Treatment of dysbiosis

According to statistics, today hostages of dysbiosisIt becomes about 90% of adults and more than 95% of children. Advertising of drugs that quickly and accurately restore the health of the intestinal microflora, has "buzz" We're all ears! However, what bacteriosis, many imagine very vague and figuratively. Why is "sick" our intestines and how to help him, tells the site.

Battlefield - microflora

goiter, goiter in adults, bowel, treatment of dysbiosis, microflora

The fundamental concept in the problem of dysbiosis- Intestinal microflora. Under microflora mean those microorganisms which are permanent inhabitants of the intestines of any healthy person. Dysbacteriosis - pathological changes in the quantitative composition and quality of activity of the intestinal microflora.

The microflora of each of us is unique for sureas well as lines on the palms. The state of the internal environment of the intestine is closely related to general health: the microflora directly depends on human health. Its composition can change under the influence of many factors: age, season, nutritional specifics, climatic characteristics of the area.

What is microflora

Micro-organisms in the gut are not "dependents" as it may seem at first glance, but the real guardians of the health of our body.

Firstly, protect human intestinal bacteriadysentery, salmonellosis and other infectious diseases. Useful microorganisms produce natural antibiotics by which an infectious organism and resists attacks.

Secondly, the intestinal microbes take a direct part in digestion - They are engaged in proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber, splitting them into useful and energetic elements. Also, a healthy microflora helps to fully absorb vitamins.

Thirdly, useful bacteria neutralize harmful toxins, which are released during the digestion of food in the body.

Fourth, a healthy gut microflora - isinternal protective reserve the entire human immune system. It is in the intestine is more than 65% of immune cells. Therefore, as soon as the bowel condition changes for the worse, and weakens human resistance to various adverse health factors.

The main causes of dysbiosis

goiter, goiter in adults, bowel, treatment of dysbiosis, microflora

In milder forms of the disease can be returnedintestinal microflora in the rate, eliminate the cause, caused it (for example, to adjust their eating habits). Cases frequently occurring chronic dysbiosis, or require more careful attention to the health of the patient and steady rate following treatment. What may appoint a doctor?

Functional diet probiotics and prebiotics stimulate the process of restoring the internal intestinal environment.

Functional diet It involves eating enoughfruits and vegetables, cereals and algae, soybean milk. These foods contain essential for normal functioning of beneficial bacteria dietary fiber, pectin and amino acids (arginine and glutamic). Kefir, yogurt and cottage cheese also makes an invaluable contribution to the treasury of your health - bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

Prebiotics - Ensure the presence of a nutrient medium fornormal microflora. This group of substances represented by inulin, lactulose, galactose, fructose isomers. They are rich in dairy products and cereals (wheat, corn, onion and garlic, chicory). You can also resort to drugs from the pharmacy, buying Dufalak (the main active ingredient - lactulose) or one of the many BUD: Laktusan, Normase.

Probiotics - Products that contain live culturesmicroorganisms. There are monocomponent and multicomponent. The first part has only one representative of the main or concomitant intestinal microflora (laktobakterin, colibacterin bifidumbakterin). Duration of treatment is 4-6 weeks. The composition of the multicomponent probiotics (simbiotikov) represented by several representatives of the main or accompanying microflora (Bifikol, bifiform, lineksom). They are taken for 14 days.

antagonists - Micro-organisms which do nota significant impact on the main microflora, but inhibit the activity of opportunistic bacteria. To this group belong enterol, baktisporin, baktisubtil. Treatment lasts up to 7 days.

goiter, goiter in adults, bowel, treatment of dysbiosis, microflora

synbiotics - Combined substance (bifidus tank maltodofilyus, laminolakt). It is composed of bacteria and prebiotic main group. Take them for more than 3 weeks.

Intestinal antiseptic preparations. Almost not absorbed by the intestine, suppressactive life of pathogenic microorganisms without harming the main microflora. The most popular representatives of this group of drugs - and Intetriks nifuroxazide (Enterofuril). Intetriks take 3 to 5 days - 3 times a day 2 capsules, liberally washed down with water. Nifuroxazide treatment of 7 days, adults taken 4 times daily 200 mg.

Antibiotics. Doctor prescribes them, if authentically known formdysbiosis, taking into consideration the sensitivity spectrum of microorganisms. For example, Staphylococcus affect macrolides (clarithromycin), semi-synthetic penicillins (oxacillin, amoxicillin) and Proteus sensitive nitrofuranam.

Bacteriophages are viruses that infect certain bacteria. Their method can be combined with a course of antibiotics. Is the inside or by using enemas.

polyvitamins (Dekamevit, Multitabs, Suprastin) prescribed obligatory in all forms of dysbiosis.

Immunomodulators. Dysbacteriosis always accompanied by violationslocal immunity, so with the help of immunomodulators is necessary to stimulate the microflora balance restoration by strengthening the entire body. Here the choice is wide enough: Eleutherococcus tincture, propolis extract, Echinacea tincture and lemongrass.

Prevention of intestinal dysbiosis

goiter, goiter in adults, bowel, treatment of dysbiosis, microflora

The main cause of pathological changesintestinal microflora - incorrect use of antimicrobials. Unfortunately, the culture of self in our country is very poorly developed, so even a runny nose, many citizens are treated with antibiotics. These drugs can be taken only on prescription, after the results of bacteriological examination and antibiogram results. If to be a prolonged antibiotic medication group, treatment is required to complete the prebiotics.

Proper healthy diet - the foundation fora full bowel. There is little need to 4 times a day, never food drink water. On the table all year round must be parsley, dill and other green - it "tempers" normal microflora and helps it withstand the onslaught of pathogenic bacteria. Dairy products and fresh vegetables, rice, wheat, buckwheat enhance regenerative properties of the internal environment of the intestine, and the applesauce is a natural prebiotic, necessary for the development of relevant gut microorganisms.

For a normal state of the intestinal recommended to monitor the health of the gastrointestinal tract and in a timely manner to eliminate all diseases, not allowing them to acquire a chronic form.

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