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Probably not the look of a man whoI never felt itching in the ears. Many reasons can cause a feeling of discomfort. Sometimes in such cases the combination may help eardrops entitled "Kandibiotik".

Why there is itching in the ears?

Kandibiotik, instruction manual

All the reasons that lead to the appearance of the ear itching, are divided into several groups.

  1. The accumulation in the ear canal of earwax, sometimeseven with the formation of traffic jams. This happens due to improper hygiene care for ear shells, either due to the individual characteristics of the sulfur produced by the body. It protects our ears from foreign particles and dust. And if a person is constantly diligently scrapes all the sulfur from the ear canal, it is also harmful.
  2. Hit in the ear canal foreign bodies (eg, various insects, beads, beads and other small household items, which are frequently stuffing myself in the ears of small children).
  3. Senile - over the years there is a change of sensitivity characteristics, involuntary impulses in the nerves can trigger discomfort, a person then it seems that ears itch.
  4. The appearance of the external ear canal papillomas or polyps - benign tumors of the form of moles, papillae.
  5. Allergic diseases - their appearanceassociated with an abnormal response of the body to certain substances of the environment, such as food, medicine, household chemicals ... The body emits a large amount of inflammatory factors, resulting in affected and the skin. In these diseases may affect not only the skin lining the ear canal, but also located in other parts of the body.
  6. Diabetes mellitus - for this disease is characterized by loss of nerve endings, which are located on the skin. Therefore, throughout the body may experience sensations of itching.
  7. Infectious-inflammatory diseases. For example, in chronic otitis media infection gets into the ear canal and the middle ear, can be found a defect of the tympanic membrane, the process is accompanied by itching, hearing loss, ear pain, purulent discharge.
  8. Otomycosis - in this disease in the outerfungi penetrate the ear canal, there begin to actively proliferate. In addition to the desire to scratch something in the ear of the patient concerned about pain, unpleasant-smelling discharge from the ear, a feeling of fullness from the patient's ear.
  9. Idiopathic pruritus is a concept usedif it is not possible to determine the cause of the ear itch. Then you need to conduct an additional or re-examination of the patient. But it also happens that in this case the itch is neurogenic in nature, it is associated with involuntary excitation of nerve cells.

In a number of auditory organ diseases the patient is recommended to buy at the pharmacy for the treatment Kandibiotik.

General information about the preparation

Kandibiotik, instruction manual

In the box with the inscription "Kandibiotik" present dark glass bottle complete with cork-pipette. It is poured into 5 mL clear yellowish solution.

Multicomponent preparation, comprising several active substances are present:

  1. Chloramphenicol - it has a wide antibioticspectrum of therapeutic action, it exhibits bacteriostatic properties, gives the normal protein synthesis in bacteria both gram-positive and gram-negative.
  2. Clotrimazole - this antifungal agentalso a wide range of activities. It disrupts the production of a component of the cell walls of fungal cells called ergosterol. The permeability of the membranes of fungal cells varies, causing the death of abnormal cells.
  3. Lidocaine - endowed mestnoanesteziruyuschimi properties. Anesthesia is due to a reversible blockade of the passage of impulses along myelinated nerve fibers.
  4. Beclomethasone dipropionate - refers to glucocorticosteroids that can be anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects.

As auxiliary ingredients, glycerol and propylene glycol are used.

pharmachologic effect

Through a combination of multiple active substances in the preparation are marked anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-microbial, fungicidal (antifungal), anti-allergic properties.

Kandibiotik, instruction manual


Kandibiotik, instruction manual

Kandibiotik helps to stop inflammation, raging ear infections. These ear drops can be used in allergic reactions developing in the ear canal.

Kandibiotik indicated for:

  • symptoms indicating the onset of middle ear acute diffuse otitis media (especially in severe pain);
  • chronic otitis;
  • allergic diseases accompanied by itching ear;
  • mycosisDeveloping in the middle ear.

Kandibiotik prescribed to patients following operations performed in the middle ear.

How to apply Kandibiotik?

Kandibiotik, instruction manual

With the help of the drug attached to the pipetteKandibiotik injected into the sore ear - his outer ear canal. A single dose of from three to five drops. Once the desired number of drops will be in the patient's ear, it closed a clean cotton swab. The procedure is repeated three to five times a day (it solves otolaryngologist). Patients reported that approximately on the third day from the start of the treatment improves their well-being. The course duration should not be less than seven days.

About side effects and contraindications

It is not recommended to use these ear drops at:

  • the development of signs of hypersensitivity to the components available in the composition;
  • perforation of the tympanic membrane;
  • Pregnancy and lactation (as there is no sufficient data on the effects on the fetus Kandibiotika and maternal health);
  • pathology in the ear, which occurs on the background of a simple herpes or varicella.

Babies Kandibiotik can be used, if more than six years of age.

In most cases, good preparationtolerated were rarely seen in patients allergic to the medicine, they are expressed primarily burning and itching at the site where the droplet was applied.

Itching in the ears, profuse discharge of them, painfeeling, hearing loss may be signs of serious illness. Kandibiotik - effective combination drug, but MirSovetov cautions readers that can not self-medicate. Be sure to consult as soon as possible to the ENT doctor.

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