The use of biologically active additives (BAA)

In the last two decades an integral partour lives have become biologically active additives to food or dietary supplements. Someone is trying to treat them, someone on the contrary ignores them. Some of them make fortunes, while others spend their last money. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. It must be clearly aware that dietary supplements - is not a cure.

In the last two decades an integral partour lives have become biologically active additives to food or dietary supplements. Someone is trying to treat them, someone on the contrary ignores them. Some of them make fortunes, while others spend their last money. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. Readers of our site will be interesting to learn more about dietary supplements and dispel doubts and rumors, enveloped in the general healthy products.

What are dietary supplements?

BAA Tablet
Biologically active additives (BAA) to food - itnatural concentrates (or identical to natural) biologically active substances that are intended for direct reception, or the introduction of the food to human nutrition enrichment of the individual active substances or their complexes. This is the official definition of biologically active food additives, such legislation gives us the Russian Federation on BAA. From the official definition that dietary supplements: natural product - this time, in a concentrated form - two serves to enrich the human food - that's three.

BAA in turn classified intoNutraceuticals, Parapharmaceuticals and eubiotics. Nutraceuticals are considered dietary supplements used for enriching human food missing food components (additional sources of nutrients: protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers). Parapharmaceuticals - biologically active food supplements are used for prevention, adjunctive therapy and support in physiological boundaries of functional activity of human organs and systems, that is, these supplements contain drugs at doses lower than therapeutic. Eubiotics - a dietary supplement containing live bacteria or their metabolic products.

Supplements are available in tablets, capsules, granules, powders, syrups, solutions, teas.

BAA in granules, powders, teas can bedosage bags or dosage that is intended for self-dosing (with a spoon). In tablets and capsules contain a specific dose of active compound.

Who needs supplements?

Unfortunately, in our country during the last century there was a wrong eating pattern, namely:


  • excessive consumption of animal fats;
  • excessive consumption of sugar and salt;
  • deficiency of polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • shortage of high-grade animal protein;
  • deficiency of most vitamins;
  • deficiency minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus);
  • micronutrient deficiencies (iodine, fluorine, selenium, zinc);
  • pronounced deficiency of dietary fiber (fiber);
  • eating artificial colors, flavors, flavor enhancers.

Some of these items can be removed ifrevise its food, making it more balanced, to give up excessive use of salt, sugar, eliminating harmful dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers, changing the way of preparation. Unfortunately, not all can be achieved by changing the diet. These food components such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals, often have to be added from the outside, reception vitamin-mineral complexes. After all, to get a person the necessary rateor that vitamin products containing them, you need to eat daily kilograms, and it is simply impossible, especially if the person has set a goal to reduce calorie intake. And if a person is sick, then it increases the need for vitamins, but the appetite is often decreased.

This readers our website will make the correct conclusion that dietary supplements are necessary for everyone.

How to choose the right supplements

How to choose the right supplements
Better, of course, consult your doctor. Let's say that you are lucky and you find adequate professional who will prescribe examination reveal any deficiency is vitamin - mineral you have available and how it is expressed, it can be corrected by dietary supplements or need to be treated. Sometimes the doctor to examine the patient to look at quite carefully, to ask him about some feelings, sometimes you need donate bloodTo determine the deficiency of any substance. Of course, now blood tests can be taken without a doctor, but you risk too much and not deliver the desired pass.

Sometimes doctors prescribe dietaryadditives together with medications. Do not neglect these appointments, of course, if they are not made in the form of obsession with the specific addresses of acquisition or in the presence of peers in the pharmacy network.

The acquisition of BAA

According to the acquisition method can be divided into dietary supplements purchased at the pharmacy network or network marketing dietary supplements.

