Prevention of obesity

overweight problem currentlyworries us more and more. Man consumes more calories than it spends its body and the result of malnutrition - weight and then obese. How to avoid the accumulation of excess body fat and what to do? Let's try to sort out this issue.

Currently people have no opportunitieseat right, life dictates its own rules, and instead prepare a light salad for dinner, we manage a couple of sandwiches or hamburgers. The body does not have time to digest a heavy meal. So overweight appears. Obesity leads to serious problems. It is believed that if a person's weight exceeds 20% of normal weight (this figure can receive, by calculating the weight of the table according to the age, body type, height, and sex), this means that a person is suffering from obesity. Another example: when the waist is 90 cm or more, it is time to sound the alarm. And in order to prevent such a condition is necessary for obesity prevention.

How to recognize the problem

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What is meant by nutritionists diagnosis "obesity"? This increase in weight due to fat deposits. Problem areas - is hip, buttocks, anterior abdominal wall, the mammary glands.

Obesity is divided into several degrees and types: 1, 2, 3 and 4th (ascending). Number of fat directly indicates the degree of obesity. Mild notes number 1, when the weight of women exceeds the norm by 29%, the second stage - the weight exceeds the norm by 40%, and the last, the most severe stage of obesity, when a person's weight exceeds the norm by 2 times.

The first two levels are no concerns of obesityman do not deliver, and rarely pay attention to the change in weight. Rather, such people are embarrassed by their forms, but do not perceive it as a problem and the disease. Fix all you can own, dieting and working out.

3rd and 4th stages of disease are felt pressure surges, failures of the internal organs, worried dyspnea, Heart pain, appears varicosity lower limbs. Attempts to improve the state does not give a positive result, because of physical activity is very difficult, people quickly get tired and give up.

Check the degree of obesity in a particularthe event will help dietician, he is guided by the special tables, calculating body mass index, measuring the ratio of fat and muscle mass (three-dimensional scanning).

Types of obesity:

  • primary, when a person eats more than normal, but does not consume extra calories;
  • secondary - serious malfunction of the body (thyroid disease, hormonal failure).

How not to eat those extra kilos

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Preventive measures to combat obesity - athe correct approach to nutrition and moderate exercise. If you have a tendency to be overweight, you need to limit yourself to a large extent - not to eat sweets, pastries, fatty and fried foods, as well as to give up fast food. We'll have to try and revise not only the daily diet, but also to force yourself to move more to the body lost energy.

Obesity Prevention:

  1. Food. Pay attention to what you eat. If it's only "fast" food, which consists of abnormal carbohydrate, forget about the delicious donuts, cakes, pastries and chocolates. In addition, you should pay attention to the amount of salt eaten. Salty foods increases appetite and literally "forces" to eat even though a piece. For this reason it is necessary to limit the use sauces, mayonnaise and mustard, not to cause appetite. Salt also still retains fluid in the body, gradually increasing mass. If the body is delayed excess water, it will promote the formation of fat cells. Therefore, you must always give up the salty foods and unhealthy snacks: completely eliminate the use of sweet biscuits, chocolate bars, chocolates, fizzy sugary drinks and coffee. Uncontrolled snacking "on the fly" lead to tragic consequences, and you will not notice as the hips and waist excess fat appears. Based on the foregoing, our site encourages to think and calculate their own expense and the arrival of calories per day. So, if you eat a week more than the norm for a couple of percent, what will happen in the past month or year? Imagine how many calories eaten will be postponed on the sides?
  2. Physical exercise. For people suffering from overweight, you need the right approach to the choice of physical activity and the duration of the workout. So, after only 5 minutes muscles begin to warm up, after 10 minutes, the source of energy will be spent carbohydrates, and only after 25-30 minutes of exercise will "melt" fat. Therefore, the load duration is of great importance as well as their intensity. In a normal heart rate to get rid of body fat, it should be up to 140 beats per minute. What exercises will help in preventing obesity: it is jogging, swimming, skiing and walking. Monitor the load must constantly so as not to traumatize the muscles and tendons. Warning: if your weight exceeds the norm by 15 kilograms or more, you will have to refuse from running and best to start training with a walk. Adjust the load should be gradually increasing the duration of the workout to 10 minutes. Engage regularly, at least twice a week, and best of all - a day. Swimming helps to stop the accumulation of fatty deposits. Intensively to wallow in the water do not have to, swimming, water aerobics will lose a lot of energy. By the way, much more than in the gym. If you are overweight, then start the fight with body fat better with lessons in the pool. In winter you can spend a weekend outdoors: skiing will not only help fight obesity, but also strengthen the immune system, and this is very important!
  3. Healthy lifestyle. The question for many is puzzling, really proper diet and moderate physical activity is not enough? Of course, our site encourages abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, beer and forget about quitting. Many girls in the pursuit of harmony, afraid to get rid of tobacco dependence. They believe that cigarettes help to keep the weight and once with a bad habit is finished, the needle on the scale creep up. This is partly true, because the tobacco helps fatty acids released, but on the other hand - the elimination of excessive fat stimulates the body to intensify the work, so that the fat will become not only carbohydrates but also proteins.

Is it useful diet?

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As soon as we notice that on the tummy and hipsthere was excess fat immediately "sit" on a diet. Some days dietary restrictions and we can enjoy the first successes - minus 1-2 or even 3-4 kg. His made and return to normal life. Again in the diet dominated by sweets (ice cream, cake, candy bars), imperceptibly lost weight back, and with them, "clings to" a couple more. Why is this happening? It turns out that any diet has not only advantages but also disadvantages. The organism should receive all the necessary limitations lead to tragic consequences. Consider the principle of mono-diet, limit the full use of protein foods, are focused only on one product, as a result of the body is under severe stress, adapting to the new diet. The fat cells of the diet period, remain in place, they just shrink and begin to break down after six months! Imagine how long you need to limit yourself to see the result. That's why all diets are short, including mono-diet, are ineffective.

If you decide to "sit" on a diet, you need to have patience and be sure to go in for sports. If this is not done, the skin together with the lost fat loses elasticity and shrinks.

Prevention of obesity - a serious work ona. Yet there is no magic pill that would help and instantly solved all problems. So that only persistence and determination will help you to find harmony. Good luck!

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