Causes of breathlessness

Today we are talking about violation povedёm depth andrespiratory rate, at which the person has the feeling of lack of air. In such cases, people say that they have shortness of breath. A medical condition is referred to as the word "dyspnea." This is a complex symptom, is the companion of various pathological processes.

Most often stated dyspnea in cardiovascular ailments and diseases of the respiratory system. There are other reasons. So how to assess such cases in his state that take?

What is shortness of breath?

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Shortness of breath can be described as a feeling of lack ofair tightness in the chest, difficulty in inhaling and exhaling. It can appear during exercise and then at rest, when a person is in a horizontal position. As a manifestation of cardiac asthma it occurs at night. Usually in such cases, there is difficulty in inspiration, the so-called inspiratory dyspnea. But expiratory difficulty (or expiratory dyspnea) occurs when narrowing of the lumen of the bronchioles, the small bronchi. This phenomenon is characteristic of pulmonary emphysema, asthma. Brain shortness of breath happens in tumors, hemorrhages, direct stimulation of the respiratory center is vital for humans. On what is the shortness of breath can tell?

  1. If you're a little out of breath after a longor a heavy load, it is quite normal and does not pose a threat to health. Just at the moment you have increased demand for oxygen.
  2. If you feel short of breath when climbing stairs, it shows that you are clearly not in the form or have any disease.
  3. Violations result in respiratory diseases of the respiratory system such as pneumonia, bronchitis. tuberculosis.
  4. Dyspnea, wheezing sometimes indicate chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or asthma.
  5. With the collapse of the pulmonary dyspnea are joining more and pain in the affected side of the chest ailment.
  6. When muscle weakness (myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis), there is a gradual increase in respiratory disorders.
  7. There are also dangerous for the life of the state in which all of a sudden there are dyspnea attacks, such as botulism, while the victim is impossible to breathe deeply.

Types of breathlessness

breathing, shortness of breath, lungs, shortness of breath, causes shortness of breath

Could be a signal of impending shortness of heart attack?

Sometimes a person with heart disease,suddenly starts to suffocate, breathing hard, feeling the pressure in the chest and pain. If a person stops even a small load, the breath is gradually recovering. But if you do the movements again, the shortness of breath returns, bringing over a more and fatigue. Some attribute this to the age. But such shortness of breath can be a precursor to a heart attack. Especially should be wary if the added pain in the chest, pressure falls, heart rhythm is disturbed. If several minutes does not improve, it is necessary to call a dispatcher "First aid". In the meantime, expect the arrival of the doctors resort to nitroglycerine.

Shortness of breath in the elderly associated with pneumonia.

Quite often it happens that people haveelderly increasing shortness of breath can be a clear sign of the onset of inflammation of the lungs. After all, people weakened immunity is reduced, so they can remain normal temperature. With age, the risk of lung pneumonia increases significantly. Older people are moving less, some even bedridden, so the lungs during inhalation can not be fully straightened. Poor ventilation of the lungs leads to a deterioration of their blood supply, breeding them in different microbes. Here and develop pneumonia. insufficient oxygen in the blood, a person gets tired quickly, it pulls in a dream. So be sure to call him to the local doctor in the house with the appearance of dyspnea in the elderly person.

So, to sum up the results - when it is necessary to contact a doctor for help?

  1. If a person has the feeling that he did not have enough air, which does not manage to eliminate, by resorting to rapid breathing.
  2. If in addition to dyspnea worried chest pain, significantly swollen foot or lower leg.
  3. When hoarseness and rapid breathing, coughing with phlegm.
  4. If you have difficulty with the implementation of inspiration.

How to make your life easier?

breathing, shortness of breath, lungs, shortness of breath, causes shortness of breath

If shortness of breath you have very severe, associated with chronic diseases, it prevents a quiet and measured life, try to take advantage of such recommendations by MirSovetov:

  1. Important for you to keep medications in the same place, for example, in a box or a small purse, not to look for them when needed, not to worry unnecessarily.
  2. Raise the head of the bed, if worries breathlessness at night.
  3. Pick up free clothes, do not hesitate to breath.
  4. Shoes buy one that is easy to wear.
  5. Eat small meals, increasing the multiplicity of meals to 5-6 per day.
  6. Do everything slowly, on the possibility of sitting.
  7. We'll have to choose a lift rather than the stairs.
  8. In chronic diseases in a timely manner to take the drug, a doctor's appointment.
  9. Try to learn to breathe stomach, that is, with the participation of the diaphragm.
  10. You can resort to the method of dyspnea during a slow exhalation of air through the nose is not, and through elongated lips forward.
  11. Learn basic breathing techniques Strelnikova, Buteyko.
  12. If you smoke, get rid of this addiction, provoking dyspnea.
  13. Walk in the fresh air, especially in the countryside, in the village, in a pine forest.
  14. If the physical condition allows, then go swimming in pools or in the pool.
  15. Do not neglect hardening, strengthens the immune system, beware of infections.

What does the traditional medicine?

breathing, shortness of breath, lungs, shortness of breath, causes shortness of breath

positive results in cardiac dyspnea provide:

  1. The use of infusion of the flowers of hawthorn or decoction of its fruitlets.
  2. The infusion of the leaves and flowers of lemon balm. For its preparation is taken a glass of boiling water and a tablespoon of herbs, which must be pre-grind. Two hours later, a fragrant infusion of strain. Drink it must be for 3 tablespoons before meals three to five times per day.
  3. Oatmeal can also help. Take half of a large cup of oatmeal, pour two liters of milk. Put in the oven, tormented half an hour on low heat. Eat this porridge should be an hour and a half before bedtime. The course should be continued for two weeks.
  4. Vinogradoterapiya. In the morning on an empty stomach have to eat 100 grams of dark grapes, then breakfast only two hours. Then, 30 minutes before lunch, take 100 ml of good quality red wine. Two hours before bedtime drink another 50 ml of wine.

In healthy people, breathing disorders occur whenincreased physical activity, overeating, overheating of the body, emotional stress. But when the negative impact of these factors over, the shortness of breath disappears.

But the person who is constantly plagued by attacks of breathlessness, it is difficult to understand why they occur. Finding your way around can help a doctor and conducted the survey.

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