Treatment of stomach ulcers

Gastric ulcer - a chronic disease, which is characterized by polycyclic course, and is characterized by the formation of ulcers in the gastric mucosa.

Causes of peptic ulcer

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All factors are somehow involved in the emergence of ulcers, traditionally divided into two groups:

  1. Contributing (they contribute to the development of the disease). Among them:
    • hereditary;
    • Neuropsychiatric;
    • nutritional (they are based - malnutrition);
    • medications;
    • bad habits.
  2. Realizing the formation of a ulcerative defect or its relapse. The infectious pathogen itself, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, is directly referred to this group.

Symptoms of the disease

gastroenterology, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal disease, gastric ulcer

Traditional ulcer therapy involves measures such as treatment, diet, medication, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, health resort method.

Uncomplicated ulcer I and II degree requiredfrom the patient to strictly observe anti-ulcer diet: first table # 1a, a week №1b table. Feeding the patient should be full of proteins that promote rapid healing of ulcers and reduce inflammation. From the first days of acute illness the person should, 3 times a day to eat meat and fish, eggs, fresh cheese. A diet enriched in every way natural vitamins.

Mandatory product on the table - and buttervegetable oil. Thanks to it strongly in the small intestine digestive enteroanthelone produced, that suppresses the secretion of hydrochloric acid, thereby contributing to a reduction pepsicheskogo acid substance in the gastric juice.

Much attention is paid to the experts toDiet wore gentle in nature: comprised of foods that would not exert a strong mechanical, thermal and chemical effects on the stomach. Therefore, patients do not eat something that can spur the secretion of gastric juice. Patients refuse to strong rich broth, all roasted and smoked, canned food, spirits, herbs and spices. It is important to process foods properly: wipe, shred, tenderize until soft consistency. Patients eat a fractional, up to six times a day, small portions.

gastroenterology, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal disease, gastric ulcer

The most popular methods of physiotherapy are:

  • thermal procedures (hot water bottles, steam baths), but in complicated forms of the plague of them refuse;
  • magnetic (effectively cope with the pain syndrome);
  • ultrasonic treatment. This method provides tissue massage, thus activating them in the metabolism and reducing inflammation. The outcome of the procedure becomes docked pain and decreased secretion of gastric juice;
  • electrosleep. The procedure has a positive effect on the depressed state of the disease of the central nervous system and promotes healing of ulcers;
  • Hydrotherapy (therapeutic showers, coniferous, oxygen and bubble baths);
  • physiotherapy. Sport with reasonable loads indicated in patients with a decrease in acute manifestations of peptic ulcer disease.

The main therapeutic factors sanatorium treatmentstomach ulcers suggest following the regime, diet, climatotherapy, physiotherapy, mud therapy, use of mineral therapeutic waters. Contraindications for sanatorium treatment are worsening disease, gastrointestinal bleeding, peptic ulcer malignancy (the appearance of cancer cells).

Treatment of healing mud and peat is justified in the decaying phase of the ulcerative process. Mineral water take cold and slightly heated for 0.5-1.5 hour before a meal. The title of the best in the treatment of stomach ulcers won "Essentuki №4", "Slavyanovskaya", "Borjomi", "Truskavets", "Staraya Russa".

gastroenterology, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal disease, gastric ulcer

Drug treatment - one of the most importantparts of the complex therapy of gastric ulcer. Preparations are selected and combined in a manner that will allow to influence the aggressive factors provoking ulceration:

  1. Medicines that suppress aggressiveproperties of gastric contents (Bellastezin, Bellalgin, Bekarbon, Platifillin, Gastrotsepin, Reglan, Eglonil, Zantac, pantoprazole, lansoprazole, Omez, verapamil, Diakarb).
  2. Drugs that increase the protective properties of the gastric mucosa (Venter, Biogastron, Ventriksol, de-nol, Nerabol, Retabolil, Solkoseril, biogenic stimulators, vitamins).
  3. Drugs active ingredients which act on the central neurohumoral regulation gastrosistemy (Piracetam, tazepam, Seduxen, amitriptyline, Benzageksony, Dikalin, obzidan).

The local doctors are inclined to treatment when it is notsee positive results, which ideally should give conservative therapy. Methods for the topical treatment of stomach ulcers are very diverse. These include mechanical cleaning ulcerous areas of necrotic masses, removal of affected tissue biopsionnymi forceps, an introduction to the edge of ulcer tissues of different medications (Novocain, heparin, Methyluracilum).

With nonhealing ulcers are struggling withusing low-intensity laser irradiation through the endoscope. Laser therapy is carried out for three to four minutes, all treatments 1-5 administered at intervals of 2-3 days.

Folk secrets treatment of peptic ulcer

gastroenterology, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal disease, gastric ulcer

our website reminds its readers: traditional medicine is not always able to replace the proper treatment methods of conventional medicine. And even if you decide to use harmless "grandmother's" recipes, it is useful to notify your doctor.

  1. Egg whites, mashed with a little honey in equal portions, and cocoa butter, relieve you of the pain attack ulcer.
  2. Regular use of plantain tea for 14 days significantly reduce the inflammatory process in the mucosa of the stomach.
  3. Natural juices - cabbage and tomato - can reduce the intensity of pain during exacerbation of the disease. They need to drink in small portions.
  4. Application for two weeks freshpotato juice will give you a chance to get rid of all the manifestations of peptic ulcer disease. For this potato juice diluted with pure water in the ratio 1: 1 and drink every morning fasting until all symptoms disappear.

Prevention of gastric ulcers

  1. Try less nervous, take sedatives if frequent stress knock you off track.
  2. Give up bad habits.
  3. Promptly treat all predyazvennye disease (eg, chronic gastritis).
  4. Fully fed, meals should be fractional, and portions - small.
  5. Do not forget to wash your hands often with soap to avoid infection of H. pylori infection.

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