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Research scientists from different countries and their observationsIt shows that the health of the body, life expectancy, a person's appearance, the freshness of his face depend on the good performance of the large intestine. Clean intestine is able to deliver his "master" not only from the gastro-intestinal diseases, and allergies, skin diseases (eczema, furunculosis, acne), depression, insomnia, migraines, tumors ...

Particularly important bowel conditiongive yoga. According to them, three-quarters of the population in one way or another suffer from malfunction of the colon. The digestive tract, as well as any kitchen, you need to keep in order and clean. If the intestine is emptied regularly, the toxins accumulate in it, harden stool, constantly going putrefaction, fermentation and other negative processes. This is evidenced by the increased aerogenesis, Halitosis. One of the tools that can organize the work of "thought so" bowel is Normase.

Information about the preparation

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Normase belongs to the group of laxativesfunds, exerting a hyperosmotic, hypoammonia effect. Under the influence of this agent, ammonia passes from the blood to the intestines. During this process, the formation of toxic substances containing nitrogen in its proximal section is reduced. Therefore, they are much less absorbed into the vena cava system. This medicine “whips” peristalsis, in other words, the motor activity of the “lazy” intestines, helps to activate the absorption of phosphates and calcium salts. The active ingredient in Normase is lactulose. This is a product of deep processing of milk, it is produced from lactose (milk sugar). The lactulose molecule consists of residues of fructose and galactose, interconnected by a b-glycosidic bond. It is assigned to the class of prebiotics. In the upper gastrointestinal tract, it does not split and reaches the large intestine unchanged.

It is able to influence theflora that lives in the colon. This results in an increase in the number of lactobacilli. This "positive" bacteria involved in the process of digestion. In the presence of intensive breeding Normase bifidumbacteria also actively involved in digestion. Due to the action Normase there is an increase in the volume of feces, they become softer. Therefore, when taking Normase defecation occurs gently, easily, painlessly.

To mention a few more of the good qualities of the drug:

  • it reduces the number of population in the intestine Salmonella is the culprit in the body of an intestinal infection such as salmonellosis;
  • It stimulates the activity of the liver;
  • not addictive;
  • does not destroy vitamins and minerals does not prevent their absorption.

Typically, the patient quickly feels the effect of the drug. Although in some cases it is delayed for a day or more.

In the package is a measuring cup and bottledark glass containing 200 ml of syrup, it is a colorless or slightly yellow-brown tint. In addition to lactulose used in the production and auxiliary ingredients: purified water, citric acid, cream flavor (it consists of vanillin digidrokumarina, propylene glycol). Country of origin of the drug in Italy.

When used Normase?

gastrointestinal tract, bowel, Normase, digestion, for digestive drugs, laxative

If concerned about constipation, the first three daysadults should consume from 15 to 40 mL of syrup, then a day will suffice to drink 10-25 ml of the drug. The child, whose age is more than six years, the first three days gives 15 ml, then reduce the dose to 10 ml per day. If the child of years old to six years, then it is necessary to measure daily 5-10 ml. Kids, age younger than a year, you can give 5 ml of syrup. The duration of treatment in all patients varies from four weeks to four months.

When hyperammonemia, hepatic encephalopathy,coma and precoma treatment begins with 30-60 milliliters, otmerivaya a dose three times a day, then the dose should be chosen so that bowel movements occur two or three times per day. This treatment lasts about three months (sometimes more). After operations adults Normase administered three times a day for 10-30 milliliters. Children from year metered twice a day or three times by 5.10 ml. Baby metered years old to two or three times a day for five milliliters. The first time the medication given after 18-24 hours after surgery. After three to five days Normase overturned.

Please be aware that if you simultaneously use antacids (such as Almagell, Fosfalyugel, Maalox) or antibiotics, the efficiency will be reduced Normase.

Pediatricians often prescribe the syrup itsyoung patients, even a newborn, he will not cause harm. Pregnant and lactating women can be used for Normase previously mentioned scheme without any fear.

Are there any side effects?

gastrointestinal tract, bowel, Normase, digestion, for digestive drugs, laxative

Generally well tolerated syrup Normasepatients of different age groups. And only at very long-term use of high doses of this drug, the patient may experience flatulence (bloating), which is often accompanied by pain. Sometimes diarrhea occurs. If you encounter such side effects temporarily stop taking the drug. If you have nausea or vomiting, you should not take the drug.

Particularly attentive to the state of health must be post-operative patients, the elderly and suffering diabetes. If the patient's syndrome gastrocardiac thenthe dose should be increased gradually to avoid bloating arose when necessary. If a person takes Normase more than six months, you should regularly monitor the amount of chlorine in the blood plasma, carbon dioxide, potassium.


gastrointestinal tract, bowel, Normase, digestion, for digestive drugs, laxative

You can not use the drug if Normase:

  • acute appendicitis or signs pointing to it;
  • galactosemia;
  • intolerance to galactose and fructose;
  • bleeding in the colon;
  • individual hypersensitivity to the tool;
  • bowel obstruction;
  • colostomy, ileostomy.

Synonyms Normase (drugs having the same active substance in the composition) are: Duphalac, Portalak, Romfalak, Poslabin lactulose,Legendal, Prelaks, Lizalak and others. Lactulose is a member of more than 50 drugs, produced in different countries, in medical practice it is used for more than fifty years. Over the years confirmed its safety and health benefits.

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