What biochemical pregnancy

Interestingly, the woman would think, if you say it,that over the past year in her pregnancy advancing 1-2, and even 3 times in a row? It is likely, wagged his finger to his temple, taking this as a tactless joke. Sounds, this is really crazy, but is proving to be true.

You just listen to what the scientists say: About 70% of pregnancies actually interrupted in the most miserable time! The most striking thing is that the woman did not even realize that her body and spontaneous pregnancy miscarriage occur almost simultaneously. Although, if you start to understand, nothing surprising in this: samoaborta result looks like the beginning of the next menstruation. Medicine has designated this as a biochemical pregnancy.

What it is

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If we turn to the gynecologist, you can see thatbiochemical pregnancy occurs according to the laws of normal pregnancy. Usually it looks as follows: male gametes merge with women, in other words, fertilization takes place ovum by sperm. The zygote moves to the uterus, and has appeared as a result of embryo splitting it even manages to be implanted in the soft lining of the uterus. Then something breaks down in a coherent reproductive system and with the arrival of the next menstruation pregnancy ends, so to speak, before it started. Miscarriage occurs on average 10-14 days after fertilization, ie almost immediately after the embryo in the uterus entrenched. The mechanism of biochemical pregnancy still raises many questions among experts. For example, why it started according to the rules of nature pregnancy already doomed, and is perceived by the body as waste material?

If motherhood is not planned, a woman,naturally, did not suspect anything. Monthly occur on schedule, and it does not matter that they are not like there were before that - perhaps they are more painful or heavy, but the overall feel good, so nothing evokes suspicions about the "interesting" position.

But let's not forget that there are other women,who, because of various reasons live and breathe the dream of pregnancy. They carefully analyzed the slightest signals of his body in the hope not to wait for next menstrual period, and delay. And when it is, the long-awaited, coming, it seems that dreams of a child is about to become a reality. Neither ultrasound nor a pregnancy test or examination by a gynecologist can not yet confirm pregnancy at such a small period. Hoping to outwit nature very impatient young ladies pass a blood test hCG levels. And lo and behold, he is positive! Pregnancy really occurred. What a disappointment experienced by women when the next menstruation begins after 2-3 days. In such a scenario develops so-called biochemical pregnancy.

Symptoms of "fleeting" pregnancy

pregnancy, biochemical pregnancy, false pregnancy, planning to become pregnant

Whatever the pregnancy - normal orpreprogrammed to miscarriage - the body immediately responds to it increasing the concentration of hCG. The level of this substance begins to grow as soon as deep in the uterine endometrium "settle" the embryo. And it happens long before pregnancy can fix and confirm the ultra-precise "eye" ultrasound.

In the presence of biochemical pregnancy hCG increases by at least 5 units. About pregnancy is biochemical nature doctors say, if:

  • a blood test showed the level of hCG in 5-6 mU / ml or more;
  • Ultrasound, direct examination of the gynecologist and pregnancy tests do not "found";
  • repeated blood test hormone content of notes lowering levels of HCG.

In the case where there is a systematican increase in the blood concentration of hCG, and the survey confirms the presence of the embryo in the uterus, it is believed that a woman's normal physiological pregnancy, despite the fact that it may end in miscarriage.

Summing up, once again recall: the result of biochemical pregnancy will always be a miscarriage, while the long delay and re-analysis of the positive hCG indicate normal physiological preparation of the body for motherhood.

Biochemical pregnancy: why it happens

pregnancy, biochemical pregnancy, false pregnancy, planning to become pregnant

MirSovetov introduced its readers tofeatures of the phenomenon, and it is not surprising if many think about how important for the body's biochemical pregnancy, the factors that trigger its development? Moreover, the couple dream of a child, but faced with such a reality as biochemical pregnancy, it is necessary to find out why this is happening, it is not out of idle curiosity.

Despite the high level of research and developmentdiagnostic medicine today, confidently call the causes of biochemical pregnancy is still not possible. Scientists suspect that this could happen under the influence of many factors, among which are expected to be:

  • women's diseases of the immune and autoimmune nature, which set up the body at the initial hostility to "foreign" cells of the embryo;
  • insufficient hormonal basis for successpregnancy in the female body. It is, above all, about the lack of progesterone. It is this active substance has been very closely involved in the preservation and the normal development of the fetus;
  • some pathology blood woman who dreams of becoming a mother;
  • presence of incompatible with normal development and life of abnormal cells in the body of the embryo.

Planning physiological biochemical pregnancy after

pregnancy, biochemical pregnancy, false pregnancy, planning to become pregnant

Do not go to extremes and consider thatbiochemical pregnancy - a serious hindrance to the normal conception and gestation baby. Many researchers agree that this phenomenon can not safely be called a cause of recurrent miscarriage or infertility.

In fact, experience shows that normalpregnancy, which has every chance ended well when a child comes into the world, could come as early as next month cycle, that is, immediately after the "self-destruction" of biochemical pregnancy. To do this, even no particular preparation of the future parents will be required.

Biochemical pregnancy - not a cause for grief. The fundamentally wrong to think that with luck the circumstances of the child could have been saved. Troubleshooting "biochemical" programmed in the body of the embryo is not a genetic level, and other versions of events does not imply.

In one gynecologists solidarity: if a history of failed Momma several biochemical markers of the fact of pregnancy, the couple need to undergo a thorough examination and, if necessary, a special treatment: it is possible, the problem in this case really is habitual miscarriage.

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