Treatment of hemangiomas in infants

The joy of childbirth, unfortunately, sometimesmarred by certain diseases. And there was a spot on the skin, sometimes several, which in medicine is called hemangiomas, immediately cause actual panic among young parents and dozens of questions. Today we will try to answer each of them.

What is a hemangioma?

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Hemangioma - a vascular disorder,kind of tumor has benign. Most often, it appears a few days after birth at the head (in the hair or on the face), or on the genitals. But by no means rare and congenital hemangioma. This disease should be observed as a surgeon, and by type of treatment is decided separately for each child. It all depends on how the flow of hemangioma development, its growth and appearance.

I would also like to reassure every fewyoung family in which the child has stated hemangioma. In the vast majority of cases, and the statistics put the figure of 85%, these spots do not require any treatment and are able to completely disappear on their own to school age, someone earlier, someone later.

What are their causes?

hemangioma, skin, treatment of hemangiomas, tumors of the skin, newborn

Species hemangiomas huge amount. By and large, after examining your child, you will be able to determine what is it, that's the most common types:

  • simple (capillary). It looks like a cluster of capillaries slightly towering above the surface, if the child has more than one, then there are a different color from each other;
  • cavernous. Most often it is removed because it has a tendency to rise, and to penetration into the layers of the epidermis. The color of their different, but often can be observed bluish-red. Noticeably rises above the skin;
  • stellate. It is a point of congestion of the capillaries, from which diverge in different directions more capillaries. The shape may resemble a star, most commonly affects the face or neck.

The clinical picture of hemangiomas is that theycompletely painless and feeling are at a temperature slightly higher than the skin. There may be localized in different places, but my favorite of them - is the head, face, neck and groin area. Unfortunately, quite often there are hemangiomas that appear directly on the mucous membranes of the child, as well as on the eyelids and ears. These types of hemangiomas are the most dangerous for the health of the child and his vital functions (hearing, sight), because it is important to immediately consult a specialist!

To diagnose a hemangioma (sometimesconfused with pigment spots), you need to click on it with your finger. If it is still lentigo, its color will change. If hemangioma, it pale or disappear altogether, because it consists of the vessels.

When should you see a doctor?

hemangioma, skin, treatment of hemangiomas, tumors of the skin, newborn

In general, if you see in the tumorsthe child's body, the first thing you need to consult a doctor. The type and the need for treatment will depend on the particular child and the disease. Most often, the overall picture is already visible up to a year.

Of course, it is important to monitor the growth of tumors. If the hemangioma grows in proportion to the growth of the child, there is nothing to worry about. The main thing to follow closely behind it. It is very important to do the treatment as early as possible, if the hemangioma is located in those areas, which are responsible for hearing, vision, Sexual function.

If hemangioma located in an open area, thenit is necessary to avoid injury, because there is a risk of bleeding opening. Bleeding is very dangerous for this disease and if they open too often, it is best to get rid of hemangiomas surgically.

Referring to the surgeon, in most cases, it will offer you two ways to proceed:

  1. Closely follow the development of the disease, avoiding injuries and scratching.
  2. As before, you can get rid of the hemangioma. In memory of you will only have a cosmetic scar.

What are the treatments?

hemangioma, skin, treatment of hemangiomas, tumors of the skin, newborn

It should be noted that the monitoring of the developmentdisease is also one of the treatments. If your doctor recommends rid of hemangiomas, the most likely it will offer one of the possible surgical interventions:

When applying cryotherapy probabilityscar formation 50/50. To the affected area applied liquid nitrogen or carbon snow, otmorazhivaya all neoplasms. Formed swelling that will disappear on their own. In its place grows a new layer of skin, and that at this moment can form a scar.

Sclerotherapy involves obkalyvanieneoplasms etosisklerom or special 70-percent alcohol. After that, the process is similar to the use of cryotherapy: edema is formed, which is dying out, and in its place there is a new, healthy skin, without the hemangioma.

Electrophoresis assumes that the skinguaranteed there will be no scar, but treatment can take a very long time, sometimes up to a year. Applicable special electrophoresis with calcium chloride.

When you delete a laser is used local anesthesia, after which the hemangioma is excised using a laser, and sometimes a scalpel. It is also possible scar formation.

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