Treatment of tendinitis

Life is so arranged that the musculoskeletal systemany individual, especially an athlete, every day is subjected to mechanical stress. Sometimes there microtrauma tendons or muscles, connective tissue, capillaries. If the load should be a good rest, the damaged tissue to heal, regenerate. If the holiday is not enough, you can become a microtrauma tendinitis.

Understanding tendinitis

Achilles tendon, muscle tension, tendon, tendonitis

It is derived from the Latin Connectionthe words "tendo" (meaning "the tendon") and the suffix "-itis", indicating inflammation. In other words, tendonitis - is an inflammatory process in the tendon, flowing with pain, redness of the skin over the area of ​​inflammation and restricted mobility of the limb that is damaged. A pathology arises usually with inflammation of the tendon sheath (condition is called tenosynovitis) or tendon damage to bags (a condition called tendobursitom). If the inflammatory process involved more and adjacent muscle tissue, the process is called miotendinitom. Most often suffer from tendon knees, shoulders, elbows, hips, heels, the base of the thumb. Tendinitis can be acute or chronic. Ostroprotekayuschih tendonitis can be aseptic or purulent. Chronic forms are divided into fibrous and ossificans (go with the deposition of salts in the tissue). Much less common parasitic forms. Here are some of the most common types of tendinitis:

  • temporal;
  • the shoulder joint;
  • biceps;
  • wrist (styloiditis);
  • elbow (epicondylitis);
  • Achilles tendon (heel);
  • knee;
  • thigh, buttock muscles.

Why there is tendonitis?

Achilles tendon, muscle tension, tendon, tendonitis

During inspection and palpation of doctor notes wherelocalized pathological process, a tendon suffers if there is swelling, crepitus, reveals the intensity of pain. An experienced physician immediately distinguish, tendonitis or arthritis patient. If there is a suspicion that the disease has arisen due to an infection or associated with rheumatoid process is carried out laboratory tests. Radiography pathology shows only when already present calcification (calcium salt deposits), that happens at a later stage of disease progression. This method allows you to see the connection with tendinitis bursitis or arthritis.

CT and MRI can detect the presence of sites of degenerative changes in tendons, ruptures, conditions requiring surgical intervention.

Ultrasonography - an additional diagnostic method, it can be used to identify changes in the tendon structure, its contractile ability.

Magnetic nuclear resonance method allows inpatients with chronic diseases to identify areas with abnormal pulses that indicate the presence of irreversible degenerative changes (scar tissue) in the surveyed tendons. Then, it may require surgery.

Treatment recommendations

Achilles tendon, muscle tension, tendon, tendonitis

General principles of treatment in the early stages of disease are:

  1. Exception of physical activity in the affected area tendon, providing rest for a while this place (immobilization). For this purpose, elastic bandages, bandages, Splints. Sometimes you have to resort to the help of orthopedic shoes, crutches.
  2. If tendinitis is possible to overlay the cold, and when tendovaginitah - heat.
  3. The use of NSAIDs (such Ibuprofen, Aertala, Ortophenum, Ketoprofen, Naiza) -drugs that can reduce the amount produced by inflammatory mediators, gradually eliminate symptoms of inflammation, relieves pain. They can be used in the form of injections, pills, tablets, gels, creams, ointments. Ingest without interruption, such drugs are not recommended for a long time (more than two weeks), or they have some patients may have a negative impact on the state of the gastric mucosa.
  4. If tendinitis is caused by an infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics, for example, antibiotics.
  5. Sometimes they resort to injections of corticosteroid agents.
  6. When the acute stage begins to fade, it is a physical therapy (electrophoresis, Magnetic and laser therapy, the use of ultrasound and ultraviolet rays, shock wave therapy). In chronic tendinitis recommended mud and paraffin baths.
  7. When managed to remove the aggravation of inflammation, it is possible to proceed to the complex therapeutic exercises aimed at stretching and strengthening of muscles and ligament apparatus.
  8. In the case of purulent tenosynovitis have to do an autopsy and pump out the pus from the tendon sheath.

During treatment of tendinitis is very usefuladd turmeric seasoning dishes, three or four times a day to drink tea with ginger root (a teaspoon minced fresh root to 250 ml of boiling water, insisting lasts at least 15 minutes).

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out surgicaloperations, such as tendon rupture, marked degenerative changes in them, stenosing tendinitis. At the same time produce excision of the affected tendon area. Recovering after the operation goes on for two or three months.


Achilles tendon, muscle tension, tendon, tendonitis

To avoid the development of tendonitis, our site will give some recommendations:

  1. If you exercise, the workout before the main do not neglect the warm-up and warming up exercises.
  2. Do not overload, take care of the injury.
  3. The intensity and duration of all loads must be built up gradually.
  4. The degree of load during training and work needs to be changed.
  5. Avoid repetitive motions over a long period of time.
  6. Remember that your body needs timely rest.

Now doctors arsenal is a lot of money andmethods for controlling various kinds tendinitis. The main thing is to have patience and strictly comply with all recommendations of experts. Then the treatment will be successful.

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