How to get rid of panic attacks

All we often worry: for their future, for the health of loved ones, for the children's success in school. So a person relates to his heart really expensive things in life. Anxiety - a useful emotion. With the help of the body, producing stress hormones, it is easier to cope with the problems. When anxiety becomes pathological traits, a person becomes a victim of a panic attack.

It sverhtrevozhnoe condition that suppressesa sense of usefulness, adequacy of security and is one of the most pronounced symptoms of anxiety personality disorders. Today MipSovetov not only tell you what a panic attack, but also tells you how to resist it.

When fear involuntarily

Panic attack - a sudden attack of a powerful andinexplicable sense of fear, which is periodic. Nervous, anxious and afraid of a person starts "out of the blue", and this reaction is not triggered by the increased attention on the part of others. attack duration 20-40 minutes, it can be repeated up to 4 times a week, some feel a sense of uncontrollable panic attacks every day. Fear often rolls in a crowded noisy place, closed small space, on public transport, while interacting with strangers, during a long stay alone outside the house, before leaving the house on the street.

What brings fear

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As an ordinary person to distinguish an attack of anxiety panic attacks? Let's first take a look at the typical anxiety symptoms:

  • pops out of the chest or, as they say, a rock that terminates heart, rapid pulse;
  • intensive sweating;
  • dyspnea, The inability to take a deep breath - the air out of the lungs as though drained;
  • chills, shivering inside;
  • painful left side of the chest;
  • nausea, Discomfort, strong tension in the abdomen;
  • dizziness, lightheadedness;
  • derealization, depersonalization - "this is not me and not here";
  • disturbances of vision and hearing;
  • fear of losing the mind or make illegal, immoral act in the uncontrolled state;
  • Heavy thoughts of death;
  • numbness or tingling in the hands and feet;
  • poor sleep or insomnia;
  • gait disturbance and coordination in general;
  • lump in the throat - difficulty swallowing;
  • frequent urination, diarrhea.

If the general background of anxiety and fear of man suffering from at least four states listed above, with high probability he is experiencing a panic attack.

As emerging panic

neurosis, neurology, nervous system, panic attacks, anxiety, stress, phobias

In no event it is impossible to put a diagnosison their own, even if you are fond of psychology and psychotherapy, as Freud quote by heart. The fact that the state along with symptoms similar panic attacks may occur when epilepsy. neuroses, Psychopathy and other very serious mental disorders, which at home can not be diagnosed.

Trust the experts - only after the general inspection results blood tests. urine electroencephalography and procedures they decide what you do next.

Treat not be afraid

neurosis, neurology, nervous system, panic attacks, anxiety, stress, phobias

For each patient, the treatment is selectedindividually. Therapy unjustified fear is systematically taking tranquilizers - drugs that suppress deeply disturbing. At the beginning of the treatment the patient should be sure to discuss with your doctor the possibility of transport management. If the work is suffering from panic attacks a person requires a lot of concentration, it can significantly affect the specificity of treatment.

The second category of medicinal products which are successfully used in the treatment of nervous disorders, non-prescription, but no less effective. Normoksan, Grandaxinum, Afobazol. Persen, Despres - these are just some of them.

Persistent sedation has regular consumption of tea and infusions of medicinal herbs: valerian, Leonurus, melissa, chamomile, oregano, sweet clover, birch leaves.

All of the above products and recipes, which offers traditional medicine, be sure to be agreed with the doctor!

A person experiencing anxiety attacks, doa huge gift, if you find a competent therapist, because fear is always a hidden cause, which is to eliminate tranquilizers, alas, can not.

Careful attention should be paid to the patienttheir way of life - there should be no harmful habits, unwholesome sleep, overeating. In addition, an active lifestyle, nutrition, rational alternation of mental work and rest, the ability to share their experiences with others - an excellent prevention of panic attacks.

The knowledge - force

neurosis, neurology, nervous system, panic attacks, anxiety, stress, phobias

The more a person knows about the problem, the more successfulbe able to resist it. By following a few rules, with a bout of panic attack can cope on their own! These recommendations will help those who have much and often worried and can not quickly pull myself together.

  1. Always remember that the fear - just an overreaction of your brain, and no potential hazard to your health, it can not be held.
  2. Experiencing anxiety, focus on the "here andnow". Cling to reality - look closely at the men (people) who are currently near you: how they look, what they do, nothing to talk about? Forget about that ugly overhear other people's conversations - you in no matter what was the need to switch from their own experience that comes around.
  3. Look at yourself from the outside, materializetheir feelings: with some shades or colors with which the sound or melody, you can compare them? Tangible and visible is not as terrible as what can not be seen.
  4. Imagine your panic - big aira ball in your hand. Mentally, give the command: now he is blown away, and everything goes. Slowly release the air out of the ball, watching as it shrinks.
  5. Be sure to stay there, which feltbad, treacherous suppress the desire to jump out of the bus at the next stop or headlong rush away from crowded places. If you give up one time, with each new attack will be more difficult to control the situation. Rather than think through the ways of retreat, breathing evenly and deeply.
  6. Always have a sedative,prescribed by a doctor, and phone numbers of people to whom you can turn for help. Perhaps you do not even have to take a pill, or phoning relatives - is the fact that you have a "support", will give you strength.
  7. The most win-win - always carrya fact that may put you at ease, set to a sentimental mood or lift your mood: photos of children, a small stuffed toy, remind you childhood, a letter from a loved one, crossword puzzles, candy in the form of mints. These items will be your lifeline in the depths of fear, for which you can always grab. Often convince themselves that this subject - especially able to get rid of all your troubles. Very soon, your subconscious mind will begin to perceive it that way.

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