Swelling of the legs

I think many readers familiar with thistrouble - in the evening feet are heavy, there is fatigue, pain. It seems that the legs "buzz." Again swelling. There is a desire to stay in an attractive shoes and quickly get to your favorite couch. So how do you rid your legs from swelling and such suffering?

I think many readers of our site know thistrouble - in the evening feet are heavy, there is fatigue, pain. It seems that the legs "buzz" or "burn". Again swelling. There is a desire to stay in an attractive shoes and quickly get to your favorite sofa ...

So how do you rid your legs from swelling and such suffering? In this article you will find helpful advice and tips.

Understanding edema

Swelling of the legs
Doctors say that one in five patients,Refer to them at the reception complaining of recurrent or persistent swelling in the legs. In the hot season, this situation is exacerbated by that very degrades the quality of life, prevents work and relax.

More often than not the result of the swelling of legs areviolation of the outflow of blood, lymph fluid retention in the extremities. Emerged excess moisture accumulates in the cavities of the tissue, thereby increasing the volume, and change shape. Edema can be a symptom of a number of internal troubles in the body and diseases, excretory, heart, vascular system, inflammation of the joints, venous thrombosis. Sometimes joined the swelling leg pain and heaviness signal about this illness as "heavy legs syndrome". Sometimes the disease is the result of hidden flowing varices - On no legs "stars" do not appear onlarge veins surface is observed visually "mesh." But it is possible to note some characteristic signs of the disease - "crawling" chills the limbs, leg cramps, tingling in the feet. Blame - a genetic predisposition, or long-term, permanent and daily load on the legs. Most often occurs in hairdressers, retailers, pharmacists and other professionals, conducting most of the working day in a vertical position. Negatively impact on the state of the legs and precipitating factors: overweight, shoes are not on the size, high heels, frequent stay in saunas, baths, solariums. Vienna stretch, overflowing with blood, its flow is hampered, so here is a liquid and accumulates in the tissues of the limbs. If the legs are swollen because of fatigue and physical stress, then deal with the problem easier. It is more difficult when the swelling - a consequence of the underlying disease.

Why swollen legs

For proper treatment, it is important to know the cause of edema. They contribute to:

  • tight clothes, tight shoes, which are very elegant, but not in your size;
  • prolonged and constant exposure to the spectacular, but too high heels;
  • excess body weight for you, flatfoot;
  • long stay in the same position - sitting or standing;
  • eating salty food, especially late at night;
  • physiological changes the body during pregnancy or menopause.

But more serious reasons:

Advice from the experts

If the swelling is constantly bothering you, thenYou should definitely take the voucher to the therapist. An experienced doctor after careful examination will refer you for tests or to a cardiologist, nephrologist, phlebology endocrinologist. After identifying the causes is the doctor will choose the right treatment for you. No need to take your own medications, because in addition to the therapeutic effect they have undesirable effects and contraindications. Not knowing them, you can inadvertently harm their health. According to the testimony of the doctor may prescribe physiotherapy, massage, wearing compression tights or stockings. In some cases, surgery is required in diseases of the veins. Now a lot of high-tech and sparing its execution methods.


Swelling of the legs
Some believe that the formation of edemablame the water. This is mistake. we all remember from biology course at school that a person consists of water by 70%, or even a little more. If excess water are deposited in tissues and not displayed, it is only said that the problems in the body. You agree that the most swollen feet is in the heat. So our body reacts to external factors and creates a "reserve", just in case. And if we drink a little during this period, the body perceives it as a signal that the water runs out. And what do we do when our faucets trickle thin? That's right, we think that the water is now gone completely, and start stocking it in buckets or other containers. That's our forward-body begins to appreciate each received inside the cup and set aside moisture "in reserve". That's why the swelling and amplified. Hence, we conclude - you can not limit yourself in the water, if there are swelling. This is assuming that the kidneys and the heart you healthy. In healthy individuals, excess fluid would display always - in the urine, sweat, breath. In addition to pure water drink green tea or "Hibiscus", has a diuretic effect. If you want to drink, it is best to eat a juicy cucumber and tomatoes, a cup of vitamin-rich fruits and life-giving moisture, endowed to the same diuretic effect - strawberry, raspberry, currant, cranberry, lingonberry. Here to help us to be melons, unsweetened grape varieties. Do not forget the healing juices - apple, pineapple, carrot, grape.

But after 19 o'clock at night, try not to drinkno drink, because during the night the body will also have a rest, and the water is deposited in the tissues. We'll have to abandon the excess salt, that is, to limit in the diet of cheese, herring, mayonnaise, smoked sausage, conservation. Get plenty of vegetable salads with the addition of diuretic ingredients - dill, parsley, celery. Want to be healthy - eat well.

