What to do if a child has a stomach ache

Many mothers will read this article afterhow their child will complain of abdominal pain. They say at once - immediately to the doctor! And the rest of the talk about the possible and very dangerous causes of abdominal pain in children and that should be taken immediately.

What to do if a child has a stomach ache
Many mothers will read this article afterhow their child will complain of abdominal pain. They say at once - immediately to the doctor! And the rest of the talk about the possible and very dangerous causes of abdominal pain in children and that should be taken immediately.

It so happened that I for all three years in the role of motherI never faced with a situation where the kid grabs his stomach and shouted, "It hurts!". She lived in peace, healed standard SARS and did not even think that I would have to go through that, fortunately, it has already ended.

One September afternoon after walking my sonbent over and holding his stomach, he gasped, "Mom, it hurts!". I put him to bed and tried to lull. Pain all intensified, and when the son has stopped crying and curled up in a ball, called a taxi and rushed to their private pediatrician. She looked sonny and sent to a pediatric surgeon, and I said that the situation is very similar to acute appendicitis. The surgeon had another opinion and sent us tohospital with a diagnosis of "colitis." For two days my baby spent in the intensive care unit and nearly died from a painful shock. Next week we have been treated for an acute intestinal infection, and then discharged home. A month later, the situation repeated itself with shocking precision. Now I'm not hesitating, he was taking his son to the surgeon, and he grinned and reproached me that I again "something fed" baby. Again resuscitation, from which we have taken in an ambulance to the regional pediatric surgery. And then emergency surgery and three weeks of nightmare in the department. Son excised appendix. A month ago it (appendix) a "slew" antibiotics. Monthly child walking on the edge, and after the surgery, the surgeon said that if we had arrived a day later, he would have done nothing.

I told this story not toscare you, dear mother. Just my situation - not an isolated case. It is very often! And such "professional" doctors too! But after going through this hell, I realized that the children's tummy - is not something that is treated at home or tips from the Internet. About all I want to tell you.

OCI (acute intestinal infection)

The child has a stomach ache
This is the most common cause of abdominal pain. From a variety of intestinal infections suffer most kids under the age of 6 years. Why? Immunity child is imperfect, and intestines can not always copeinfection. Germs live everywhere - on the kitchen table, door handles, toys, TV remote, etc. Any infection causes vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weakness, fever, and in young children instantly dehydrate the body. And if an adult in case of poisoning enough to drink activated charcoal to drink plenty of fluids to restore the heavy losses the child's body can only be in the hospital (antibiotics, dropper).

What mom? If you suspect poisoning, tryto ensure the child plenty of fractional (a teaspoon every 5 minutes) alkaline water (mineral water without gas, Humana-electrolyte). Along with that exclude dairy products, raw vegetables and fruits. Giving a disinfecting agent in such cases it is absolutely contraindicated!

Keep an eye on the state of the child. As soon as you notice that the baby is exhausted, or does not stop vomiting / diarrhea - assemble and go to the children's infectious disease clinic. And do not be afraid, it just sounds so scary. Child prokapat, and a day or two to go home.

To prevent infection, I recommend readers to our sitecarefully follow the diet baby. Eggs, meat, fish, milk, require careful and prolonged heat treatment. All kitchen surfaces, toys, floor should be washed once a week with soap. Do not give your child foods with questionable shelf life (often kids poisoned, "Marshmallow Froot Loops", "Masha", ice cream, citrus). From an early age children learn to wash pens, not to take anything from the floor, not to stroke the cats-dogs.

mesenteric adenitis

This is a terrible word means inflammationperitoneal lymph nodes. The reason may be the usual mezadenita SARS (most often the case), or intestinal infection. Lymphatic spread of infection - from one site to another - gives such a complication. This can become inflamed and lymph nodes in the neck and behind the ears and around the joints, but the inflammation of the lymphatic tissue in the gut causes a sharp pain.

