You are in the sixth month of pregnancy

For many women, the sixth month of pregnancy -the best time. Right now you have a very youthful appearance, you are widened and become more beautiful than before pregnancy. If to this weight gain has been little noticeable, the sixth month has all becomes clear that you are expecting a baby.

You are in the sixth month of pregnancy
For many women, the sixth month of pregnancy - the best time. Right now you have a very youthful appearance, you are widened and become more beautiful than before pregnancy. If pregnancy period of five months weight gain has little noticeable, it is already the sixth all becomes clear that you are expecting a baby.

Child development in the sixth month

If you now look at using ultrasound to your child, you can see that he is still a little fat, and he looks very skinny.

Each movement is given to the child kicks and punches to a pregnant woman
But this is a real man, he is welldeveloped muscles of the arms and legs, you feel that his tremors have become quite tangible. You will be surprised, but the child in her sixth month of pregnancy may have coughing and sneezing. Soon his eyes, even now plenochkoj closed, fully open, and your child will see. It's good to hear music and distinguish a variety of sounds. From sharp, very loud music, the child flinches and behave restlessly. He may have to frown, if he do not like something in your behavior, can compress a cam and open your mouth. Do not assume that the child sleeps in the same time as you. Your sleep cycles may not match. When you sleep - the child may be awake and vice versa. By the sixth month of pregnancy, children are already weigh more than a pound, but their growth usually exceeds 30 cm.

Once you are relaxedstate, rest, activity of the child increases. He starts pushing, urging you to move and to saturate the blood with oxygen. His movements are also active after you have taken the food, because the blood sugar increases the mother during this period. If you are worried about increases in blood adrenaline - and it also causes increased motor activity of the child.

The kid already has its own "character" one - morecalm and slow, and the other - a perfect fidget. So the two women who are at approximately the same month of pregnancy, can share their feelings and find that they are quite the opposite. But if your child has behaved actively, and then for a long time "calmed down" - that is the reason to see a doctor urgently, the cessation of physical activity can be a terrible sign.

For the most worried-pregnant women can be offeredconduct full control of fetal movement. It is necessary for the day to count all the traffic that makes a child. On average, a child makes 10 movements for 10 minutes. Here it is necessary to consider all the movements as subtle and strong. If the motion is less than that is laid, try to eat something and lie down. Calculate again. The excitement is justified, if for one hour you count less than 10 fetal movements. It is necessary to immediately go to the doctor, so as not to lose time. You should know that the longer the pregnancy, the stronger you will feel tremors.

Sometimes the baby so violently behaving, it seems as if they have at least three. But this is only an appearance. Just to the sixth month of pregnancy uterus It becomes small for the developing fetus. And so every movement is given to the child kicks and punches to a pregnant woman. This is due to the fact that the fruit is well developed and has the power. The tremors are rarely painful, but if you find it hard to carry them, try to change your position or shook from side to side, perhaps this method of "lull" of your fighter and he will behave more calmly.

There are cases where tremors pregnant woman He feels in all directions. It may be suspected that some developing fetuses, but an accurate diagnosis can only be an additional examination by ultrasound.

Problems in the sixth month of pregnancy

During pregnancy it is better to drink pure water or fruit juice
In the sixth month of pregnancy can significantly increase the skin sweating, you need more fluid intake. Just do not eat carbonated drinks, It is better to drink pure water or fruit juice. Engage in special gymnastics, do not overdo it and Know how to properly relax, relaxing.

Another of the possible problems of the sixth monthpregnancy - cramping legs. Sometimes they may be strong enough. It is caused by excess phosphorus in pregnant or calcium deficiency. In the latter case, to avoid further problems of a pregnant woman should consume pills that contain calciumBut do not contain phosphorus. When the legs cramps, limit consumption of meat, but do not give up on it entirely. Just cramping of the leg muscles can be the cause of increasing the size of the uterus of a pregnant, which puts pressure on some nerves. Therefore, in the sixth month of pregnancy, you should forget about tight clothes, tight pantyhose on. You need loose clothing that will not hamper your movements and resting, it is necessary to lift feet above head level.

Watch out for sure your chair. We can not allow the emergence of constipation. That constipation provoke further occurrence of such unpleasant diseases like hemorrhoids. From the very beginning of pregnancy engagedthe prevention of constipation, eat more foods containing fiber, eat only bread wholemeal. No sweet buns that just trigger constipation.

The sixth month of pregnancy and your stomach

To avoid stretch marks on my stomach, get prenatal bandage
In the sixth month of pregnancy you canfeel itchy in the abdomen area. It is a result of stretching of the skin, which becomes more fine and dry. There are special ointments for itching, but it would be better to just be patient, because it is a natural manifestation of your body.

If you care about your appearance, be sure to purchase a prenatal bandage, which will help avoid stretch marks on my stomach, and to move in the future will be easier.

swelling of the hands in the sixth month

Numbness of hands tend to pregnant women, lift them up, vigorously gripping fingers into fists
You can suddenly feel that youbegan to swell hands, or a feeling of tingling in the fingers, which may spread to the shoulder. Most often, these swelling and pain characteristic of the pregnant women who work hard wrists, for example, for a long time typing on the computer. In the hands of tissue fluid accumulates, and then relax during sleep, the pain will be felt, harassing you. How to avoid this trouble?

First of all, try to reduce the timestay at the computer. And if this is not possible, then do periodic holidays and special relaxation exercises hands. Do not let such a body position where increasing the pressure on them. If you woke up from the numbness of hands, raise them up and vigorously squeezing his fingers into fists, shake it in the air. This can help. This phenomenon is usually quite harmless, but quite unpleasant. If it is repeated often enough - see your doctor and talk about it, perhaps a specialist will offer you some medication ways to resolve this problem.

What is contraindicated in the sixth month of pregnancy

Pregnant women need to periodically rest, taking a sitting position
First of all, in the sixth month of pregnancyyou can not work to exhaustion. This causes an increase in blood pressure of the mother, which is not for the benefit of the fetus and leads to earlier separation of child seats that can cause a variety of bleeding, or having a baby with low birth weight. If your work involves constant standing on your feet, then you need to either change your job, or still find compromises and rest at regular intervals, taking a sitting position, or, even better, horizontal.

You must now take care of themselves as well as aboutchild. When gestational age is more than five months, the constant vertical position will cause constant pain, can cause hemorrhoids or varicose veins. Be sure to decide the matter for themselves.

You can not get upset, you need to avoid the mostvarious stressful situations, and in general, you should now be very happy! It will soon come a time, and the one whom you are so waiting will quietly sniff, nose buried in your chest.

Surveys in the sixth month

Before the next visit to the doctor clearly ponder all the questions you care about
In the sixth month of pregnancy carried outcontrol studies and give up blood and urine tests. Measured by weight, and blood pressure of a pregnant, you will hear the fetal heartbeat. The doctor determines the height of the uterus and its value is determined by external examination fetal position. The woman examined the feet and hands in the presence of edema.

Before the next visit to the doctor, you need to clearly think about all the issues that you care about, or better yet, write them down, so that nothing is forgotten to ask.

You must be fully aware that your innerattitude during the whole period of pregnancy should be positive. Spend more time in the fresh air, look at the beautiful pictures, get positive emotions. Know that with you they are now receiving, and your baby.

The following article will tell you our website the seventh month of pregnancyWhen a woman goes on maternity leave. This month is the month of sometimes premature child birth. But this - next time.

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