pancreatitis Treatment

Pancreatitis - a disease in which theinflammation of the pancreas, whereby its operation is disturbed. The pancreas is located behind and below the stomach. Its main function - production of pancreatic juice, necessary for digestion. Therefore pancreatitis primarily impaired digestion.

pancreatitis Treatment
Pancreatitis - a disease in which theinflammation of the pancreas, whereby its operation is disturbed. The pancreas is located behind and below the stomach. Its main function - production of pancreatic juice, necessary for digestion. Therefore pancreatitis primarily impaired digestion.

The shape of the flow Pancreatitis can be acute or chronic. In acute pancreatitis, there are strong, even unbearable, pain in abdomen, and the patient has to be hospitalized; in the chronic form of the disease can progress over the years.


Symptoms of acute pancreatitis - severe pain in the abdomen. In this disease localized pain possible at various locationsBelly: if the head of the pancreas is inflamed, the pain in the right upper quadrant, if the body gland, then - in the epigastric region, if a tail, then - in the left upper quadrant. But sometimes pain are shingles character (when all inflamed pancreas). Sometimes the pain gives in the back and rarely - in the chest and left shoulder.

Symptoms of chronic pancreatitis are: poor appetite (and, consequently, weight loss), vomiting, nausea, bloating, belching, increased salivation, various disorders of the digestive tract, pain in the upper abdomen and back (the localization of pain is similar to the acute form of the disease). From fatty and spicy food or alcohol in a patient with chronic pancreatitis, exacerbations of the course of the disease in the form of burning, often even boring pain are possible.

Discover pancreatitis can be quite difficult: pancreas - organ located very deep in the human body - so it is very difficult to diagnose the disease. Set the presence of chronic pancreatitis in a patient can be by means of modern techniques, eg, ultrasound, angiography vascular gland, research activity of blood enzymes and urine.

The disease

Among the possible causes of pancreatitis attack - physical abdominal trauma (for example, a blow in the fall)
As already mentioned, the functioningpancreas can disrupt overly spicy, fatty and fried foods, overeating, acute or chronic alcohol poisoning, as well as neuro-psychological excitement, which dramatically increases the release of pancreatic juice. The attack is caused by the fact that the pancreatic ducts are not damaged in the state take juice and intestinal juice instead enters the pancreatic tissue, causing dermatitis. In the zone risk of this disease fall men are prone to overeating and alcohol abuse, and women during pregnancy and the early postpartum period. In addition, an attack of acute pancreatitis can cause peptic ulcer disease, long-term use hormonal preparations. Often, acute pancreatitis, and therediseases of the gallbladder, bile ducts, gallstones, cirrhosis of the liver. Among the possible causes of pancreatitis attack - physical abdominal trauma (for example, a blow in the fall). In acute pancreatitis, the patient is hospitalized and is in the hospital for 3-7 days. It is feared complications: acute renal failure, liver failure, pancreatic abscess, etc .; Acute pancreatitis may become chronic.

Quite often, after an attack of acute pancreatitisa person develops chronic pancreatitis. Our website would like to remind you that in addition to the pancreas produces pancreatic juice, and even insulin - so chronic pancreatitis may cause diabetes.

It turns out that, apparently, is harmlessdisease associated with digestion affects the whole body; and the consequences can be serious. Therefore, do not to it lightly.

pancreatitis Treatment

Acute pancreatitis is treated only surgical hospital
Acute pancreatitis is treated only in the surgicalhospital: patient keep a rigid diet (the first day or two, even starvation), put a dropper. Critical period (severe pain) lasts 2-7 days, only after this period, the patient can be transferred to a regular room. Sometimes, after the critical period, the pain disappeared completely, and the patients do not want to continue to be in the hospital, but this recovery is often imaginary (a few days later the patient's condition may deteriorate again), so you must still complete the treatment to avoid further progression of the disease. Some patients spend in the hospital for 3-4 months: surgeons have to conduct surgery to remove dead tissue of the pancreas.

