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One of the most common and effectiveways to lose weight - diet. But even knowing about the extra pounds we do not hurry to go on a diet. And all because it is a hard limit for food, and for a certain period, we will have to experience a constant feeling of hunger. But there is such a diet, which is a pleasure to sit, and it is called protein.

There are many ways to lose weight. One of the most common and effective - it is a diet. But even knowing about the extra pounds we do not hurry to go on a diet, and postpone it until later with the thought: "Well, I shall be going with will power ...". And all because any diet - a strict limitation in food, and for a certain period we will have to experience constant hunger, and only an iron will power helps us in the fight against overweight. But there is such a diet, which is a pleasure to sit and it is called protein. our site will reveal to you the secret of how you can comfortably, without feeling a strong sense of hunger, lose weight, and all thanks to the protein diet.

How does the protein diet

protein diet
As is known, food - a provider of protein, fat,carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements necessary for human life. Carbohydrates provide the energy of a man, and in the case of excessive use, are deposited in the fat. Therefore, excluding from the scheme of supply carbohydrates, we force the body to extract energy from our fat stores. Fat goes - we lose weight.

Of course, diet is eat a diet and certainlimitations are present. But stick to the protein diet can be quite a long period of time without harm to health. In addition, there is no hunger brutal.

Contraindications for the protein diet: kidney problems, gastrointestinal disease (colitis, pancreatitis. dysbiosis).

Protein diet. Nutrition Restrictions

protein diet
Despite the simplicity of compliance with this diet, there are rules on diet and diet.

Carbohydrates - no!
It seems easier to nowhere, to exclude from the menu carbohydrates. But it is a significant amount of his usual food, which will have to take time off. This baked pasta and any types of flour, various cereals, including from the untreated seeds. Then exclude such an essential vegetables like potatoes and, accordingly, all the dishes out of it, and all starchy vegetables. Further, all the sweets - candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream, sugar, and even useful honey. This includes sweet carbonated drinks, Factory-made juices. No store semi-finished products, with the exception only of frozen vegetables. Unfortunately, in the forbidden list includes all fruits and berries, as they a large amount of carbohydrates, an exception can be made for a single apple or orange a day.

By the way, completely avoid carbohydrates revenuefails, in minor quantities, they are contained in the vegetables. From vegetables give preference to cabbage. This can be cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, savoy, broccoli. Do not forget about cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini.

Where to look for proteins.
Widely known protein such as meat suppliers,fish, poultry. But when the protein diet of meat and poultry may be low-fat varieties - beef, rabbit, chicken, turkey. The birds can only eat fillet, without skin and forget about the diet offal (lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.). But with fish and seafood, you can not be cautious, if the fish is fat do not worry, it is a storehouse of the body needs polyunsaturated fatty acids, which prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Another source of milk proteinproducts, but only those who have a low or zero percent fat and contain no sugar suitable for diets. Namely, the raw curd, cheese, milk, yogurt, natural yogurt.

For protein foods also include eggs (chicken and quail), different varieties of nuts. But in the period of the diet of nuts should be abandoned because of their high calorie content.

And about fats.
At the time of the protein diet is forbidden the use of any kind of fat (vegetable, butter and margarine) and zhirsoderzhaschih products (olives, nuts).

How to cook food properly

protein diet
Meat, poultry, seafood and fish for proteindiet should be only boiled or baked, cut off completely before cooking fat from foods. For the period of the diet are excluded salted and smoked products. Eat food without sauces - no mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and other derivatives thereof, all that increases appetite, and during a diet is useless.

Minimize salt intake, but rather discard it completely and insipid food dilute herbs (basil, dill).

Vegetables can be processed as you like, but notfry, and if the stew is no oil in their own juice or water. Beautiful and useful salad of fresh vegetables and herbs. And what about the dressing? Very simply, the juice of a lemon or orange flavoring scale diversifies, but vegetable oils should be avoided.

If you love the first courses, cook vegetable soupswater and without added fat, optionally soup. During the diet, try to drink a lot of carbonated water, its amount should be at least two liters a day.

Regime and diet

protein diet
The effective duration of the two-protein diet andeven three weeks. "Sitting" on it, you can regularly, such as once a quarter, without fear for the health. Depending on the initial weight during a diet, you can get rid of five or more kilograms.

Eating should be five or six times a dayin small portions, the last meal three hours before bedtime. These are the three main meals and two snacks. For the main part include meat or fish with vegetables, fruit for a snack or milk products. The weight of the protein part of the food should be not more than two hundred grams and as many vegetables. Well, if the last meal is a glass of low-fat yogurt or sour.

Remember that alcohol and weight loss are incompatible.

How to increase the efficiency of protein diet

Of course, sitting on this diet, you will begin to lose weight. But, first, you can do it faster. And secondly, your body will become a beautiful, graceful forms, if you start to exercise. When protein diet they will ever be effective because the protein - a building material for muscles and you will not be difficult to strengthen your muscular system. Presence allows muscles to burn fat faster and, as a result, lose weight. In addition, while a combination of diet and exercise have become more elastic skin.

our site wishes you with ease while sitting on the protein diet to lose extra weight and become slim and toned.

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