The level of HCG during pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, when a woman cannot yet aware of their situation, the child inside her already announces its presence through the development of a particular substance, abbreviated as hCG. What it is and what are its features, try to understand this article.

What is HCG

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This acronym stands for three words: human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is produced chorion begins after the fertilized egg is attached to the uterine wall. That is the substance react all pregnancy tests. In determining its presence in body fluids, they indicate the occurrence of pregnancy, or about its absence.

There are certain rules produce hCG at different periods of pregnancy, which can determine whether the baby is growing properly in the womb, or there is some pathology in its development.

There are times when an overvalued rate thismatter is observed in the blood of men and women, do not bear a child. In this case, there is a possibility that the body occur any pathological processes. Sometimes increased content of human chorionic gonadotropin persists for some time after the abortion.

Needless hormone is derived from the word"Gonad", signifying a woman's genitals. The importance of this substance in the body of the pregnant woman can not be overestimated. HCG helps to rebuild the reproductive system of the future pregnant woman so that she could easily make a baby. Gonadotropin has a great influence on the uterus and ovaries, especially the so-called yellow body, responsible for the production of progesterone. It is known that progesterone - one of the most important hormones pregnancy. He is responsible for the proper development of the fetus, and also helps the uterus to adapt to the nurturing of the child

If the expectant mother expecting a boy, and then hCGIt plays an important role, contributing to the normal development of male sex glands in the embryo. In addition, pregnant gonadotropin helps to fight with a lot of stress, typical for this period in a woman's life.

In order to the uterus is not perceived as the fruitforeign body, HCG, to some extent weakens the body's immune defenses. Thus, the pregnancy is normal and is not threatened miscarriage.

Detection of HCG in the blood is considered to be quite accurate andreliable way to establish the fact of what happened fertilization. Such an analysis can give a positive result on the 6-10 day after conception. Home pregnancy tests are constructed on the same principle, but they do not determine the hormone in plasma, and urine. This method will help to find out the fact of pregnancy 2-3 days after menstruation delay.

Methods for establishing the fact of pregnancy

blood test, pregnancy, birth, signs of pregnancy, HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin

Small increase in the amount of hCG inblood is considered normal if it is within the specified parameters. It should also be aware that while harboring more than one child, the hormone production reaches higher rates than in singleton pregnancies. In the case where the level of gonadotropin in the blood significantly higher than typical for a given period, it is possible to assume the following reasons:

  • gestational age was calculated incorrectly;
  • while carrying the baby a woman uses synthetic hormones;
  • the patient is suffering from certain diseases, for example, diabetes;
  • the fetus develops with abnormalities or defects.

Reducing the level of hCG

The reasons for unjustified reduction produced by the gonadotropin may be the following:

  • incorrectly prescribed period of pregnancy;
  • missed first trimester the fetus in the womb;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • the threat of spontaneous abortion;
  • pathology and delays in the development of the embryo;
  • violation of placental functions;
  • perenashivanie child beyond the normal period.

In case of any problems with the development of hCG should be to re-examine and make ultrasonography.

HCG with an ectopic pregnancy

blood test, pregnancy, birth, signs of pregnancy, HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin

Ectopic pregnancy - a dangerous pathological condition that causes irreparable harm to health of women, can lead to infertilityAnd, in rare cases, be life-threatening. The most reliable way to detect such deviation is considered to ultrasound, but ultrasound machine in early pregnancy can not see the embryo is attached to the fallopian tube. Modern analysis reveals the pathology of hCG in the early weeks. Normally, when an ectopic pregnancy gonadotropin levels are lower than the norm, and the dynamics of its growth slowed. However, discovering this fact, we can not say one hundred percent of the pathology before the ultrasound.

HCG with missed abortion

About missed abortion can talk then,when the fetus is killed for various reasons. Most often, it is typical for the first trimester, but such pathology can occur later. When non-viable pregnancy the uterus for some time continued to grow in size, but the HCG level drops sharply, as can be seen by making a blood test.

False result

Sometimes it gonadotropin found in humans who do not have any relation to pregnancy. Among the main reasons for this release are as follows:

  • hormonal drugs;
  • the first few days after the abortion;
  • tumors of the uterus, kidney or other organs;
  • neoplasms of the testes in men.

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