Diet for stomach

If you set a goal to make the stomachflat, then to achieve it, you can use a special diet for the stomach. This diet is designed to burn excess fat in the waist area. In addition, this diet allows you to organize and normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Tell readers our website more about this diet.

General rules

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So, if you want to become the ownernice flat tummy, you must, first of all, to completely abandon tobacco and alcohol. After all, if abusing something out of this, then establish normal metabolism It will be simply impossible. This applies especially to people who are already more than thirty years. In addition, alcohol, especially beer, which is so fond of modern youth, just literally reduce to naught all efforts at dieting belly. It is said that beer brings a lot of female hormones, the excess of which is deferred, as a rule, at the waist. In general, make a flat stomach the abuse of alcohol is very problematic.

In order to successfully make a flat stomach,suitable diet, according to which it is recommended to eat often enough, but in small portions. In this diet the body must supply a sufficient amount of protein that is required for the flat stomach. Therefore, at least twice a week in the daily diet is recommended to include fish and some vegetable garnish. Also, once a week, to be added to the diet chicken white meat. In addition, dinner is recommended to eat two egg whites and one orange.

In addition, in the diet is important to include in theration of seeds and nuts. These products are a useful source of protein and oil. However, we must remember that nuts are a considerable burden on the kidneys. Therefore, on the day you need to limit consumption of nuts to 50 grams.

Another important factor that helpsmake a flat stomach is water. The fact that the process of metabolism in the body of water is inconceivable without participation. In order to accelerate the process of metabolism, it is recommended to use the melt water in the diet. It is believed that such water is rapidly cleanses the lymph and helps burn fat. In order to prepare at home this water, you need to sudochki plastic freeze about one liter. The next day, this should be thawed water and drink it throughout the day in small sips.

Diet for stomach for two weeks

protein, diet, flat belly, losing weight, losing weight in the stomach, diet

This version of the diet for the stomach builds onfoods that contain protein and fruit. Protein, in particular, found in meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs. The fruit should be in the diet every day. Also needed fibers which can be obtained from vegetable salads. Sample menu may be as follows.

First day. For breakfast, we eat 100 grams of cottage cheese, onegreen apple, and green tea without sugar. For lunch, eat 200 grams of chicken breast and coleslaw. For dinner, we drink a half-liter of kefir.

Second day. On this day, we eat an omelet for breakfast of a pair of eggs with tomatoes. For lunch, eat 200-300 grams of fish stew and one apple. For dinner, we eat a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and greens.

The third day. As breakfast is yogurt, one apple and green tea. For lunch, prepare 200 grams of chicken breast and one orange. At the time of preparing dinner salad with cucumber and crab sticks.

Fourth day. For breakfast, we eat porridge on the water, which is made of oatmeal and an apple. At lunch - fish steamed or boiled, and one grapefruit. Dinner - 200 grams of boiled shrimp and green tea.

Fifth day. For breakfast, the day eat a portion of fruit salad and yoghurt. Lunch will be apple and vegetable soup. Dinner 200 grams of cheese and one grapefruit.

Sixth day. For breakfast we have a couple of boiled eggs and orange. At lunch - a cup of yogurt and three small cheesecakes. Dinner 200 grams of grilled meat and a salad of cabbage or radish.

Some recommendations

protein, diet, flat belly, losing weight, losing weight in the stomach, diet

Subject to any diet for belly beforeall you need to remember not to overeat at dinner and during lunch. Please be aware that a small quantity of food in contact with the stomach very quickly broken down into elements necessary for the body, as well as energy. If being very hungry to score your stomach to bursting, the body still will take only the necessary. The rest is postponed as extra kilos on your hips and abdomen. Then there will no diet for the stomach.

In general, be aware that you need to eat notless than 5-6 times per day in small portions. In this case, nothing deposited on the abdomen and flanks will not. In addition, when a fast diet is recommended not to forget to use the exercise. And they have to account for it on the site, where there are deposits in this case - it's sides and belly. In particular, it is useful to swing the press, do tilt and rotate the torso, and is also useful to raise the legs in the supine position. In addition, when using a diet for the stomach is useful to use a hoop. Wrap many remember from my childhood. Once they were in almost every home. Hoops are very useful in the fight against excess deposits on the hips and waist.

It is important!

Each of the above diet has contraindications, therefore before using any type of diet recommended by our site to consult with your doctor.

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