Pregnancy, the fifth month

Passed half of pregnancy. Now, in the fifth month of pregnancy, you will feel much better than at the beginning. There was a burst of energy, good mood was your companion, your body has got used to his new condition and works like a clock. Your skin looks great, and her face just lit up. Believe me, this is true!

Pregnancy, the fifth month
That's fourth month of pregnancy It is over, but many important events morejust ahead. Now, in the fifth month of pregnancy, you will feel much better than at the beginning. There was a burst of energy, good mood was your companion, your body has got used to his new condition and works like a clock. Your skin looks great, and her face just lit up. Believe me, this is true!

By that time you have already prepared and know quite a lot about your child. We hope that all the tests shall be regularly and visit a doctor to have become a habit.

The development of the fetus in the fifth month

The development of the fetus in the fifth month of pregnancy
How looks your child now? Any pregnant woman is very interesting at least one eye to look at how the developing fetus, and what it is today. Let 'take a look' into the inner sanctum. Did you know that the head of the baby have already started to grow hair, eyebrows and eyelashes were. Hands and feet of your boy or girl is already well developed, and it is very actively use them. You increasingly feel the movement and weak shocks, and this is when its growth -. Just 20-25 cm forms a white substance that protects the baby's skin in the uterus, called vernix in the fifth month of pregnancy, which will become more dense as infant growth.

Your baby already reacts to the sounds coming uphim, he hears the speech and music. So be careful in choosing the longer that you are listening. It is not for the benefit of the developing organism will have rock and heavy metal. It is better to listen to the melodic and tranquil music, classical or natural.

Movement of the baby is not so visible to the pregnant woman,he is too small yet, but after a few weeks you will feel in touch with him fully, and will learn to determine when a child comfortably, and when something is missing, you will be fed signals. If the baby moves actively, you should know that it does not charge for the fetus, and the expression of some discomfort. You signal that is not enough, for example, oxygen, it's time to take a walk in the fresh air. Or are you engaged in heavy physical labor, in this case, it is also not good for the fetus, and he can express his displeasure more activity. Should you only pay attention to it and just lie down, like a child, too calm.

But if you do not feel any movement,it is impossible to think that the child is just so calm! This is a serious signal to the alarm. You must see a doctor immediately. The child has to move! After all, his movement say that he lives and grows.

The fifth month of pregnancy - this is the period whenIt continues to develop the child's brain head now formed and laid endocrine and central nervous system. At the beginning of the 17th week of pregnancy, the child begins to slightly open his eyes, that in a week will have to look and see fully. Continues to form the immune system, it is the period of formation of interferon in the body of the fetus and immunoglobulin - substances that help fight infections. The spleen is already fully working and produces lymphocytes and monocytes, which protect the human body.

Outwardly, this little guy does not lookattractive. His skin is unusually bright red color throughout the body wrinkles, covered with vernix. But in spite of this he was infinitely dear to you, and waiting for his appearance becomes the main business of your current life. So it should be! Now all of your thoughts and actions should aim to ensure that the baby was fine and comfortable. It depends on your behavior of his future life and health.

Sensations woman five months pregnant

During pregnancy forget the high heels, and buy shoes one size larger
You do not like your reflection in the mirror? There were some brown spots? Do not worry and take it for granted. After birth, your appearance will come back and all of these "trouble" will disappear by themselves. Everything goes according to plan, the nature of the pledged wise.

In this month of pregnancy begins to increasechest, and there are selection - colostrum, which must be carefully droplets soak a sterile cloth. Vaginal discharge is amplified, this is due to hormonal changes in the body, there may be pain, due to the weakening of the ligaments of the joints. There may be swelling, and therefore, you suddenly notice that the familiar becomes tight shoes. Change it, buy one size larger. And know that during pregnancy you have to forget about high heels or studs. This shoe is not for you, let him wait a little bit.

Toxicosis have been left behind and have an appetiteexcellent. But it is also necessary to regulate, you should not gain more than 0.5 kg per week, so stay tuned for power. Do not consume large amounts of flour and sweet food, but do not give up on it entirely.

The intimate life can suddenlyI feel that you become much easier to have an orgasm, or vice versa, to achieve it has become virtually impossible. This is also normal changes. Do not worry, as it should be.

Behavior pregnant

Getting up from a chair or bed, a pregnant woman should not do it drastically
During pregnancy, you should strictly observesome rules. In no case do not overdo it. Forget about weight lifting, if you must lift something weighing more than five kilograms, then you must do it carefully, do not jerk, do not tilt the whole body, and bend your knees when lifting heavy bags, use your leg muscles, not the waist. Do not carry a bag in one hand, better distribute the load on both hands.

In the morning, getting out of bed, do not do it abruptly. First, a sharp rush of blood may even cause fainting. Secondly, the sharp rising of the bed enhances the heart, what is there to tell you the baby, feeling uncomfortable.

This is necessary during pregnancy, unlessforget about cosmetics, use it to bring her to a minimum. Forget the hair color and, even more so, do not do different chemical zavivok. Nails are also not the best varnish, let them "breathe", now may be increased their fragility, therefore, wiping or washing the dishes, it is best to use gloves.

Your cardiovascular system is workingin emergency mode, because it is necessary to provide a full blood not only your body, but also the child's body. Now the pulse of a pregnant woman will be speeded up. And if before pregnancy, it may be with you within 70 beats per minute, but now he can reach and 90 beats. Blood volume increased by about half a liter, and therefore, can increase blood pressure, which is also, within certain limits, it is the norm.

Blood tests show a change in her. It increased white blood cell count, but this is also normal. Starting from the fifth month of pregnancy recorded decrease in hemoglobin in the blood, you must follow this process in time to take action in case of anemia. This was strictly monitored in antenatal clinics and prescribe additional tests and analyzes. If hemoglobin falls below of the rules, the pregnant woman may appoint special preparations that contain iron. It is necessary in this period of pregnancy to take vitamins, which are also prescribed by the doctor.

kidneys work on the fifth month of pregnancy

From the fifth month of pregnancy, it is important to monitor renal function
your kidneys now - one of the most important organs. After all, it is thanks to them, derived from the body waste products of metabolism. Not only yours, but also your child. Any US today will show how you expanded the ureter and renal pelvis. Their expansion is due to the hormone progesterone, which is now heavily produced by the kidneys. It can be seen in the pregnancy that the flow of urine decreases and complicated. This is due to the fact that uterus and increased pressure on the bladder, thereby interferes with the normal movement of urine.

Now it is very important to monitor the kidneys, becausethat during this month of pregnancy is possible complication in the form of the disease pyelonephritis. Since there is not a complete urine flow and stagnation of urine in the renal pelvis, it is possible to develop very different kidney infection. What are the signs of incipient pyelonephritis? First of all - frequent urination, andoften accompanied by painful sensations. The pregnant woman may feel increased fatigue, possible fever, lower back pain worse. In this case, you must not put off a visit to the doctor, because the disease may be rapid, it will hurt not only your health. But above all, the health of the unborn child, because it is completely immature organism is very vulnerable at this time.

Less than half ... It will take quite a bittime and you will feel the warmth of your unborn child, took him in his arms. But for this it is necessary to pass with dignity rest of the way. Time does not stand still, and now we are closer to the sixth month of pregnancy. our site will try to help you in this in the next article. And we hope that our advice will be good companions in this wonderful anticipation.

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