If there is a tendency to edema, tryacquire practical, convenient and comfortable genuine leather shoes to keep your feet in it can "breathe". Do not wear constantly thin, high heels, if you really want pomodnichat, then wear these shoes only a few hours a day. Please also note: The backs should not be rigid, but the shoe should be stable and comfortable. Do not buy a narrow shoes, take your size. During the summer, even better, that was a small margin, because in the evening, as a rule, the volume of the foot becomes larger.

During the day, periodically empty the feet ofshoes or sandals. You can put a desktop stand, or a small chair, periodically raise to his feet, thereby facilitating blood flow. Wean themselves from the habit cross legs, because in this position, compressed vessels.

Several times a day do simple exercises for the legs:

  1. Get up from your desk and transfer centergravity on your toes, lifting "on his toes", and then again at the heels. This can be done easily and on the stairs, suitable railing or wall for support. Three minutes of these sessions - and improve vascular tone.
  2. Put on the floor small items (buttons,big wrapper on the candy, pencil, pen) and lift them by pinching and holding the fingers of feet. At first it will be difficult, it can feel stress and fatigue, but gradually begin to receive.
  3. Houses periodically lay down on the sofa, lifting his feet up. The outflow of fluid from the limbs are well known to occur in the performance of all the exercises - "Birch", "bicycle".

To prevent edema and venousfailure is useful to engage in such sports to improve blood circulation in the limbs - jogging, swimming, cycling and badminton. And in general, the movement helps prevent swelling.

In the evening or even during the day, if there is free time,then do therapeutic foot baths. We will need a bucket of warm water, sea, or even common salt. Duration of treatment - 20 minutes possible. At this time, you can watch your favorite TV series or interesting programs. Meanwhile, salt water will pull excess fluid from the tissues of the legs. Already after the first treatment you will notice a positive result. You can add to the water essential oils - juniper, lavender, verbena ... Or pour a prepared infusion of herbs suitable birch leaves, linden flowers, chamomile and calendula.

Useful and pine extract.

It stimulates the blood circulation in the legs and a contrast shower. First spray the feet cool, then hot water. The procedure is completed after several alternations certainly cold water.

In case of violation of venous circulation, doctors recommend patients to pharmacy ointments and creams containing menthol, chestnut extract and other substances, such as "Venitan", "Gepatrombin", "Essaven" ...

Famous folk remedies

Swelling of the legs
Remarkable has a diuretic effect of teablackcurrant leaves. With the same purpose recommended to use herbs - leaves of birch, cranberries, bearberry, bilberry shoots, grass, knotweed, horsetail. These natural remedies will bring more benefits to the body than the diuretic Furosemide, Hypothiazid, indapamide.

Get rid of toxins and excess fluid from the teaginger root. It is better to take a piece of root and chop. Bay of boiling water, let stand slightly burning taste the drink for 20 minutes If desired, add a tea lemon circle. If there is no raw root, it is the replacement of ginger powder, bought in the supermarket, in the department of "Spice".

More swelling would be a good helper seedflax, bought at the pharmacy. Take 500 ml of water, add back one or two teaspoons of flax seed, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 5 minutes. Poured into a thermos or wraps. We leave for several hours. This broth is taken during the day. If you do not strain, and drink with soft seeds, it is still good and intestines will be cleaned.

Delicious cure edema is a yellow ororange pumpkin. Eat for a large glass of half or even a whole glass of grated pumpkin in the day. There is even a sort of pumpkin "Pineapple", it is possible to eat slices.

Just do not take the above-mentioned funds shortly before bedtime, otherwise your "internal alarm clock" will always give the signal, resulting in can not sleep.

If you have a natural apple cider vinegar, cooked at home, you can wipe them swollen legs several times a day.

In hot weather, when I come to the rescue swelling bath with the addition of yogurt from milk Tibetan fungus. Suffice it to 20 minutes, and in the legs again lightness, vivacity, and the skin on your feet soft and pleasant!

Often swelling nuisance long after the operation, and prolonged illness antibioticsIn such cases, help broth hips. He will strengthen the body, vitamins and saturate excess liquid displays. To drink enough 2 teaspoons of fruit per 250 ml of boiling water. Just remember that the strained infusion should drink through a straw, straw, not to destroy the tooth enamel against acids. And then rinse your mouth with plain water.

about leg edema in pregnancy women our site has detailed wrote in one of his articles.

Edema arise for various reasons - it maysimply be the effect of hot weather, long-term stress on the legs, fatigue. However, sometimes this signal that originate in the body malfunction of an organ or a system. Therefore, when you are constantly troubling swelling, dear readers, visit the doctor and go through inspection. And do not just buy expensive drugs, because nature in its pantry prepared many herbs that can help and significantly improve health.

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