Most harmful products

It often happens that the most delicious foodsand they are the most harmful. In this article, our website will tell about the products that are harmful to our body, will introduce you to the mechanism of addiction to harmful products and explain the cause of many diseases caused by malnutrition.

Most harmful products
The most pleasant thing in the world either immoral,or leads to obesity. You often hear such the conventional joke. Indeed, it often happens that the most delicious foods and are the most harmful. In this article, our website will tell about the products that are harmful to our body, will introduce you to the mechanism of addiction to harmful products and explain the cause of many diseases caused by malnutrition.

Most harmful products

Most harmful products: chewy candy, chips, sodas, chocolate bars, sausages and meat, mayonnaise, salt, noodles, alcohol

  • Chewing candy, candy in bright packaging,"Meybony", "lollipop" - all this, undoubtedly harmful products. Not only do they contain a large amount of sugar, so also chemical additives, dyes, substitutes and so on.
  • Chips, both corn and potato - is veryharmful to the body. Chips - is nothing but a mixture of carbohydrates and fat in the shell of dyes and substitutes taste. Just do no good eating potatoes - fries.
  • Sweet carbonated drinks - A mixture of sugar, chemicals and gases - to quicklyspread through the body of harmful substances. Coca-Cola, for example, a wonderful means of lime scale and rust. Think properly before sending such liquid into the stomach. Besides aerated sweet drinks are harmful and a high concentration of sugar - the equivalent of four or five teaspoons, diluted in a glass of water. It is therefore not surprising that, satisfying thirst a soda, you have five minutes through the want to drink again.
  • Chocolate bars. This huge amount of calories in combination with chemical additives, genetically modified products, dyes and flavors. Remember snikersovy boom perestroika period. A huge amount of sugar makes you again and again there are bars.
  • Special article - sausage, sausage variety. Even if we imagine that the sausage is no longer added to the paper in the sausage stuffing is not used mice, anyway, and hot dogs, and sausages, and other meat delicacies remain one of the most harmful products in modern gastronomic assortment. They contain so-called hidden fats (pork skin, fat, visceral fat), all veiled flavors and taste substitutes. The development of genetic engineering undoubtedly plays a very positive role in medicine, but also has a reverse side of the coin. A negative is that more and more manufacturers of products passes on genetically modified raw materials. Thus sausages, wieners, sausages 80% (!) Consist of transgenic soybean.
  • Harmful not only hot dogs and sausages, in itself, is not fat meat useful product for the body. Fats bring cholesterol in the body, which clogs the vessels, than accelerates aging and increases the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Mayonnaise. Home-cooked and used, figuratively speaking, grammes, much harm to our body does not work. But as soon as we start talking about the factory-produced mayonnaise or dishes containing mayonnaise, then immediately should put a sign "Danger". Mayonnaise is a very high-calorie product, besides containing a huge amount of fats and carbohydrates, and also dyes, sweeteners, substitutes and so on. So think once again when mayonezika add to the fried potatoes. Special concentration of harm to shawarma, generously flavored with mayonnaise in hamburgers, sandwiches with mayonnaise.

Among the hazardous product is not onlymayonnaise, and ketchup, various sauces and dressing, in a wide range represented in our shops. The content of dyes and flavors of substitutes genetically modified products in them, unfortunately, no less.

  • One point is to make very little usefulin food products: instant noodles, numerous soluble soups, mashed potatoes, soluble juices such as "Jupiter" and "Zuko." This solid chemistry that deals undoubted harm to your body.
  • Salt. It is often called white death. Salt pressurizesViolates Kislova salt-balance in the body, it contributes to the accumulation of toxins. Therefore, if you refuse it, you can not, then at least try not to indulge yourself too savory.
  • Alcohol. Even at the minimum level prevents absorption of vitamins. In addition, alcohol is very high in calories by itself. Talk about the effects of alcohol on the liver, kidneys, probably not worth it, and so you know everything is fine. And do not rely on the fact that a certain amount of alcohol is beneficial. All this takes place only with a reasonable approach to its use (rarely and in small doses).
  • By the way, alcohol is not only anti-advertising inventedfor those who are thereby abusing alcohol, they have, as they say, "the result on the face." And this is not a whim of the most ardent supporters of a healthy lifestyle: limit alcohol consumption, minimizing, should one - so you just keep your health.

    What causes eating unhealthy foods?

    Use of fatty foods leads to weight gain
    Malnutrition is known to be athe underlying cause of most human diseases. Eating fatty foods leads to weight gain. The abundance of food that contains a large number of substitutes and dyes, gradually poisons the body, however, and is addictive. our site would particularly like to draw your attention to the fact that eating junk food, the body stops working the so-called "alert system" Signalling venom. Yes, the effects of many substances that are added to foods by manufacturers of modern, comparable with the action of poisons. Your body gets small doses of poisons, get used to them and do not send alarming signals, expressed rashes on the skin, or nausea, or dizziness.

    satiety over time in humansdulled. This stems from the cooked food. It specifically affects the gastrointestinal tract, dulling feeling of fullness. Rough same vegetable food stimulates the digestive system. So make your daily diet so that it included as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible.

    It is important to not only the quality of food intake,important quantity. Wrong diet also has a detrimental effect on the work of the body - being all day at work, the modern city dweller eats normally only once a day in the evening, and even before bedtime. Thus, man seeks to satisfy a severe famine. The feeling of saturation comes only half an hour after starting a meal. Often it turns out that by the time people eat too much, much more than the body needs. Surplus energy-derived calories will find their new habitat at the hips and abdomen.

    Malnutrition - a straight road to obesity,to heart disease, disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Before you eat something from the list, think several times above. Harmful products shorten a person's life and poison the body. Think about your future and the future of your children.

    our site wishes you health and longevity!

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