Medical treatment for chronic pancreatitis

For the treatment of pain arising in chronic pancreatitis, may be used Nospanum
For the treatment of pain arising in chronicpancreatitis can be used no-silos. To suppress the increased secretion of the pancreas is recommended fosfolyugel, Almagelum. Sometimes appointed enzyme preparations, that fill the lack of pancreatic juice: Festal, mezim fort panzinorm, pancreatin. Our website would like to note that this information is for informational value, and does not advise for self-medication. Assign a specific treatment for chronic pancreatitis may be only your doctor who is familiar with the peculiarities of the disease.

Diet in chronic pancreatitis

In chronic pancreatitis is also important to respect diet
In chronic pancreatitis is also important to dieting.

Protein intake should be increased andreduce consumption of fats and carbohydrates, in particular sugar. It is necessary to abandon the crude fiber, eliminate fried dishes. It should strive to consume more vitamins. It is desirable to set the power mode - 5-6 times a day.

Sample menu for the day:

First breakfast: the first you can cook meat, the second - porridge with milk and tea.

Second breakfast: steamed egg white omelette and rosehip broth.

Lunch: soup vegetarian of shredded vegetables, any dish of boiled meat as a side dish with boiled potatoes, stewed fruit.

Afternoon snack: cheese calcined, tea with milk.

Dinner: to cook fish, carrot puree, tea with milk.

At night: drink a glass of kefir.

In the diet should be present onlylean meats and fish. And as you probably already noticed - only boiled, preferably powdered form, no fried foods. Allowed dairy products, but with a minimum percentage of fat. Drink only recommended natural juices, containing no sugar, as well as tea and dry fruit teas.

If pancreatitis is not allowed the use of spicy food, a variety of conservation, smoked and pickled foods, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, sweet.

In general, the diet of patients with pancreatitis should be constructed of rapidly digested foods. Such a diet combined with appropriate treatment will accelerate the improvement of the patient.

Prevention of pancreatitis

To pancreatitis you have not, you should limit yourself a little
To pancreatitis you did not, it should be a littlerestrict itself: eliminate stress, not to abuse alcohol, do not overeat, not eat much fried, very oily and very spicy food, make sure that the food was full.

To avoid repeated attacks of the disease,The following fees. In chronic pancreatitis herbal medicine requires almost constant, with occasional exacerbations as prevention is necessary to have recourse to once or twice a year dues rates for 1-2 months:

  1. fennel fruit, peppermint leaves - 3 parts; fetushawthorn flowers immortelle - 2 parts; chamomile flowers - 1 part. 5 g of a mixture of boiled water, heated in a boiling water bath for 30 minutes, insist for 1 hour, squeeze, take 50 ml 3 times a day an hour after eating. This fee can not drink gipotonikam because hawthorn and mint lower blood pressure.
  2. Mix grass succession, elecampane herb, mint leavesin equal parts. Three tablespoons collection pour 1.5 cups of boiling water, boil for 3-4 minutes in a sealed container. Insist, take 1/3 cup 2 times a day before meals.
  3. 1 tablespoon calendula, pour a glass of boiling water, wrap for 6-8 hours. Strain and drink 1/3 cup before eating.

In more acute pancreatitis can be acollection: Take equal parts of St. John's wort, motherwort and flowers of Helichrysum. Two tablespoons of collection pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave for an hour, strain and take 50 grams before meals.

Very effective is this collection: 3 tablespoons grass succession, herbs elecampane, leaves mother and stepmother in a ratio of 2: 1: 1, pour 0.5 liters of water, boil for 4 minutes, to insist in a sealed container for 2 hours. Take small sips in the form of heat for 30 minutes before eating 20 days.

The prevention of pancreatitis by such feesIt should be done almost continuously, if the disease has taken a chronic form. If acute pain being felt quite rare, the herbal medicine is required as the prevention of pancreatitis about two times a year courses of 1-2 months.

Our website recommends that all try not to rundiseases which may give pancreatitis as a complication: cholelithiasis, cirrhosis, peptic ulcer disease. Follow these rules are not so difficult!

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