Anxiety disorders, symptoms and treatment

In a remarkable Soviet cartoon "Alice inThrough the Looking Glass "Black Queen pronounces a phrase that with amazing accuracy characterizes the lifestyle of modern life:" Here we have to run as fast just to stay in the same place, but in order to get somewhere else, you must run twice as fast. " As if us you said, is not it?

That's think for a minute ... To achieve today a certain status in life, you have to work, and that this status is not lost and, moreover, to rise higher, you need to work twice as hard. And no matter what aim pursues the man - be it opening your own business or a successful marriage in every respect - we must work hard.

And what is the result?

As a result, anxiety disorder on the basis of today - the most "popular" disease, which have to live and fight for modern man.

The term "anxiety disorder" Referencepsychiatry describe mental states leading feature of which is inexplicable fear and anxiety on the verge of panic. The group of anxiety disorders include phobias, mixed anxiety and depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, as well as panic attacks, Which MipCovetov told earlier.

From the usual anxiety, common to all withoutexclusion of people and even some animals, pathological anxiety is characterized by the fact that there is, as they say, on level ground - no external factor causing her appearance.

External manifestation of anxiety disorder

neurology, nervous system, fear, stress, anxiety, anxiety disorder, phobias

Mild anxiety looks almost nothingis not expressed, all experiences are concentrated within the person. Middle and high levels of anxiety start to the work of somatic-vegetative, "physical" signs obespokoennosi.

The most pronounced symptoms are referred to as suffering from anxiety states people, when asked to describe his feelings as follows:

  • alarm - constant or regularly occurring through a relatively calm period of time;
  • uncomfortable feeling of inner trembling;
  • fear - inexplicable and unfounded;
  • heart skips a beat;
  • difficult to breathe - as if the air does not;
  • the body alternately run "ice" and "fire" of the wave;
  • severe stomach cramps;
  • strong sweating of palms and feet;
  • hard to make swallowing movements - all in the mouth is dry;
  • frequent urination, diarrhea;
  • fear of death.

Do great anxiety for a person in danger?

Mild cases of anxiety disorderhealth and human life does not represent any threat. Much worse things with advanced alarm status: medicine known cases where diseases of internal organs and systems is a consequence of strong anxiety and concern.

In some cases, anxiety disorder, even with the most responsible and competent treatment does not disappear without a trace, and becomes quite "material" in the form of appearance stomach ulcers. hypertensionIrritable bowel syndrome. Sometimes anxiety is transformed into a severe depression.

Varieties of anxiety

neurology, nervous system, fear, stress, anxiety, anxiety disorder, phobias

In psychotherapy in the treatment of anxiety disorderslay the lion's share of hopes. Consultation competent expert to help the patient to get to the real cause of the alarm. Moreover, in the course of therapy, a person learns to relax and manage their condition at the time of the attack, and special practices allow to reduce the susceptibility to factors that cause great concern. The most effective treatment is when a person is resolute and wants to get rid of the state of poisoning his life.

The basis of pharmacological treatment of anxiety is receiving drugs such as:

  • Beta-blockers - drugs withwhich you can save the patient from "physical" manifestations of mental disorders: palpitations, excessive sweating, blood pressure surges;
  • tranquilizers - make preparations and anxietyfear less pronounced, improve sleep, remove the excess muscle tone. However, taking these drugs requires a certain caution - they may cause dependence, addiction and withdrawal syndrome. Take their short duration courses, strictly avoiding the use of alcohol during this time. Negligent combination of alcohol and tranquilizer threatens respiratory depression up to a full stop. Also be very careful doctor selects drugs for this group of people whose occupation requires special attention;
  • antidepressants are administered in most casesbecause of the possibility to take them for a long time - the body is easy to tolerate them. The positive effect develops gradually (from a few days to a few weeks) - over time anxiety recedes. Antidepressants are also effective means to increase the pain threshold and help eliminate vegetative disorders (palpitations, dizziness).

How to prevent the development of anxiety disorders

neurology, nervous system, fear, stress, anxiety, anxiety disorder, phobias

If you do not want to have a sticky feeling of anxiety and fear has become a reality of your daily, take seriously the recommendations offered by our site:

  1. No one will take care of your health as well as you do: eat natural high-quality products, be sure to take a multivitamin.
  2. Avoid coffee, sugar and alcohol - their effect is temporary, and the damage caused to health is undeniable.
  3. Each day stay during the labor processat least 15-20 minutes to rest. Believe me, even the crumbs will be invaluable for your body - during this time, try to distract and relax. So you essentially make up their emotional and energy reserves.
  4. Review weekly (monthly) list of itsmandatory cases: perhaps it can be corrected so that the win from the monotony of everyday life time for a rest. In that no matter what, try to avoid contact and things that make you deeply dislike.
  5. Keep a journal, where every day is going to celebratetheir level of anxiety on a ten-system. It will be easier to keep track of the events or activities that make you worry and worry. Be sure to write down any thoughts overwhelm you, when you are worried. Also note that helps you relax and tune in a positive way. Get plenty of rest and stay healthy!

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