Proper nutrition summer

Summer - time for hot days, holidays and travel. And in the summer, and children and adults often suffer from intestinal infections. How to save your health, feel good in the heat and how to organize the power of his family, tells the site.

Summer - time for hot days, holidays and travel. And in the summer, and children and adults often suffer from intestinal infections. How to save your health, feel good in the heat and how to organize the power of his family, tells the site.

Terms of well-being in the heat

Proper nutrition summer
A healthy body and to cold and to heatIt adapts very well. Moreover, he tells us what to do to feel the heat like a fish in water. That think we are in the winter, do not hesitate to drink hot drinks, because the body is lacking in warmth. And in the heat of your body asks of water, you are persecuted by almost unquenchable thirst, and excessive sweating. That's what happens physiological thermoregulation. Therefore, listen to yourself. If you want to drink - drink. But drink properly.

Recent research scientists have shown that adult needs to drink 2-2.5 liters per day water. And this amount does not include a variety of teas andbeverages. It is a mineral water or melted snow. Therefore, in the evening refill bottles freezer with filtered water and drink it during the day as thawing. Soda and beer is better in the summer do not eat.

However, then the body loses not onlyfluid and minerals. Therefore, preference should be given to drink table mineral waters. They make up for the loss of trace elements, and you will not feel tired and overwhelmed.

Now let's talk about food. Remember, if you want to heat a plate of hot soup or a cup of tea? Hardly. In my thoughts now and then there are dreams of ice cream, tea, iced or chilled platter hash. All logical. In the summer our body needs much less power, therefore appetite disappears, and there is full meals would be desirable only in the evening when it gets cool. But that is no reason to fend junk food and is sealed (by the way, it is best not cool cream and popsicles - frozen ice).

ideal for breakfast - Porridge or muesli with dried fruit. At lunch, you can treat yourself to a fruit or a light vegetable salad. And on fatty foods, baked goods and meat products it is better to forget. Meat and fish must be transported from the store to the Thermo immediately cook and eat immediately. Remember that all you need to eat high-calorie foods only during the cooler hours.

Remember that summer - a great time for weight loss. It is enough to drink only water, there are greens, fruits and vegetables and your waist will be slim quickly. By the way, the heat is easier to give up sweets, which also into the hands of your harmony.

In defense of various vegetable nutrition wantsay that plant foods are very easy to digest. Your body will thank you ease and freshness. By the way, try not to infringe the summer itself in dairy products. Kefir or yogurt perfectly cooled, satisfy hunger and are essential for the smooth functioning of the intestines.

Rules of the organization in the summer food

Proper nutrition summer
Everyone knows that the excellent state of health mayboast only healthy people. And because the weather conditions in our area persistently approaching rain, to ensure the whole family a safe meal at this time of year is problematic. Therefore, the selection process, transport, preparation and consumption of food should be taken responsibly.

To great regret of consumers, shops,shops and supermarkets do not really care about the well-being of its customers. Dozens of programs on television teach us to choose the right products. In summer, the probability of poisoning is very high, so:

  • pay attention to the date of manufacture of food products. Better not to buy the product at all, than to buy goods stale or expired;
  • Pay special attention to the choice of dairyproducts, meat products, eggs and sweet pastries. Buy products of renowned manufacturers, they are more concerned about the quality of the product, rather than a small shop on the outskirts of your city. In this large-scale enterprises, as a rule, have the opportunity to purchase a refrigerated transport, which is invaluable in the heat;
  • if you have the slightest doubt asselectable or have purchased a meal, better give up its use. Believe me, to treat an intestinal infection, or salmonellosis is very problematic;
  • before you buy strawberries in May, grapes or watermelon in December, in June, think. It is better to limit yourself to the summer of the consumption of imported vegetables, fruits;
  • We would like to say about buying breastproducts. With it, you have to be very careful. The quality of yogurt and kefir from retailers is poor. Therefore, we recommend readers MipSovetov prepare yogurt at home and only store in the refrigerator. If you have children, it is better to prepare lactic acid products at home. can be purchased freely The good thing, yogurt and sourdough, even in the small town. In summer, every second child entering the infectious disease clinic, gets there after "Masha" or "Marshmallow Froot Loops."
  • In advance take care of the transportation of the purchasedFood in the heat. You can buy anything if you can not afford, to make yourself cooler bag. In the end, you can purchase inexpensive Thermo.

A little bit about cooking

Proper nutrition summer
In the summer should eat the food at oncefreshly prepared. Food, stood for several hours in the heat, not only loses its taste, but also become an excellent breeding ground for harmful bacteria. All kinds of meat, eggs, summer should be thoroughly heat treated. Even a poorly-done barbecue can cause intestinal disorders. With a view to your safety should abandon the store cakes, soufflés, meringues, cheese mass long-term storage. Vegetables and fruit should be washed thoroughly with soap and water.

Do you know how to properly wash your berries? For example, strawberries. To begin to clear it from the green tails, spread in a single layer in a colander and rinse 5-7 minutes under running water. Then prepare two bowls - one with very hot, the other - with ice water. Colander omitted for a few seconds in a hot, then cold water. So 3-4. It is this contrast of temperature kills all harmful bacteria.

In the summer you need to transfer the cooling sensorrefrigerator for 1-2 points. And do not worry that frost will appear on the back wall, but your products are perfectly preserved. All cooking surface once a week treat soap. And though it sounds more than strange, but my friend Dr. infectious diseases as recommended. The fact that only soap and temperature contrasts harmful to pathogenic bacteria. And it is not for everyone. Liquid soap summer use useless. Children's dishes must be periodically boil, and it is best to use the dishwasher.

Especially should carefully treat the nutritionfast food, kebab, and various dining rooms. They often reveal the facts of non-compliance with the rules of sanitation, so the summer (and better - in general) from such food should be abandoned. If you are going on vacation, advance pobespokoytes about his diet. If you are going on a tropical country, it is better not to eat in the "street" and the cafe did not taste the extreme local cuisine.

And do not forget to wash your hands before eating. If this is not possible, use alcohol or disinfectant spray.

Have a nice summer!

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