First aid for sunstroke

With the onset of warm season is increasinglythere is the risk of becoming a victim of a solar or heat stroke. And it does not matter where you are - on a sandy beach in a distant country or in the garden in the suburbs. The sun imperceptibly affects the body, and if time does not take security measures, it is likely disastrous consequences.

The mechanism of sunstroke

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Many people mistakenly believe that the heat andsunstroke - it's the same thing. The mechanism of development, and the truth is quite similar, but heat stroke can be obtained from any exposure to heat and sun - from the heating of the body under the sun.

To make it clearer, let us consider a situation in which the most likely risk of heat stroke:

  1. Long term human being in an environment of a temperature well above body temperature.
  2. Perform heavy physical work in a stuffy warm room.
  3. Exposure to direct sunlight on the body and head (sunstroke).
  4. Alcohol intoxication, coupled with a tight lunch.
  5. In windless and humid weather.
  6. Prolonged wearing of tight clothes watertight.
  7. Overweight.
  8. Diseases of the cardiovascular or nervous system.
  9. Receiving a group of drugs, such as tranquilizers or diuretics also contributes to the development of hyperthermia (body reheating).

To protect yourself and others from the occurrence of the heat sunstroke, it is necessary to observe safety measures, which will tell MirSovetov below.

Signs of heat stroke

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The most important rule in the provision of first aid- To act very quickly. If the victim received a mild degree of overheating, it quickly wakes up and returns to normal. In case of severe overheating, when the person observed clinical symptoms, on the speed of your actions depends on how dire the consequences would be. Minute delay could cost a person their life.

As a rule, a person whose state is close to theSunstroke, rarely adequately assess the situation and therefore does not take any protective measures. It is important to close was someone who could recognize in the mood has deteriorated sharply and sudden headache not just a sickness, and the first symptoms of sunstroke.

So, first aid for sunstroke consists of the following:

  1. Please rate the condition of the victim - can cope on their own, with severe impact must be under slight cause "First aid".
  2. Immediately move the victim into the shade or a cool place.
  3. Remove the person or loosen clothing fasteners - unbutton his shirt, his pants belt, untie the tie and etc. Take off your shoes...
  4. Provide air circulation - including air conditioning, fan, fanned his face and body of the victim a fan (fan, newspaper, any flat and wide, clothing).
  5. It is important to quickly reduce body temperatureaffected. To do this, you can place it in a bath of cool water (not ice, otherwise the body will get a shock!). If you can not shift a person in the bath, wet sheet or clothing in cold water and wrap it's body. Change sheets or wet again, as soon as it warms up.
  6. In the following areas of the body by putting packagesice wrapped in a towel (frozen vegetables or meat will also work): the forehead, cheeks, palms, armpits, inguinal folds. Continue manipulation, constantly measuring the body temperature of the victim - as soon as it drops to 38.5 C, the body will cope on their own.
  7. When there is a strong sunstroke lossliquid, so it is necessary to make up the number. Let the victim drink mineral water (it is possible with the gas), weak saline solution, green tea, black sweet tea with lemon. Do not give alcohol, coffee, energy drinks.

When the team arrives, "ambulance", the doctorIt determines whether you were able to correctly give first aid for sunstroke, and how it helped the victim. If you were able to neutralize the effects of hyperthermia successfully, hospitalization may be necessary. In the case of treatment of serious sunstroke will occur permanently.

Even if you were able to correctly and promptlyprovide first aid for sunstroke, the body somehow got damaged - disrupted blood microcirculation, destroying nerve cells. As a result, you may receive vascular dystonia or asthenic syndrome.

The victim, even after low-energy heat stroke several months recommended exercise extreme caution, leaving the sun, because there is a predisposition to repeat the blow.

Prevention and safety measures

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To never become a victim of the treacherous summer sun and to protect family members, it is recommended to take safety measures, going to the beach, working in the garden or just walking around the city.

Preventing heat stroke is as follows:

  1. Avoid midday - from 13:00 to 15:00 the sun is most active. At this time, it is not recommended to go to the beach, do physical labor on the street and just be in the sun, because together with the heat it "gives" ultraviolet radiation, harmful in large quantities.
  2. Wear the "right" summer clothes - it shouldIt is made of natural well-ventilated fabrics, such as cotton, linen or silk. Things should be cut free, and the head is best to wear a hat with a wide brim to protect the neck and shoulders.
  3. It is recommended to observe the light summer diet -drink plenty of fluids, eat more fruits, as much as possible to eliminate from the diet is too fatty, heavy, salty and smoked foods. In the summer the body loses more water than at other times of the year, so it is important to continually replenish the supply. Avoid soft drinks and replace them with milk - it quenches thirst better and faster cools the body.
  4. Get yourself a small pocket with water spray. It is very useful solution, especially for those who are traveling or working in the office. Sprayed his face and exposed areas, so that the skin did not feel the moisture deficit. So you not only protect yourself from hyperthermia and prolong youth and beauty.
  5. Do not allow children to stay long in the sun,even in the morning or afternoon. Kids can not rationally assess their condition, so it is important to eliminate the slightest risk of sunstroke. Always wear a hat child of light cotton material and make sure that he did not take off. Periodically measure the temperature (thermometer to wear for a walk is not necessarily easy to put a hand to his forehead). Let the child more juices, fruit drinks, teas, and other liquids.

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