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    From Insomnia - a shovel?
  • Insomnia - companion intellectualsInsomnia - it is almost always the result ofchronic fatigue. We will not consider the case when the insomnia is a consequence of psychiatric disorders. It breaks - is the process of active (including sleep). And even to sleep, a person is required strength. However, when it comes to insomnia, fatigue is not physical, but intellectual. When physical fatigue just everything is easier if a person, for example, well namahalsya shovel, he falls asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. But when in a constantly agitated, the congested state of the brain - then it is very difficult to sleep.

    In general we can say that insomnia - a privilegepeople with intelligence. Anyone who is not particularly seeks to overload your brain, the one who in his life, roughly speaking, all the spit, almost never experienced sleep problems ... And those whose brains are simply physically unable to cope with the present workload and constantly It is operating in an evanescent mode, and have difficulty falling asleep.

    Moreover, modern man with hisautomated and mechanized life often falls into the trap of intellectual fatigue in the absence of physical fatigue. Today, we are sorely lacking in the majority of the movement sedentary work, plus the entire move in many cars, and public transport can not be regarded as a particular source of physical activity - even in peak hours. But the problems become more complex intelligent. That is why, by the way, the problem of insomnia is most common in large cities, where physical activity at least - at the expense of developed transport network and high level of automation and personal problems anymore. And time, as a rule, it is more densely filled with the intellectual load and overload the brain - are not uncommon.

    Status intellectual overworkIt becomes a constant companion of those whose life is painted literally by the minute. Undoubtedly, the more you have time to do, the more, like, get a dividend. However, in practice, often it turns out that when planning your own day to the full, you will wait for this failure. Because the case is not completed today, are tomorrow and the day after, and there is another piece of appointments and tasks, and so on ... In an effort to succeed in several places at the same time, one begins to strain - and as a result suffers quality of important cases have been scheduled. At the same time dealing with people you are stretched more than it would be necessary; tired immeasurably stronger; feeling of disappointment from the fact that you have misunderstood, often comes; and in the evening the brain can not switch to sleep after a day of work in a transcendent mode. And this state is accumulated for months and years, and gradually reduced sleep duration.

    This situation is perhaps the most psychologicallyEasy. In order to find a way out of it, you must first of all just train yourself to plan your own vacation. And not once a year to break out for a week to the Canary Islands, and to take into account the need to rest in the plans for each day. Highlight important in your work: what you need to succeed in the first place. In case, if you feel that some kind of meeting takes you not only have an hour or two of time and a lot of nerves - even in your plans for the day will no longer be anything. It is better to spend a day with the use of one meeting than to fail two or three.

    However, the fatigue of the brain can not getonly by unnecessarily tight workday. Any concern that somehow you exasperated, may be the cause of insomnia. This unrequited love, and the problem of lack of money, and an unsolved scientific problem, and sexual disorders, and difficulties with children, and the loss of a loved one, and a lot more, like. However, if you think about it, the reason why in all these cases is the same: fatigue of the brain. Because, no matter what the problem is, if it makes you think about it day and night - then your brain is constantly in operation. And it is working with a greater load than usual. And since you can not switch, when night falls, the brain does not fall asleep, because it is constantly signal to it: work, work, work! In this way, the brain is unable to do any useful work: all his forces to leave the psychological handling a splinter, which robs you of sleep. And if a person is forced to work at night - it is not insomnia.

    Insomnia - a condition in which you justsit up all night and literally do not know what to do, do not find a place, but to go to sleep - you can not. As a result, not relax, and do not use this time for the benefit of their business.

    Sedative drugs: a vicious circle

    Sometimes, in order to turn off the brain,apply the so-called hypnotics (sedatives psychotropic drugs). Their action is based on how to make your brain, sorry, stupid, that he was spit on your problem, he would have passed out of it and let you fall asleep. But it may be true that your level of overexcitement is such that the hard work of your brain does not stop after a small therapeutic dose of sleeping pills - and you have to increase the dose just before the state of anesthesia. In this case, no question about rest during sleep your brain is forced not to rest, but to fight with the poison which you have fed him.

