Melatonin as a sleep aid and not only

Poor sleep at night? Often you are flying airplanes and can not adjust to changing time zones? It is easy to have a cold? Do not rush to the pharmacy for sleeping pills. Take the time to ingest antibiotics. Do not toss and turn to no avail in the uncomfortable bed. You may need help Melatonin.

Poor sleep at night? Often you are flying airplanes and can not adjust to changing time zones? It is easy to have a cold? Do not rush to the pharmacy for sleeping pills. Take the time to ingest antibiotics. Do not toss and turn to no avail in the uncomfortable bed. You may need help Melatonin.

The discovery of melatonin

The structural formula of melatonin
Melatonin - is an open in the United States50-ies of the last century, a hormone produced by the pineal gland - one of the most mysterious structures of the human brain. Epiphysis, or as it is called, the pineal gland, the ancients believed the "third eye", which binds man with the cosmos. Some time domestic Pharmacology Melatonin studied with Western counterparts. Subsequently, however, interest in melatonin fell, and research resumed only in the early eighties.

Now work with the melatonin can be unimpeded. However, there was a time when the study of this hormone were kept secret by the military. They tried to use it to discover the secret of telepathy.

Epiphysis in the past attributed mysticalproperties. And telepathic superstition showed astonishing vitality. Many people today seriously believe that the pineal gland is provided via telepathic communication between humans. But where else can watch the third eye, if not in space. And the fact that in the soul of every man is hidden the real universe, not just a poetic metaphor.

Perhaps this prompted the idea that learningthe mystery of the pineal gland, it is possible to learn to read minds. But when the scientists seriously took up the pineal gland, they found something quite different. Unique hormone, has the remarkable property of hypnotism. And, having dug deeper, it turned out that all the properties of melatonin - is open and only alleged - just do not count.

Melatonin - "melaxen"

Now, in the West, the so-called "sleep hormone" alreadyIt has long sold as dietary supplements in almost every store. On the Russian market Melatonin is just beginning to penetrate. In pharmacies it is distributed under the trade name "melaxen".

Since that time, as the substance has left the walllaboratories and made accessible to people, many being heard on its wonderful properties, have rushed to write the category Melatonin Panacea and another drug of the 21st century. However, the truth they are not so far. According to scientists, Melatonin has a much wider range of activities than simple mild hypnotic.

A definite plus, that there are no restrictions forits use is not, since this neurohormone is a practically non-toxic compound. our site would like to highlight the uniqueness of Melatonin: it lies in the fact that they did NOT find the so-called LD-50 for it. This is the dose that causes the death of half of the experimental animals. In other words, getting a fatal overdose is almost impossible. Whereas classic sleeping pills, on the contrary, pose a serious danger.

Melatonin not only improves sleep and facilitatesfalling asleep. He "adjusts" our internal clock, synchronizing biological rhythms and cycles. This quality is a hormone suitable for those who often commit air flights crossing several time zones. In such cases Melatonin administered beforehand (3-4 days before).

However, the "sleep hormone", is responsible not only for thenormalization of sleep cycles, but also controls the immune system. According to some people, taking melatonin regularly undergo significantly less risk to get the disease oncological nature. As a direct cure for cancer recommend "melaxen" Doctors still can not. But in the complex therapy, hormone "third eye" gives very good results.

HGH is a great antioxidant. He is nine times higher than this figure familiar to all vitamin C. Simply put, autumn and winter, when flu and colds, melatonin significantly increases our resistance to infections.

Melatonin, inter alia, detects nootropic properties. It improves memory and learning, it helps to focus in solving important problems. It can be used in mental disorders activity in neurotic patients, patients with depressive states.

Melatonin has been tested in clinics skin diseases. Doctors got fantastic results,received a patent for the treatment of skin diseases. The fact that the microscopic doses hormone "third eye" helps patients suffering from chronic eczema.

In addition, "melaxen" slows down the aging process. Taking melatonin in the elderly, it is possible to improve not only dream, but also overall health.

Contraindications and side effects

The third eye is not in a hurry to reveal all your cards. Pineal gland and its hormone being studied intensively worldwide. He still holds many mysteries.

Taking Melatonin, consider that the bodyThis substance is produced only in the dark. Therefore, drinking synthetic hormone in the daytime does not make much sense. Sunlight simply destroys. As a consequence, I recommend taking melatonin in the evening half an hour before sleep (half or the whole tablet, drinking water).

With age the level of melatonin in your ownthe body varies significantly. Best of all hormone is produced in children (perhaps for this reason, there was the phrase "sleeping baby sleep"). Therefore, children and young people to take "melaxen" should not be.

Refrain from taking hormones should alsopregnant and lactating women. Also, do not recommend taking melatonin along with certain other medicines (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.), So our website is mandatory recommended before using the product consult a physician.

Other direct contraindications Melatonin have not. But we should not forget that like any other substance, it can cause allergic reactions. The study found that sometimes the "sleep hormone" provokes complications of the respiratory system. Melatonin affects the endocrine and scope.

Remember that, like any medicine, take"Melaxen" do not need to constantly and courses from time to time to give your body a break. In this case, it is able to avoid unnecessary addiction to a substance and any failures in their own hormonal system.

And the last. Never self-medicate. Deciding to take a new medication, be sure to check with your doctor.

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