Treatment of urethritis in women

Urethritis - an inflammatory disease, whichIt attacks the human urogenital system more often. Among men infected, usually more, but the risk to get urethritis women is also very high. Inflammation, covering the urethra, brings a lot of discomfort.

The disease itself fails andLeft untreated, it becomes chronic. Sometimes the disease trigger, confusing it with cystitis. Pathologies have different symptoms of cystitis woman experiences pain during urination from beginning to end, while at urethritis discomfort felt only when the urine discharge from the urethra, i.e. at the beginning of urination. However, these diseases appear frequently occur at one and the same time.

Causes of inflammation

inflammation, women's diseases, bladder, urinary tract, urethritis

In women, urethritis can occur for several reasons:

  1. Acute and chronic diseases of the genital organs.
  2. General and local hypothermia, which resulted in the active reproduction of conditionally pathogenic bacteria reaches the epithelium covering the urethra.
  3. Diseases that are transmitted from person to person through sexual contact.
  4. Stress.
  5. Mechanical injury of the urethra, a woman can get during gynecological procedures or following the withdrawal of kidney stones.
  6. Inefficient power. Spicy, salty, bitter and fatty foods regularly eaten, can cause inflammation.
  7. Reducing the overall and local immunity in particular weakening the protective qualities of the mucous membranes.
  8. The first sexual contact. In the girl's vagina penetrated by representatives of a foreign microflora, the appearance of which the body can respond to an inflammatory response.

Symptoms of the disease in women

inflammation, women's diseases, bladder, urinary tract, urethritis

The treatment of urethritis is complex, and its basismake antibacterial drugs (Amoxicillin, Norfloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, etc.). Symptoms of acute urethritis can be reduced by using warm baths. For their preparation, potassium permanganate, chamomile and marigold flowers, knotweed grass are used. This simple procedure effectively fights inflammation and stimulates local immunity for a speedy recovery. You can also speed up the process of restoring the urethral mucosa with warming compresses, anti-inflammatory tampons, mud treatment, and pubic electrophoresis.

antibiotic treatment often insufficient. To consolidate the results doctor will prescribe the patient antihistamines (Suprastin, Aerius), which also have the ability to "extinguish" the inflammatory response.

And, of course, can not do without a womanfortifying medicines - complex vitamins, and immunomodulators (Ribomunyl, Cyclopheron). During treatment, the patient must adhere to milk-vegetable diet with abundant drinking completely give up alcohol, spicy, pickled and smoked foods. At this time it is better to temper their sex lives.

For treatment of urethritis in the chronic form asuse antibiotics - Gentamicin and Chloramphenicol. In addition, the patient diuretic medications to cleanse the urethra can be assigned. The duration of the treatment of acute urethritis is approximately 2 weeks, and the elimination of the chronic form of the disease can last for several months. The earlier a woman consult with her problem to the doctor, the sooner the first positive results will be achieved.

Traditional medicine and treatment of urethritis

inflammation, women's diseases, bladder, urinary tract, urethritis

There are many herbal that will help to cure inflammation of the urethra. Our site offers you to get acquainted with a few of them.

  1. Mix for 1 hour. L. nettle, sweet flag root, peppermint. Add to this mixture, 1 tbsp. l. elder flowers, fruits, juniper, horsetail, linden flower, rose hips. Measure out 2 tbsp. l. the resulting collection of raw materials and fill 450 ml boiling water, leave for a means for 20 minutes. When the required time has elapsed, strain the solution. Take breakfast and dinner 1 glass.
  2. To prepare this herbal harvest youneed: peppermint, St. John's wort grass, blackcurrant leaves, rose hips, thuja shoots of 3 tbsp. l Lingonberry leaves, corn stigmas, horsetail, 4 tbsp. l Parsley, creeping leek for 5 tbsp. l Mix all the ingredients, separate from the collection of 5 tbsp. l of raw materials and pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 2 hours. The filtered solution should be drunk in small portions during the day.
  3. This herbal tea is composed of manyingredients. First, prepare a mixture of Calamus roots, rhizomes of rhubarb Tangut, leaves of peppermint and yarrow herb (all for 2 tablespoons. L.). Also, you need at 3 tbsp. l. flax seeds, herb wormwood, hops. Then add to the total collection 4 Art. l. Burda hederacea grass and roots of licorice according to Article 5. l. nightshade fruits and leaves of wild strawberry. Take 6 tablespoons. l. prepared the collection, pour hot water and leave for 2 hours in a dark place. The filtered means drink for 1 day.

Prevention of inflammation of the urethra in women

inflammation, women's diseases, bladder, urinary tract, urethritis

To stay healthy, it is important to stick to a woman just a few simple rules:

  • get regular sexual partner;
  • during casual sex have to use barrier methods of contraception, to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases;
  • to refuse from bad habits. Alcohol and cigarettes are only undermines the body's resistance to various diseases;
  • always be warm to avoid hypothermia. Do not go to the beach without a second swimsuit. In cold weather, do not sit down on a cold surface;
  • diverse eat. Unsubscribe from spicy, fatty, salty;
  • diversify your diet drinking fresh juices and broth hips. These drinks are the perfect "brush" to the urethra;
  • be treated with caution to long-fiber diet;
  • do not forget checkups at the gynecologist 1 every six months;
  • do not be nervous, avoid stress, get plenty of rest.

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