laryngotracheitis treatment in children

When people talk about the false croup, meandisease called laryngotracheitis - infection of the upper respiratory tract. This disease can be considered a complication of a child undergoing cold. Also, pharynx and trachea can suffer from hypothermia, when the toddler cry or scream in the cold.

The highest incidence is observed among children from six months to 7 years, and the boys get sick more often girls.

The main causes of disease

viruses, childhood diseases, breathing, laryngotracheitis, treatment of laryngotracheitis

If a strong supercooling laringotraheita pathogens are:

  1. Parainfluenza first type (more than half of the cases).
  2. Influenza virus type A.
  3. Adenovirus.
  4. Rhinovirus.
  5. Enterovirus.
  6. Virus measles.

Symptoms: how to recognize laryngotracheitis

viruses, childhood diseases, breathing, laryngotracheitis, treatment of laryngotracheitis

Effective measures for uncomplicated laryngotracheitis consider:

  1. Inhalation using a nebulizer (ultrasonicinhaler). If such is not at hand, it is possible to do steam inhalation, do not forget about safety - you can get burned. These procedures are useful to Borjomi. Another simple but effective recipe: 1 tsp.. soda pour 1 liter of hot water and breathe the solution for some time.
  2. If the child has a high temperature, steam inhalation him contraindicated. In this case, the baby first give antipyretic, and only then make inhalation. Preferably antipyretic drugs in the form of candles, for reception into the syrup can cause vomiting.
  3. Do not do without the bath for the feet - let the child 10-15 minutes soak feet in warm water (slightly above room temperature). General warm bath also will benefit.
  4. The room temperature must be about 20-22 degrees and humidity 40-65%. This is the most optimal conditions for a sick child laryngotracheitis.
  5. Most often laryngotracheitis has a viral origin, so the use of antibiotics impractical because antibiotics only work on bacteria.
  6. The child should drink plenty of fluids - water, juices, compotesdried fruit, fruit drinks. Excellent tool - warm milk half and half with mineral water. Make sure that the drinking habits of the baby - it should be done slowly, in small sips.
  7. Feed the patient during an attack is dangerous - because of theCough food can get into the lungs. When coughing retreated, the child should be offered gentle writing, which does not need a long time to chew. Contraindicated irritate the products - sour and salty taste, cold or hot.
  8. To remove an attack of severe coughing, enjoycompressor inhaler for inhalation adding Berodual (5 - 6 drops of preparation per 5 ml of saline). Treatment time - about 7 minutes, 2 times a day for 2 - 3 days.
  9. By laryngotracheitis treatment at home for childrenconditions can connect bronchodilator drugs. For example, a well-established himself Erespal syrup. The course of treatment - from a week to 10 days. The drug stimulates the discharge of phlegm from the respiratory tract.
  10. When a child is weakened or lost his voice during the attack, it is necessary to forbid him to speak at all, or in the case of strong necessity to speak in a whisper.

If the time to take action to achieve significant relief from the condition of the child may be 4-5 days of treatment.

When every minute counts

viruses, childhood diseases, breathing, laryngotracheitis, treatment of laryngotracheitis

our site draws your attention to the factors that are considered to be the signal for the immediate caller machine "emergency" and prompt hospitalization of the child:

  • a small "pit" in the neck, located behind the sternum sinks considerably when labored breath;
  • child with increasing force draws air, the inspiratory noise when it becomes a whistle. Kid strongly pale and can not cry because of the air gap.

Waiting for the "first" of the child is necessary to appease - nervousness and fear will only complicate his condition.

Laryngotracheitis and traditional medicine

These recipes are absolutely harmless to children:

  • yolk of two eggs need to grind with sugar and add to the mix a little bit of butter. "Medicine" whisk until smooth white. Take a teaspoon during the day;
  • in half a liter of milk is placed 100 grams of grated carrots and bring to a boil means. Milk filter and give the child to drink 2 hours. L. morning, afternoon and evening;
  • 3 teaspoons onion skin poured 1.5 liter of water, boiled for 5 min and insist about 3 hours. This solution child should gargle in the morning and evening;
  • equal parts elderberry bedrentsa, hibiscusdrug and mother and stepmother is brewed in a teapot. Healing drink drink slowly in small sips. To throat warmed, warm liquid in the mouth delays.

Prevention of disease

viruses, childhood diseases, breathing, laryngotracheitis, treatment of laryngotracheitis

The reaction of the parents of all colds baby has to be immediate. Laryngotracheitis - this is not an independent disease, but only an unpleasant sequel is not cured in time colds.

Of great importance are the procedure to strengthen the overall health of the child: sports, hardeningAnnual holiday by the sea or in the forest.

Proper nutrition and vitamins wholesome food - here is another guarantee of good children's immunity.

The existing laryngotracheitis requires the most competent and responsible treatment - if not completely cure it, is transformed into a chronic disease laryngitis.

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