Application Geksoral

Geksoral - one of modern drugs,to help alleviate the discomfort that occur during inflammation in the throat. Many people have already tested its therapeutic effect on themselves. Our site will acquaint readers with the composition, indications for use, methods of use and contraindications for this medication.

Again a sore throat?

tonsillitis, ear nose throat diseases, Geksoral, throat

Agree that it is quite joyless becomes,if badly sore throat. The decline of the forces do not want to do anything, and in some cases have to stay a few days in bed. throat diseases can be triggered by contact with a carrier of infection, hypothermia, rapid changes in temperature, drafts ... And here, again cold - red throat, painful swallowing, felt soreness, tickling, hoarseness, mucus builds up, which constantly have to swallow. These symptoms may be accompanied by a sore throat, pharyngitis, Acute respiratory disease, SARS, chronic tonsillitis. To recover faster occurred, treatment should be complex. At the center of inflammation is necessary to act locally and using rinses, sprays, lozenges. One of the drugs that are able to fight the infection, provoked a sore throat is Geksoral. It is important to begin treatment at the first sign of inflammation, whereas the infection does not spread to the lower respiratory tract and nasal cavity.

General information about the preparation

tonsillitis, ear nose throat diseases, Geksoral, throat

The drug acts in severaldirections, so successfully applied not only in the ENT practice, but also in dentistry. The drug destroys harmful bacteria and fungi on the surface of the mucous membranes (inhibiting their ability to live and reproduction), showing analgesic, enveloping, hemostatic properties. In the presence of oral sores and bleeding wounds Geksoral contributes to their rapid healing. Present in medicine and deodorizing properties that can get rid of the unpleasant smell coming from his mouth.

Which diseases can help Geksoral?

Doctors prescribe this drug in the following cases:

  • in various forms and stages of a sore throat;
  • at chronic tonsillitis;
  • for sore throat;
  • laryngitis, hoarseness, dry cough, severe sore;
  • in stomatitis (especially those caused by Candida), aphthous ulcers;
  • when language inflammation (GLOSS);
  • with bleeding gums, gingivitis;
  • for tumors in the oral cavity and throat;
  • after tooth extraction, dental if the wells were infected;
  • to get rid of unpleasant odors from the mouth;
  • after operations dentists and otolaryngologists.

Mode of application

tonsillitis, ear nose throat diseases, Geksoral, throat

Geksoral show high efficiency if itproperly applied. The solution is used for rinsing or irrigation wettings mouth and throat. But this should be done only after meals, while existing components will remain for a long time on the mucosal surface, providing maximum therapeutic effect. warns that you can not swallow the solution! And another important point: if you use a spray, then hold your breath for the moment when you irrigate from the dispenser his mouth. It must be observed to avoid getting drugs into the lungs, or possible bronchospasm, accompanied by suffocation.

The solution in the vial is ready for use,it is not necessary to dilute it. Rinsing is carried out twice a day (it is advisable to do this after breakfast and dinner). Usually the procedure takes about 15 ml solution. For the treatment of inflamed areas, you can use a cotton ball, soaking it in a solution. Aerosol is used for irrigating the inflamed throat and mouth twice a day, too.

Pre-attached to a cylinder head spray. Spraying usually lasts two seconds. Geksoral used as tablets for the slow resorption:

  • adults and children over the age of 12 years - every two hours for the tablet (no more than eight per day);
  • Children from 4 to 12 years - on a tablet every four hours (not more than four per day).

Clinical studies, which couldshow whether possible undesirable effects when using Geksoral in pregnant and lactating women have not been conducted. Therefore, according to the categories of women it is a means can be used only when it is prescribed by a doctor.

About contraindications and side effects

tonsillitis, ear nose throat diseases, Geksoral, throat

Aerosol form and can not be a solution for rinsinguse when you are hypersensitive to any ingredient which is a part Geksoral. They are not recommended for use in children, whose age is less than three years. The child must understand that swallow the rinse is a medicine can not be that it is necessary to hold your breath when the spray is carried out spraying. If the medicine is still swallowed, the vomiting begins, so the body is freed from unnecessary substances to it. Geksoral in the form of tablets should not be taken as a sweet candy, lollipops, this is a serious drug, which must be strictly dosed. It can not be used if there is an allergy to the components of the composition, as well as children up to four years. In case of overdose may cause adverse reactions: seizures, limb tremor, vomiting, respiratory depression, bradycardia. If the drug is used continuously, for example in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis, sometimes a mouth feel numbness or temporarily violated mouthfeel.

Due to their medicine cabinet Geksoral, at the firstsigns of inflammation in the throat, the appearance of pain and discomfort, you can immediately begin treatment. Geksoral components once mistaken for a "job", will reduce the number of pathological microorganisms in the mouth, which will contribute to a speedy recovery.

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