Polyps in the nose, removal and treatment

Polyps are small though and entities,but the discomfort that they cause very unpleasant. Polyp called a benign tumor, which usually begins to grow in the sinuses, and descends into the nasal cavity. At the same time they close the breathing passage. Because of this, having trouble breathing. Often, the cause of chronic fatigue, and sometimes cause hearing loss.

stuffy nose, treatment of polyps, ENT, nose, nasal polyps

Due to the fact that the formation process can polypsdrag on for several years, the beginning of the formation of polyps is almost impossible to define. Usually people do not notice at first, or most often simply do not attach importance to these small ailments that may manifest itself in the form of a small nasal congestion runny nose or lung. For medical assistance they turn only when symptoms become impossible.

MirSovetov would like to note that men are usuallysuffer from polyps is about three times more often than women. So basically, they begin to complain when there are complications such as a respiratory disease lock through the nose, inflammation in the broncho-pulmonary system and purulent inflammation.


stuffy nose, treatment of polyps, ENT, nose, nasal polyps

When polyps nasal congestion oftendisappear even after the use of nasal sprays and drops. In general, nasal breathing is almost completely blocked, the person breathes mostly through the mouth. In this case a person partially or completely lost the sense of smell. Also possible violations of taste, because of which food begins to seem like a man wool and devoid of any flavor.

Because of polyps formed in the nose is createdfavorable environment in which are able to reproduce a variety of pathogenic bacteria. As a result of these bacteria from the nose usually begin to appear pus and mucus. This person is often plagued by frequent colds. Some people with polyps may feel that their nose is a foreign body. In addition, many people with polyps complain of headache and pain in the sinuses.

Anyone with a similar problem arose, shouldvisit an ENT doctor. A qualified doctor can detect polyps, even if usually look. To clarify the diagnosis the doctor may prescribe a CT scan of the sinuses. This will figure out what are the volumes spread polyps, their number and their exact location.


stuffy nose, treatment of polyps, ENT, nose, nasal polyps

The treatment of polyps in a first step nose is typicallyconservative. During this treatment it is necessary to minimize all factors that can cause proliferation of the mucosa. In particular, the need to avoid any infection and allergens. In addition, patients received medicines that can eliminate infectious diseases and inflammation in the nose.

Conservative treatment is usually polypsIt involves the use of steroids. Such formulations are particularly nasal sprays, that have anti-inflammatory properties. If there are no positive results, the doctor may prescribe oral corticosteroids to the patient. However, these tablets are appointed rarely and for a short time, because they have side effects and have a fairly wide range of contraindications.

In the event that no conservative treatmentthe patient fails, resort to various kinds of surgery. Today, the most popular are three ways to solve this problem. One such method is the removal of polyps via hinges. Hinge, in fact, is a tool by which the formation of capture and quickly pull out. Of course, the process is somewhat unpleasant and rather painful. In addition, it happens that he is also complicated by bleeding. Which is why some patients walk with a cotton swab in the nose. It should also be noted that this method not only to tear out a polyp, but also a piece of a healthy nasal mucosa, which only further exacerbates the situation in inflammation. In addition, using this method can only remove next polyps, which are visible to the naked eye. Polyps, which are located deeper, this tool is not removed. For this reason, the polyps grow again soon. As a result, the procedure must be carried out at least 1-2 times per year. Removal of polyps via long loops is outdated method, but, nevertheless, it is often used even today.

stuffy nose, treatment of polyps, ENT, nose, nasal polyps

Much more modern method of removalpolyps, polyps is the evaporation with a laser. Thus the doctor acts on the polyp by using light energy, which leads to the fact that the evaporated liquid from the formations, and they result in decrease in size. Thus on the place where the polyp is exfoliated shell that can be removed without problems. This method of removing polyps has lots of advantages. First of all, it should be noted that at no time the procedure takes more than twenty minutes. However, it is practically painless and bloodless. As for the disadvantages, there are two factors that can be identified. First of all, the drawback is that the laser can only affect one polyp and the small size. In addition, laser beams can not remove polyps from the sinuses. Of course, they dry out, but still remain, which is why relapses.

Perhaps the most effective method of removingpolyps is endoscopic endonasal surgery. This method is not only effective, but also gentle. In this procedure, the doctor is required to obtain an endoscope image and projecting it onto the screen. On the monitor, the doctor will be able to see all polyps and can carefully remove them with a shaver. This tool is equipped with a sharp nozzle, which effectively and very gently removes polyps. In this healthy part of the mucous membrane is not wounded. After the procedure, the patient has to spend a day in the hospital. After that, while respecting the rules of prevention of various infectious diseases, polyps greater will not bother.

After surgery, you need to specifically look afternasal cavity. And best of all, if it will first be carried out by the doctor. While care is usually the nose is washed with a special solution. This removes the crust, which is necessary for restoring the normal mucosa. If the patient does not have time to visit the doctor everyday, these procedures can be done on their own. Usually it is enough to syringe and syringe. To care is best to use drugs that are based on sea water. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made saline solutions in the pharmacy. Generally after surgery should be regularly visit an otolaryngologist, in order not to miss out on the new growth of polyps. Also, you need to monitor your immunity.

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