclo 3 fort endotelon. But you can not do without the drugs relieve pain, prevent thrombosis. Therefore, a comprehensive approach is always used for the effective treatment of hemorrhoids using several drugs targeting and stopping bleeding, and relieve pain and improve the condition of the veins.

When the patient stopped bleeding canstart using sitz baths. For baths or use a ready protivogemorroidalny collection, or one of the grasses: clover, nettle, alder leaves, grass smartweed. Preparing an infusion of herbs, is cooled to + 36C, after which the patient sits in the bath or basin for 15-20 minutes. You can freeze the infusion - will fitolёd, and applying it to the anus.

If conservative treatment does not give results, and continues to develop hemorrhoids, go to the following methods of treatment.

Minimally invasive treatments for hemorrhoids

Minimally invasive treatments for hemorrhoids
These techniques are used to treat hemorrhoids 1-3stages. Hemorrhoids eliminated using latex blending rings. The patient makes a small enema. Then the doctor takes ligator on the working part which is put on latex ring. Gemorriodalny knot is pulled into ligator, the ring is worn on the base unit. After about 10 days hemorrhoid falls off. In its place remains a wound that is sutured. Sometimes the treatment takes 3-4 weeks.

Hemorrhoids sometimes perform steps 1-2sclerotherapy - in hemorrhoid impose 5% solution of phenol in the peach oil, which causes the emptying of bonding and rejection of the haemorrhoid. Sclerotherapy is quite effective, and is used when conservative treatment to no avail. And to treat the result is preserved for a long time, you need to perform the same recommendations as for the medical treatment of hemorrhoids. Those. recommended minimum exercise, avoid sitting position for a long time, not supercool and exclude acute and fatty foods from your diet.

It is very dangerous complication of hemorrhoids - venous thrombosishemorrhoids. When thrombosis use minimally invasive methods of treatment are not allowed. To prevent thrombosis and heparin used troksevazinovuyu ointment gepatotrombin D, nigepan, bezornil. All these drugs inhibit the formation of blood clots. If thrombosis hemorrhoids complicated by inflammation, apply Proctosedyl gepatrombin and F (in the form of an ointment, gel or suppositories). These drugs have a complex action: analgesic, reduce inflammation, prevent thrombosis.

Hemorrhoidectomy - surgical removal of hemorrhoids nodes

Hemorrhoidectomy - surgical removal of hemorrhoids nodes
Hemorrhoidectomy hemorrhoids do 3 or 4 stages. Hemorrhoids reduce a, then cut the area of ​​skin near the anus and rectum, located above the hemorrhoidal node, and the node is removed. The wound left on the host site, sutured to rectal tissue. Hemorrhoidectomy is carried out in a single day. After the operation, apply the cream nitroglycerin to relieve pain. The cream not only relieves pain, but also relieves spasm of the sphincter.

Often, patients after surgeryThey have a fear of defecation, and it provokes the development of constipation. To avoid constipation, patients given a laxative and drink plenty of liquids - so gradually returning to normal chair.

The result of operation is stored 3-5 years, but non-compliance with the recommendations of the doctor and bleeding hemorrhoids may form again.

What treatment is needed for you - define a doctor.

Preventing hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid treatment is very long and oftenfutile, so you better take care of themselves in advance. The more often you take a bath, the better blood circulation in the rectum and the lower the chance of developing hemorrhoids. Of great importance is personal hygiene after defecation - needed not only a multi-layer soft toilet paper, and cleaning the after each bowel movement. Constipation provoke the development of anal fissures and hemorrhoids development. Similarly, harmful to the rectum of diarrhea - during diarrhea gut flora is damaged and the infection gets into the intestinal wall. Here, our site encourages you to stick to a balanced diet, and watch out for the chair from time to time intestinal cleaning followed by the application of biological products, normalize the microflora of the gut.

To prevent hemorrhoids, try not to pushduring bowel movements - excessive muscle tension leads to cracking and bleeding. Supercooled causing circulatory disorders of the rectum, which can cause the development of acute hemorrhoids or exacerbation of already existing. As you know, hemorrhoids - a disease of professional drivers. So those who spends much time behind the wheel, we recommend more often to take breaks and do not neglect exercise. In addition, patients with hemorrhoids need to remain aware of your diet. Spicy foods and alcohol increase blood flow in the anal area, which can cause severe bleeding.

And finally, at the slightest suspicion ofhemorrhoids immediately contact a doctor. Only your doctor will put you to an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment, but these tips are designed to help you do not make mistakes.

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