Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy - is extremely dangerousevil which threatens life of any woman. It should be noted that from this danger no one is immune, but every girl, a woman must know the basic signs and symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, when they appear to be on the alert and not to delay the visit to the gynecologist.

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It is not always even the most experienced doctorsobstetricians can identify the disease and to identify trends in the first weeks of the disease. After all, it is the most favorable time for getting rid of this problem, and in some cases, on such a short period, you can do without surgery, thanks to the latest medical developments and innovations. In a short intervention in the course of the disease the chances to keep all organs without threat to life and health. Our website recommends that you read this article, because every woman needs to know which are the first signs of an ectopic pregnancy and how to recognize the disease.


So, we explain the basic features of the symptoms and a normal pregnancy from an ectopic. What are their similarities and what is the difference.

An insidious disease that in the early days after conception, the first weeks, any woman can feel the typical symptoms that occur in normal pregnant women. Namely:

  • delay of menstruation;
  • nausea;
  • palpable breast tenderness;
  • frequent urination;
  • by measuring basal body temperature, it may be slightly increased.

Later, closer to the fifth week of pregnancy, the symptoms begin to appear abnormal, that should not accompany normal pregnancy:

  • decrease in index of human chorionic gonadotropin;
  • pregnancy test strip shows one;
  • were bleeding;
  • tangible pulling or aching in appendages;
  • fever;
  • low pressure;
  • It felt dizziness, lightheadedness and dizziness.

pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, gynecology, conceiving, tubal pregnancy

Usually obstetrician-gynecologists special roleindicator is removed chorionic gonadotropin, and it is checked first suspected in the data analyzes. After that check is already localized pain, ultrasound appointed for consideration of the fetus in the womb, because in the fifth week, according to US is already possible to consider it. Also, when viewed on a gynecological chair gynecologist should be noted that the uterus is smaller than should have at this stage of pregnancy.

Any experienced doctor with suspected ectopicPregnancy must appoint the necessary research, namely to examine the patient on the gynecological chair, to give direction to the delivery and analysis of hCG US. Also, one of the clear signs of distinguishinga pathology of pregnancy is an increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood is determined by the rate of laboratory, with the planned delivery of analyzes. If you came to the ultrasound and ultrasound diagnostic saw that in the cavity of the uterus is present fertilized egg, but the question of an ectopic pregnancy can be, pregnancy is. If on the basis of other tests and examination by a doctor becomes clear that pregnancy is not developing or not developing properly, the doctor puts the diagnosis - it may be a threat of termination of pregnancy or missed abortion.

Why is an ectopic pregnancy so dangerousand does not require urgency? Because a woman suffering from this ailment can die from a large loss of blood. Under no circumstances will such a pathology end in all senses safely, in whatever area it occurs. Self interruption carries a huge threat to life. The most common ectopic pregnancy is a tube. Very rare are cases when the fetus freezes in its development during such a pregnancy. In this case, everything happens by itself and does not require any surgical intervention, but we repeat - this is extremely rare, it is better not to rely on such cases. Quite often there are cases when the fetus, which begins to ripen and grow even more, simply breaks the tube, resulting in severe bleeding.

Methods to eliminate the disease

pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, gynecology, conceiving, tubal pregnancy

Perhaps we should consider the basic signs and symptoms of a ruptured pipe in the process of ectopic pregnancy:

  1. On examination, the gynecologist pressure on the uterus accompanied by severe pain.
  2. When viewed on a gynecological chair doctor can find the ovum.
  3. Acute pain in the abdomen, which gives to the rectum. Usually the pain is localized to the side where there was a pipe break.
  4. Pale skin, increased sweating, low blood pressure, fainting or lightheadedness.
  5. Heavy bleeding.

These symptoms lead to urgentsurgery. The physician should determine the kind of operation that will produce, usually determined on the spot, depending on the lesion and the patient's condition.

You suspect that you have an ectopicpregnancy, what to do in this case? You've done more than a pregnancy test - the result is negative - one bar, tests indicate a possible ectopic pregnancy.

The very first thing to begin with - iturgent visit to your gynecologist. But do not drive themselves superfluous thoughts, negative pregnancy test - this is not the main feature of an ectopic pregnancy should not forget that it can also be its absence. So do not panic ahead of time.

Thus, if no pipe rupture at an early period, andknow that you have a suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy, but want to keep the pregnancy in case of detection without abnormalities, the doctor should appoint a laparoscopy, a couple of punctures in the abdominal wall will give a full examination of all organs of the female. If, nevertheless, in this study, diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg is immediately removed from the fallopian tube and the tube itself is also subject to removal. Occasionally when it is left, but there are cases when it is free of adhesions or other pathologies.

If a pregnant woman, even if the pregnancy"Real", has no plans to keep it, in this case, the surgery is performed by curettage of the ovum from the uterus. After that, the patient will be some time under the supervision of doctors in the hospital, and after - discharged when the doctor will make sure that the threats and danger no longer exists.

Also, except for laparoscopy, there are other methodsremoval of the ovum, in the case of an ectopic pregnancy. For example, the classic operation through the incision, called a laparotomy. It happens that in the case of a tightening of the disease, the surgeon will have to remove the uterus and such cases are not so frequent, but they need to beware.

induced abortion It can also serve as a method of getting rid ofectopic pregnancy. Gynecologist pushes the fertilized egg of a tube through the peritoneum. But this takes place only at a very rapid response and prompt solution of the problem, that is in the early stages.

Another type of removal of the ovum to the smallest timing of ectopic pregnancy is possible by means of the drug - methotrexate.

It is very difficult to say that one or the other womanmore or less prone to this ailment, most likely, it can be with each. But it is necessary to bear in mind that there are reasons that can influence in any measure to its appearance, it is, for example:

  • inflammation in the tubes, which may not have any particular symptoms, but can lead to zapuskaniya consequence such as ectopic pregnancy;
  • the formation of adhesions in the pipe.

Our website wants you to take care of your health and do not forget about the routine inspections at the gynecologist.

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