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Homeopathic medicine Mastodinon producedof natural ingredients, is widely used in the treatment of women who have found fibrocystic disease of the breast, there are menstrual irregularities and pronounced symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It is also recommended in the complex therapy of infertility associated with lack of ovarian function of yellow body.

MirSovetov introduces the composition of the drug, its properties, methods of application, to warn about possible side effects and contraindications.

General information about the medication

breast, women's health, mastodinon, breast, menstruation

Produced Mastodinon known German company "Bionorica" ​​in two forms:

  1. Tablets with a circular spigotshape, their color is beige, you can see them in a light-brown blotches. The package contains 60 tablets. The drug composition includes a substance derived from:
    • chaste tree (Vitex sacred, K. prostrata);
    • Cyclamen Europe;
    • vasilistnikovidnogo cohosh;
    • chilibuha Ignatia;
    • tiger lilies;
    • colored iris.

    In the role of auxiliaries are: magnesium stearate, potato starch, lactose monohydrate.

  2. Drops (used for oral administration) - Liquidin bottles of 100 and 50 ml of clear, slightly yellowish, fragrant smell is felt. Sometimes in the process of storing the liquid slightly turbid, or at the bottom of the bottle becomes visible precipitate - is valid phenomenon that should not be taken as evidence of deterioration of vegetable preparation. The active ingredients in the production of droplets extracted from the same plant as in the preparation of tablets. But as an auxiliary ingredient ethanol is taken.

Medicinal properties

breast, women's health, mastodinon, breast, menstruation

In drops and pills are exactly the same recommendations apply to:

  • fibrocystic breast disease, which manifests itself as a benign seal in the breasts, pain, discharge from the nipple;
  • premenstrual syndrome, when a woman feels the tension, pain and engorgement in the mammary glands, she marked jumps in emotion and mood during the day, there swelling, concerned constipation and headache;
  • violations during the menstrual cycle and infertility caused by a failure of the corpus luteum.

In many of these cases Mastodinon - one of the components of complex treatment.

How to apply Mastodinon?

breast, women's health, mastodinon, breast, menstruation

This drug should preferably be taken 20-30 minutes. Before meals. Another option - the reception after 60-90 minutes. After we ate. This means it is necessary to drink water (usually 100 ml volume). It is best to carve out a couple of minutes for the reception in the morning and evening. Within 1.5 months women notice improvement in your condition. The course of treatment lasts at least three months (this is agreed with the doctor).

Before you start to dig dropsa small amount of water, shake the bottle well (this should be done every time, that is, before each reception). Usually, doctors prescribe to 30 drops twice a day. In the days of menstrual bleeding continues taking the drug. If you do not like the bitter taste of the drug, it can dig into the juice, juice and tea.

If you purchased Mastodinon tablets, then take them twice a day for one, without chewing, but simply with water. In menstruating breaks in the reception should not be done.

If, during the medical treatment she understands that became pregnant, the reception of the funds should be immediately discontinued. Generally, it is desirable plan conception baby after one to three months after have been treated.

The drug is used by physicians for a long time, no cases of overdose were recorded over the years.

If after treatment again giveto know about the symptoms of the disease itself, you have to visit the doctor again. Perhaps he will propose to continue the course of treatment with this homeopathic remedy.

It is important to know what effect mastodinon will be weakened, if at the same time you are taking domperidone, Damelium, Ganaton, Itomed. These drugs are dopamine receptor antagonists.

There is evidence that the effectiveness of the homeopathic remedy is reduced in women who smoke or abuse alcohol.

About contraindications and side effects

breast, women's health, mastodinon, breast, menstruation

The manufacturer warns that in timespregnancy or lactation can not be used Mastodinon. More drug is not prescribed to girls under 12 years of age and people who have the composition of the components cause hypersensitivity to it. For the treatment of malignant tumors in the mammary glands Mastodinon not used. Tablets (due to the presence of lactose) are contraindicated in genetic lactase deficiency, a hereditary intolerance to galactose malabsorption galactose or glucose.

The drops contain ethanol, so they are not prescribed for epilepsy, liver disease, or after treatment of alcohol dependence.

Most patients reported that the reception mastodinon tolerated them well.

But our site is still warn readers about the side effects that may occur in the treatment of mastodinon:

  1. Allergic reactions.
  2. Much more rarely observed nausea, Pain in the stomach location, a small weight gain, headaches, acne, itchy exanthema.

If during treatment suddenly appear confusion, temporary signs of psychomotor agitation or hallucinations, the drug should be canceled.

The basis laid mastodinon componentsextracts from plants. This drug has a powerful effect because it is able to influence the production of hormones that regulate the activities of the female genitalia. Therefore, it is necessary to take it on doctor's orders, after the handed over analyzes on hormones.

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