How to use pads and tampons

Selection of sanitary napkins and tampons formenstrual blood collection today is huge. Yes, and they are on sale for more than 20 years, is there any sense at all to talk about them? Gynecologists Experience shows that the most modern not only girls, but also adult women do not know how to use pads and tampons. This leads to a number of so-called "women's issues".

That came a time when girls reachtheir puberty and may have rightfully call themselves girls. But keep in mind that come with growing up and "they" see the critical days. Therefore, there is reason to talk about care products during the menstrual cycle. Selection of sanitary napkins and tampons for menstrual blood collection today is huge. Yes, and they are on sale for more than 20 years, is there any sense at all to talk about them? Many will say, would have told us about how to use toilet paper. But the experience of gynecologists show that most modern not only girls, but also adult women do not know how to use pads and tampons. This leads to a number of so-called "women's issues". That is why our website has decided to dwell on this subject, and tell your readers how all the same right to use pads and tampons.

The choice sanitary napkins

How to use pads and tampons
So, what you need to know when choosing the means tocollecting menstrual blood? First of all, they are made of any material. You must opt ​​for cotton pads and tampons. Today, manufacturers strive to make them as thin as possible in size using special synthetic materials that do not absorb moisture, thereby preventing leaks. Such advertising attracts clients, each chooses for himself comfort, unfortunately, without hesitation, that these materials are sometimes dangerous to health. But not all that bad, if you know the basic rules of use feminine hygiene article:

  1. Choose cotton pads or at least made of a material, which contains most of the cotton.
  2. Using the pads does not negate the health of the body - a thorough cleaning the intimate areas, but do not wash after each shift pad.
  3. And most importantly, the gasket must be replacedevery three hours, no matter how much it has precipitates. This should be done at night, until the development of habits alarm places for yourself, if you can not stand on their own every three hours.
  4. Daily laying a healthy woman does not need! Do not create the greenhouse effect once again in the intimate parts of the body, or, if you did not have any infectious secretions, the wearing of "dailies" can cause infection.

When it is necessary to resort to the panty liners:

  • unhealthy woman during thrush or other infectious diseases, which are accompanied by unpleasant secretions;
  • during pregnancy, but only if a woman has copious milky color associated with hormonal changes in the body or, again, with any infection;
  • Healthy women can resort to "dailies"during menstruation in recent days, when menstrual blood is almost gone, but out of the vaginal discharge darkish (women together is called when the "greasy").

But! All of the above requires flawless execution main rules of the use washers.

Tampons or pads?

How to use pads and tampons
With regard to them tampons requirementssubstantially the same, only the changing of another tampon involves much less. Or rather, why do invented tampons? In order, it was possible during menstruation, wear white beautiful outfit for a meeting or a swim in the pool or sea. Thus, while determination of the tampon in the vagina should not exceed hours - 20-40 minutes. If the party goes on, it is better to change the pad several times, but no more than three, and after the event to resort to conventional gaskets.

In addition, most gynecologists do not recommenduse tampons during the critical days, as the only means to collect menstrual blood. And if possible at all to give them up or use in extremely rare cases, if necessary. Because the constant use of tampons, a so-called "stagnation" menstrual blood not whole blood, which should come out of the vagina, is free to be allocated, such as it happens with the gasket. This may lead to cyst formation and other complications. Specialists also seen some women unexplained allergic reaction to the use of tampons, shivering fits over the body, pruritus, cold sweat, covered with spots. In such cases, tampons absolutely contraindicated. Of course, everyone has the right to make their own choices, we only make recommendations MirCovetov readers, we hope you will make the right conclusions.

Women's diseases associated with improper use of tampons and pads

How to use pads and tampons
Very often, patients come to the gynecologist withcomplaints that it was during the month they appear different infections, inflamed chronic women's diseases. In an interview with a doctor in most cases, it turns out that the whole thing in the wrong use of pads and tampons. Some women opt for tampons, is not suitable for the size of their vagina, thinking longer and longer, so they are their best protection against leakage. But eventually leads similar to that of the vaginal wall crack, which leads to unpleasant pains and in contact infection - various complications. Often, many people do not pay attention to the composition of the materials making up tampons and pads, choosing the cheapest, do not change them up to 8 hours (as written on the packaging, besides advantageous because). However, the health, as is known, do not save! If you want to save on the pads, use the grandmother's advice and fabricate homemade pads of cotton and wool. All this may seem inconvenient, perhaps even overhead. But, believe me, improper use of gaskets leads to various diseases, until infertilityAnd then you need to spend a fewtimes more strength, nerves and money on medications. Agree, a week a month can bear such inconveniences. This is your women's health, and here no one can persuade you to take care of it.

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