How to give birth

Almost all women experience before birthif not outright panic, the feeling of insecurity and discomfort. Experts say that it is quite normal - to feel a sense of fear in this physiological process as childbirth.

The reasons for the fear may be many - someoneafraid of responsibility for the new man, who does not believe that he will cope with the problems in bulk, and someone does not know what to do during labor and delivery.

How to have a "right"?

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"What do you mean" right "?" - Surprised many. This means - without breaks and without much suffering. It is worth noting that there are four factors that affect be discontinuities or not. Firstly, it depends on the elasticity of the perineum itself. Secondly, from the period when you give birth, thirdly, from the time when the baby is born. Fourth, the weight and size of the newborn. But there is another factor, which is probably the most important - in attempts need to listen carefully doctor and midwife - they suggest: at what point it is necessary to make an effort. What - no. It will also help to give birth without tears.

If there is a great desire to have a "right", you need to think about this for a the first months of pregnancy - There are special exercises and yoga, whichwill stretch the muscles of the perineum and vagina. It can be alternated with Kegel exercises (also called "intimate charging"). Very useful for pregnant women to swim.

Such training will help twice - it will make the tissue more elastic and help to learn how to control their muscles - that will be very useful during labor.

Directly during delivery is thecrucial moment - is the passage of the head - this time it is necessary to carefully listen to the obstetrician, who will advise to do everything so that the head is not stuck, and tears would have been minimal. The most important thing in childbirth - not to panic. It is necessary to gather and dignity to finish her pregnancy - to give birth to a new man.

How do you know that will soon birth?

pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, correct labor, child labor, the fight

Many women before delivery did not have anyspecific manifestations - just suddenly went into labor. When there is a reduction of uterine contractions of muscles, which contribute to the disclosure of the cervix itself, as well as expulsion and promoting baby through the birth canal. Contractions begin with pulling back pain, or even in the lower abdomen. First spasms rare and not very painful, but then they become more frequent, becoming stronger and more painful. Once they frequent, which means that it is necessary to immediately go to the hospital (if the woman is not there yet).

There is also a very important feature, whichIt indicates that the birth will be very soon - it is discharge of water: the bubble bursts and the fetal amniotic fluid poured out. And every woman differently - someone just stands out a little liquid, and someone poured water profusely. If suddenly it occurred or is suspected that water waste, it is necessary to immediately go to the obstetrics department. Remember that to get up or walk after a discharge of water is very dangerous - can fall the cord, leading to problems during labor and can threaten the baby's life.

Contractions - childbirth: how much it will take time

Birth of a child - is, in fact, the child's expulsionfrom the body of the mother, which is very painful for the woman. The child is born after using the strong contractions of the abdominal muscles and uterus, it will move through the cervix through the birth canal. It should be noted that this process is quite difficult, both for the woman and for her baby.

The final point - is when the contractions are replacedvain attempts. The muscles of the body are literally pushed out of the child. At this time, a woman has a desire to make an effort, but here you must be very careful - to comply with all recommendations of the doctor, or you may even harm the baby.

Remember that in the early stages of labor, you can negotiate with your doctor about what he would do an anesthetic injection.

Women often ask the same question: how long it takes from the beginning of the fights themselves before giving birth? On this question no one really did not answer, as it all depends on the individual woman's body: someone this process of change rather quickly - within 3-6 hours, and someone will have to "work" every 12 or even 24 hours . But today, in many clinics of women do not "torture" more than nine hours. If during this period has not begun the process of birth, doctors may suggest cesarean section.

How to breathe during labor and vain attempts?

pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, correct labor, child labor, the fight

Before birth you should definitely learn how to breathe correctly.

  1. Contractions. If you went into labor to breathe like this: breath through the nose, exhale through the mouth, with short breath, and exhale - long. Once the battle is over, you need to relax - this time can breathe as you do normally.
  2. Attempts. While attempts have to listen to the doctor. If he says, make an effort, you need to take a breath, and then attempts to pull around twenty seconds, then slowly exhale necessary. If he says that it is impossible to push, then it must be time to breathe, like a dog in a terrible heat - often, but not deep - superficial. It will not hurt the baby, because at the time of this method of breathing is not strained abdomen. If you are unable to control attempts, then the baby will be born very soon.

How to behave during labor?

First of all, our site encourages remember thatfight - it is a natural process for every pregnant woman. The most important thing at this time to relax and try to trust your body - he knows exactly what to do.

  1. Bath. Take a warm bath is always a pleasure, and during labor is also very useful, as the water can relax and play the role of anesthetic. Today, many modern clinics offer such a service.
  2. Acupuncture. If there is an experienced professional, he can with the help of acupuncture or acupressure to remove pain. Not completely, of course, but to significantly reduce pain is entirely possible.
  3. Homeopathy. Any homeopathic remedies maystimulate the body get rid of panic and fear, as well as remove the gag reflex. But do not get involved in self - do not use medicines without consulting a doctor.
  4. Aromatherapy. Oils can relieve tension and reduce pain, however, is often "necessary" oils are not like pregnant.

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