Preparing for the seventh month of pregnancy

By the seventh month of pregnancy, a woman has timeget used to his new status and cope with emerging challenges. What is now your child? Its weight can be a little more than one kilo, while the growth reaches 35 cm.

Preparing for the seventh month of pregnancy
When six months pregnant left behind, the woman has time to get used tohis new status and cope with emerging challenges. What is now your child? By the seventh month of pregnancy, the weight can be a little more than one kilo, while the growth reaches 35 cm. This is a complete child, except that very small. It moves actively moves arms and legs. In the US, you can see that he has learned to suck his thumb and give us something like a smile. He reacts to the flashes of light or harsh sounds, if all around you is a hue and cry - your child hears it and behave restlessly. If you listen to tranquil meditation music, then your child will behave quite differently, quiet and calm.

And, although born in the seventh monthpregnancy, children are quite viable, still need to make every effort to make the pregnancy to term. During this period the child is not quite ready for an independent life, his lungs are not mature, so the nurse children at this stage of pregnancy is difficult, it requires special equipment. So try to avoid deviations from the normal course of labor.

Complications in the seventh month

During this period of pregnancy complications are possible,related to the state of the umbilical cord, which the child is related to the mother's body. If she takes the wrong position, twisted or pinched, this may be the reason for the termination of the supply of oxygen to the fetus. If you have this problem, take the most urgent measures, only careful attention to itself and to the child, which you wear, can guarantee a happy outcome of the pregnancy.

During pregnancy spend outdoors more time
You may feel that breathing has become muchheavier. Do not worry, this is normal at this time of pregnancy. The fact that the bottom of the uterus in this period is high, it raises the diaphragm, which hinders breathing pregnant. How can we help ourselves here? It is necessary to spend more time outdoors. Walk! Breathe the air full of oxygen, not exhaust fumes of cars passing by.

Another problem that you may encounter while seven months pregnant. Name the problem - insomnia. Now it may happen that you fall asleep forIt becomes a problem, but until then you literally slept at every opportunity. For this month of pregnancy your weight is changing rapidly, it is quite difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. You can not lie on your back - it's hard to breathe, for a long time lying on one side - too tired. So the whole night can be rotated from side to side, fending off sleep. Besides, you are worried about a child, think about how the birth will take place, would it not be any complications. It is also not conducive to the rapid fall asleep and quiet sleep.

Insomnia is exhausting and tiring, but it can becope. The main thing - to settle down. Think that from you now affect the lives and health of your child, and to predict the future during pregnancy and possible complications in childbirth, you still can not, so why torture yourself in advance and worry? You must find the tools that will lead you in a calm state. For some it will be a walk before going to sleep in the open air for someone - your favorite music in the player, but for someone - a cup of heated milk with a teaspoon of honey.

Learn how to restrain themselves and not have to worrytrifles. Gradually, everything returns to normal, and you will be able to find the right sleeping posture, which will feel comfortable and relaxed. Experiment with a small pad by placing it under the back or under the belly, find a position that will not cause you anxiety. It will take another month of pregnancy and uterus drops, breathing becomes easier and sleep returns.

The seventh month of pregnancy and your health

In the seventh month of pregnancy reduce the abdomen - it's ok, but not more than 5 times per hour
To walk, to breathe and maintain serenity. This is the most important thing for you now. And, of course, attention to your feelings, and regular visits to the doctor.

Walking should bring joy, not fatigue. If you find it hard to walk, or there varicose veins in the legs - better sit in the little park on a bench among the trees, it is much more useful than sitting at home on the couch, watching TV. Happy necessarily rest, lying on the bed. Now your position - on one side, about lying on your back temporarily have to forget - the uterus to this period is quite large and can compress the large vein that can even lead to fainting.

Do not forget to do exercises for the legs. A resting horizontally, and place them under foot roller or pad that has been the outflow of blood, and decreased limb edema. If the swelling is too annoying you, you need to see a doctor, who will help and suggest what should be done to drain fluid from the body.

Learn to listen to your body andunderstand it. If you feel a sudden reduction in the abdomen, then there is nothing to worry about. The body begins to prepare for childbirth. But if these feelings are quite frequent, more than five times an hour, an urgent need to visit a doctor, there may be premature labor.

You need to know that now you accumulate no morea pound a week, a larger set - already have to change and adjust your menu, removing him from flour and sweet products, adding fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish. Add to your diet intake of vitamins, they are now, more than ever, we need your child, lack of vitamins It causes disturbances in the nervous system as your and your baby.

Cosmetics and hygiene in the seventh month

Many women on the seventh month of pregnancy begin to bother stretching on the abdomen and chest
In the seventh month of pregnancy should pay specialattention paid to body hygiene. Daily use the shower, and a hot period of time, several times a day. After a shower, it is desirable to use a cream to soften and moisturize the skin, it is best to use baby oil cosmetic. Chest should be prepared to breastfeed and, after a shower, you need to wipe it with a rough towel to his chest a little hardened nipples before delivery. By the way, for breast Now you need to choose the right bra, it should not have thin shoulders, should not be close, but it must support the chest, but not to squeeze it.

Many women somewhere in the seventh monthpregnancy begin to disturb the "stretch" on the abdomen and chest. There are special cosmetic creams to help prevent them and smooth out the skin. Use necessarily antenatal bandages, which also help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen. Do not buy a bandage "by eye", be sure to ask your doctor what your size, only in this case it can really help you.

Do not forget that now, no infection, nopathogenic microbes should not get into your body. It is for this reason it is necessary in this period of pregnancy be sure to visit the dentist. The teeth should be sanitized, and talk about what they need to be cleaned after every meal, I think, is not necessary. You know it yourself.

our site, recalls that the main thing now, asyou need to remember - this is what your current mood is already affecting the mood of an unborn baby, and your excitement and frustration - it and its disturbances and heart palpitations. In the last months of pregnancy before birth You are responsible for sure whether the child is born inyourself person, or be anxious and worry every little thing, man. Keep this in mind and act accordingly. In your hands is now the future character of your child.

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