    Sleep with the help of sleeping pills - only an illusion of sleep,self-deception, and he does not give a feeling of relaxation. Typically, after a person wakes hypnotics broken, he does not feel that enough sleep and rest. And if sleeping pills must be taken daily (especially the so-called soft - less pronounced, but more long-acting), you even after you wake up do not get rid of the influence of this drug: a man forced each night to use sleeping pills during the day and continues to walk stunned . And most importantly - your brain is not able to actively work on the problem that prevents you from falling asleep. As a result of the problems piling up, the condition may progress to depression, insomnia even intensify. You will increase the dose of sleeping pills - and all at first, but on the rise.

    Therefore, these drugs should be takenonly on prescription (and thus miss a doctor's throat, demanding to prescribe a sleeping pill), and only when everything did not help drug-free remedies for insomnia. And these funds are.

    Drug-free means to combat insomnia

    Physical fatigue. For this purpose, doctors and recommend a little walk before going to bed; better to walk with a dog - it certainly will make you run!

    Switching to a less exciting and more pleasant. Look at bedtime favorite movie, read a favorite book, listen to your favorite music, take a relaxing massage.

    Good acts gentle soothing intimate caress - but in any case in which no mechanical sex no matter what, and sometimes even by force!

    The inclusion of the physiological mechanisms of sleep. It will help scented bath (not too hot - to calm down and not excited), a cup of tea (not coffee!) And a glass of milk (not vodka!). And one of the most effective recipe for insomnia - drink a glass of warm milk slowly through a straw. As you know, sucking is included sedation mechanism that a person working at the level of reflection: that is why the child from the mother's breast so quickly calms down and falls asleep ... It is interesting that this mechanism operates in other areas: for example, the calming effect of smoking occurs precisely because that the smoker sucking a cigarette in his mouth, and not due to nicotine exposure. By the way, refers to nicotine stimulating agents, so try to lull himself intense smoking at night - work initially useless.

    If you fall asleep with difficulty, takehoney before bed. Within 20 minutes after taking it enters the blood. In chronic fatigue, traditional medicine recommends bedtime intake of 1 teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice to a glass of water. As it turned out, those who suffer from chronic fatigue, can not be before bedtime to wash with soap and water. Soap - a strong alkaline solution and to give a large dose of alkaline water through the skin, a person feels tired, and his skin itches. But if you need to wash with soap and water, then rinse with acidified water, it does not matter - if you take a full bath or just wash your hair. For the acidification, you can add the water a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Lack of iodine in the body - it is also the cause of fatigue. Therefore, there is seafood is very helpful, and best of all - sea kale.

    By folk remedy for insomnia also refers dill and hops.

    Dill (seeds). 50 g dill seed cook for 15 - 20 minutes on low heat for 0.5 liters of wine or Port wine of Cahors, to insist, wrapped, 1 hour. Strain, overcome. Take 50 - 60 grams at bedtime. Folk remedy. Harmless, it provides a good night's sleep.

    Hops, 2 teaspoons of hops to 1 cupboiling water. Insist, wrapped, 4 hours, strain. Drink a glass of the night insomnia. 1 part of crushed hop cones to 4 parts by weight of vodka or 50 ° alcohol. Infuse 2 weeks in a dark place, drain, squeeze. Take 5 drops of tincture on 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water. Take 2 times a day before meals. Second time to drink at night. It is used for insomnia.

    Hop. Powder from crushed hop cones can just take the night as a sedative and hypnotic.

    Valeriana officinalis. Infusion of valerian: Art. a spoonful of minced root pour a glass of cold boiled water, to insist 6 -8 hours, drain. Take Art. spoon, children - on a teaspoon 3 times a day.

    Hop. Stuff the pillow fresh hop cones, put in a thick cloth and stored in a closet. With the emergence of insomnia to sleep on the pillow, after shake it. Success is guaranteed, even with severe insomnia.

    But this is only on the mechanisms of de-excitationCurrently, and they are short-lived. And if you want to get rid of insomnia permanently - you need to solve that problem, which does not allow you to sleep (or at least remove its relevance). And do not think that you are not right in the head - just you give your head too much load, and may not be entirely the case!

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