Norma, instructions for use

Studies of scientists from different countries and their observations show that body health, life expectancy, the appearance of a person, the freshness of his face depends on the good work of the large intestine. Pure intestine is able to save his «owner» Not only from gastrointestinal agers, but also from allergies, skin diseases (eczema, furuncoolose, acne), depression, insomnia, migraine, neoplasms ..

Especially important in the state of the intestine give yoga. In their opinion, three-quarters of the population in one way or another suffer from collaborations in the work of the colon. The digestive tract, like any kitchen, must be kept in order and clean. If the intestine empties irregularly, slags are accumulated in it, cavalous masses hardened, it constantly rotates, fermentation and other negative processes. This is evidenced by the increased Gas formation, unpleasant. One of the means capable of establishing work «Castle» intestines, is the norm.

Information about the preparation

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Norma belongs to the group of laxatives, providing hyperosmotic, hypoammonemic effect. Ammonia under the influence of this drug from blood goes into the intestines. During such a process, education in its proximal separation of toxic substances containing nitrogen decreases. Therefore, in the system of the veins of them is absorbed much less. This is a medicine «Shelters» Peristaltics, other words - motor activity «Ledivily» intestine, contributes to the activation of the processes of suction of phosphates and calcium salts. Active Component Norma - Lactulose. This is a product of deep milk processing, produce it from lactose (milk sugar). The lactulose molecule consists of fructose residues and galactose, connected by B-glycoside bond. It is assigned to the class of prebiotics. In the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract, it does not split and reaches a large intestine unchanged.

This drug is able to influence the flora living in the thick intestine. At the same time there is an increase in the number of lactobacilli. This is «Positive» Bacteria participating in the process of intestinal digestion. In the presence of the Norma, bifididbacteria is intensively breeding, which also take actively participating in digestion. Due to the action of the norm, an increase in the wing masses, they become softer. Therefore, the defecation when receiving the norm occurs softly, easily, painlessly.

We mention about several good qualities of the drug:

  • It reduces the number of Salmonella population in the intestines, which are culprits for development in the body of such an intestinal infection, like salmonellosis;
  • stimulates liver activity;
  • does not cause addiction;
  • does not destroy vitamins and minerals, does not interfere with their suction.

Usually the patient quickly feels the effect of the drug. Although in some cases it is delayed for a day and more.

The package contains a measuring cup and a dark glass bottle, containing 200 ml of syrup, it is colorless or with a small yellow brown tint. In addition to lactulose in production, auxiliary components are used: water purified, citric acid, creamy flavor (it consists of vanillin, dihydrocumarine, propylene glycol). Manufacturer Country of this medicinal product: Italy.

When applying norm?

gastrointestinal tract, intestines, norms, digestion, digestive preparations, laxative

If the constipation is worried, then in the first three days, adults need to be used from 15 to 40 ml of syrup, then it will be enough to drink 10-25 ml in a day. The child whose age is more than six years, in the first three days they give 15 ml, then the dose is reduced to 10 ml per day. If the child is from a year up to six years, then it should be measured 5-10 ml per day. Kids whose age under-year can be given 5 ml of syrup. Duration of treatment in all patients are different: from four weeks to four months.

With hypertionmiamia, liver encephalopathy, coma and precomia are starting with 30-60 milliliters, measuring such a dose three times a day, then the dose must be chosen so that the intestinal emptying takes place two or three times a day. Such treatment lasts about three months (sometimes more). After operations, adults are prescribed by the norm three times a day at 10-30 milliliters per day. Children from year to year twice or three times a day at 5-10 ml. Baby to the year measure twice or three times a day at five milliliters. The first time the medicine is given after 18-24 hours after surgery. After three or five days, the norm is canceled.

It should be known that if you simultaneously apply antacid tools (for example, an almagel, phosphhalugel, maalox) or antibiotics, the effectiveness of the norm will be reduced.

Pediatricians often appoint this syrup with their little patients, even a newborn, it will not harm. Pregnant and nursing breasts, women normation can be used for the previously specified scheme without any concerns.

Whether there are side effects?

gastrointestinal tract, intestines, norms, digestion, digestive preparations, laxative

Usually, the syrup of the norm is well tolerated by patients of different age groups. And only with a very long use of larger doses of this medication, a patient may have a meteorism (bloating), which is often accompanied by painful sensations. Sometimes diarrhea appears. In the event of such side effects, cease to take this tool. If there is a felling or vomiting, then you should not take the drug.

Especially attentive to their well-being should be postoperative patients, elderly people and suffering diabetes. If the patient has a gastroindial syndrome, then the dose increases, if necessary, it is necessary to gradually so that meteorism does not occur. If a person takes the norm for more than six months, it is necessary to regularly monitor the amount in blood plasma chlorine, carbon dioxide, potassium.


gastrointestinal tract, intestines, norms, digestion, digestive preparations, laxative

It is impossible to use the drug with normal when:

  • acute Appendicitis or signs on it indicating;
  • galactosemia;
  • intolerance to galactose and fructose;
  • bleeding in the thick intestine;
  • individual hypersensitivity to this medium;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • Colosity, Ileostoma.

Synonyms for the norm (drugs that have the same active ingredient) are: Duhalak, Portalk, Romphalk, Prsek Lacculose, Legendal, Prelax, Lisalak and others. Lactulose is part of more than 50 drugs manufactured in different countries, in medical practice it is used for more than fifty years. Over the years, its safety and health benefits are confirmed.

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