What mom? Most bad in this disease - diagnosis only on ultrasound. That is, at home you do not distinguish mesadenitis (symptoms: acute pain, nausea, diarrhea).

Another unpleasant moment - running mesadenitis can cause lymph node abscess, and it is easy to understand, very scary and can be cured only by surgery.

So the only thing that can make a mom - to ensure the early admission to the surgical department. Time to recognize mesadenitis treated with antibiotics, however, is long.

To avoid. No matter how trite it sounds, but mezadenita prevention - no infections, both viral and bacterial. So, dear mom, increases immunity of your child in every way possible!

Acute appendicitis

Acute appendicitis
Each of us lives with appendix. And everyone knows about it. But not many of us know about the symptoms of appendicitis inflammation. An increase in temperature (and it occurs on the background of vomiting), diarrhea, and acute pain in the right iliac region (and even extending to the groin and perineum) - is not an exhaustive list of them. The kid complains of stomach, rolled up, can only lie on his side? There are reasons for concern parents. Moreover, each individual child's symptoms, all are characterized by only a sharp pain. Readers of our site should be aware that the most acute pain occurs when you release the hand from pressing space in the painful area - this is the first sign that you need to keep surgeons.

In children appendicitis occurs particularly rapidly,complicated very quickly. no one knows the precise causes of inflammation of the cecum. Do not listen to the grandmothers, the cause of acute appendicitis is not eating seeds from the husks. As the surgeon said to me, most of all - it is a characteristic of an organism. Although the power of error plays a significant role.

What mom? Many believe that the appendix is ​​inflamed in childrenaged 6-10 years. Such is the critical period. But we in the seven-day surgery operation done to the child. Therefore, we do not read on the Internet about the stupidity of their age, and immediately go into surgery. It is better, as they say, to be safe.

Even if the child can not stand the pain anyDo not give him a painkiller before the diagnosis - the result will be oiled and clinic misdiagnosed. Do not try to prick Nospanum - it strongly lowers blood pressureAnd it is fraught!

Do not be afraid to take the child to the hospital, his random "cut", no one will. The diagnosis is confirmed (or not confirmed) in the US, and then to be made about the operation decision.

To avoid. Proper nutrition will significantly reducethe likelihood of appendicitis inflammation. People who consume a lot of plant foods - is virtually risk. And should constantly monitor the child's chair, because constipation can lead to various intestinal inflammations.

In addition I want to say that some people (2-4%) occurs more than one appendix.

Intussusception and intestinal obstruction

My grandmother always prohibited us from childhoodsister run and jump after eating. She said that would gut volvulus. "Fears of some" - we thought we were not going to listen to it. But she was right. For three weeks in the surgical department, I realized it. You should have seen how many children come with suspected intussusception. Available Languages ​​- a twisting of the intestine, or a situation where one gut like "inserted" into the other ... The symptoms of intussusception: constipation, severe cramping abdominal pain, vomiting, weakness. Symptoms of obstruction added gazootvedeniya absence, abrupt subsidence of peristalsis (not audible rumbling in the abdomen).

What to do if a child has a stomach ache
What mom? Again, only ultrasound to establish the correct diagnosis. To ease the pain, you can give a child antispasmodic, and to urgently show it to your doctor. The fact that in the first few hours of this situation is reversible - the kid will do an enema, selling intestines or air are a special substance, repeat ultrasound. If intussusception gone - baby drink a suspension of barium, which will be released with the first chair (evidence of intestinal obstruction), and you go home. If you run the situation - can not do without surgery!

To avoid. In most cases of intussusception occur in children under five, mostly in boys. If your child is at risk, try to watch his diet, do not allow outdoor games after the meal.

I would add that the child's tummy - mostremote place to diagnose. If symptoms of angina or allergies you may find yourself, then diagnose these diseases - the case for an experienced surgeon! And you, like a loving parent, it must be such an experienced surgeon and baby show - that's your main goal !!!

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