The acquisition of BAA
BAA acquisition in the pharmacy - a more reliable way. Pluses are obvious: competent expert advice, compliance with legal requirements of pharmaceutical supplements (for non-compliance to the implementation of the BAA pharmacy apply penalties up to suspension of operations). There is a possibility to choose a pharmacy with lower prices, the ability to pay for supplements made by credit card. In the case of harm from taking dietary supplements have the ability to make a claim pharmacy (often this can be avoided if you carefully approach the selection of supplements, remember what you allergy, Ask questions to the pharmacist before you buy), you can listen to the opinion of the supplements you are interested in several pharmacists.

Consider purchasing supplements through a networkmarketing. Distributor network company often has no special education, dietary supplements do not always correspond to the requirements of the law, the price of dietary supplements in network marketing is often higher than that of counterparts in the network of pharmacies, bank card does not pay off, lay claim to no one. But there are also pluses: the distributor does not just sell you supplements, he will fasten acquaintance with you, try to make friends, to be a personal therapist and consultant to address many of life's issues often associated with dietary supplements. It is possible to cause the distributor to the home, at work, in cafes and make a purchase in a more comfortable environment than the pharmacy with its not very good, "loyal customers" to buy syringes and alcohol-based products and sneezes visitors during the influenza epidemic, lined up in a long queue. In the end, it is possible to become a distributor that not only provides the opportunity to purchase cheaper for themselves, but also to earn and even make a career.

BAA acquisition takes place in many countriesspecialized departments of the usual outlets. We also have such departments, but they are not widespread and occupy an intermediate position between the pharmacy and network marketing. And virtually no sales of dietary supplements through specialized departments of supermarkets, although it is not prohibited.

MipCovetov advises his readers whenacquisition of BAA to carefully read the instructions for use. You can require a declaration of conformity - the confirmation of quality dietary supplements directly to the manufacturer. Confirmation of the quality of dietary supplements conformity declaration came into force on 15.02.2010, at the document replaced Abolished the registration certificate - FEZ sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.

Rules reception of biologically active additives

Pills on a plate
It must be clearly aware that dietary supplements - is notmedicine. Supplements are not intended for the treatment of diseases on their own without the participation of a physician. In addition, the active compound concentrations in the BAD Parapharmaceuticals so small that they can not cure the patient. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters who abuse the ignorance of people (mostly elderly) and offering dietary supplements as therapeutic agents, and the miraculous and single. They do not stop to conduct telephone conversations with older people come to their home and impose their supplements for a lot of money. This crime in its purest form, an indelible stain on the normal dietary supplements.

In recent years there was a tendency to confuseDietary supplements and medicines on the basis of plants and vitamin-mineral complexes. That is, identical products from different manufacturers can be in one case BAA, and the other - medicaments, e.g. vitamin-mineral complexes, Teas. This is due to the fact that the procedure for registration of BAS easier. Sometimes a manufacturer, developing a cure, first register it as a dietary supplement, which makes it possible to bring new product to the market and to complete the process of creating a new drug. Some companies, on the contrary, moved their vitamins and minerals from dietary supplements to medicines, justifying this by saying that the world of vitamins and minerals and dietary supplements have.

Before the use of dietary supplements must be carefullyread the instructions for use. The most common supplements taken during meals. Tonic dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals should be taken in the morning for breakfast or lunch.

Children can only take dietary supplements, intendedfor children, and only on prescription. Most often, children prescribed supplements of vitamins, minerals, eubiotics, sorbents, polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Pregnant and nursing women should notBAA carried away and be sure to consult with your doctor. Typically, pregnant women are in the form of dietary supplements of vitamins, minerals, eubiotics, dietary fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids, sorbents, Herbal teas.

Readers MirSovetov should pay attention toguidance instructions on storage Supplements: Some dietary supplements should be stored in the refrigerator, but the majority is transferred to a storage temperature of 25 degrees. Supplements do not store together with medicines. Do not take dietary supplements that have expired. Although dietary supplements and not a cure, it is necessary to take measures so that they do not fall into the hands of children.

Now you have learned about dietary supplements necessary for theircorrect application: how to choose, how to buy, how to receive the maximum health benefits without sacrificing the family budget. I wish your readers good health and useful purchases.

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