Water diet

Water Diet is now one of the mostpopular methods to lose weight. The essence of this diet is that the first wish for the day to take food, should drink 50-100 grams of water. Total for the day need to drink at least two liters of water.

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It is worth noting that all literate countIndividual number of drunk liquid. After all, for every organism need different amounts of water. To find out their daily norm can be divided their weight by 20. But at the same do not forget about the fact that even the water needs the right approach, without which a good result will not reach.

As is known, any person consists of 80%water. Water is essential in order to carried out assimilation of nutrients and oxygen, which are essential for our body. If a person will experience a shortage of water, then it will slow down the process of metabolism. In this case, the body will have to take care of each drop of water, which leads to fluid retention in free space between the cells. As a result, there swelling and overweight. Excess water, however, is also harmful to the body. Therefore, it is worth considering whether or not to comply with the water diet that includes increased consumption of water is necessary. In addition, due to the fact that the use of water affects the balance of the body temperature, the best time for a diet will spring and summer.

Water diet for 3-12 days

water, water diet, diet, drinking water, slimming

This is a fairly rigid diet and is based only onthat whole day people will be on the water alone. It is best to carry out these diet as a fasting day once a week for several months. Before you decide on this diet, you should make sure that you do not have any chronic diseases, because water diet in this case, is contraindicated. In addition, losing weight is not to be used by people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and blood disorders. Just do not use it if you are currently being treated by some drugs. Otherwise, it may change the action of drugs.

Let us now consider the advantages and disadvantages of the two species of aquatic diets mentioned above.


By drinking water decreases hunger, and thus can be a good idea to lose weight.


During water diet in the body occursexcess fluid that can be harmful. Thus, the water makes a liquid gastric juice, and this fact, in turn, slows down the digestion of food. In addition, when such a diet prepared serious kidney load. Just when excess fluid is disrupted water-salt balance, which, ultimately, a negative impact on brain health, heart and blood vessels. If the drink every day three or more gallons of water, it can lead to leaching from the body of essential nutrients. In particular, it may leach calcium and potassium. Therefore, after the water diet is necessary to restore the deficit with a complete vitamin and mineral complex. In addition, it should be remembered that the repeated use of such diets can be only six months. In addition, care must be taken sufficient quantity of fluid in the body, the kidneys work to fully and did not pass the work on the liver, which performs the function of metabolism. In this case, the liver simply ceases to cope with the tasks entrusted to it. Ultimately, the fat which comes into contact with food, is not processed simply necessary energy, but will be delayed.

Some suggestions!

water, water diet, diet, drinking water, slimming

In general, it is worth remembering that the supply of the bodyliquid should occur only with potable water, rather than using tea, coffee and especially not using alcohol. The fact is that these beverages have a diuretic effect, and therefore, you will want to drink more.

Drinking water is best in small portions. Otherwise, due to the fact that the stomach is stretched, it will ask for more food for saturation. In general, every day is recommended to start and end it with a glass of water. Last time you need to drink water for about three to four hours before bedtime.

When eating a drink or water do notrecommended. The fact that water is able to act as a diluent gastric juice, which reduces its concentration and, therefore, it can slow down the digestive process. It is best to drink water for 20 minutes before a meal. In addition, it will dull a little hunger. Therefore, you will eat less.

In general, during a diet do not need to try to have a drink once a day all of the water. You should begin with small. For example, to start drinking 1.5 liters.

Just do not forget that the constantuse in cold water can slow metabolic process. As a result, during the diet, you will not lose weight, but rather to recruit him. Furthermore, drinking water during this diet should be only room temperature.

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