Dental implants

Dentists have long been sounding the alarm - tooIt becomes few people with a complete set of teeth, which do not require treatment. The complete absence of one or more teeth are also not uncommon. Talk about a completely new and very promising direction in surgical stomatology - implantation through the titanium rod.

That's the way the human body: no body, no tissue or cell is not in it aimlessly. So I ordered nature: an adult should be 32 permanent teeth, a child - 20 dairy. This is the number of members ensures the health of the digestive system, because the primary function of teeth is the primary processing of food - chewing.

Dentists have long been sounding the alarm - too few people getting a full set of teeth, which do not require treatment. The most common pathology - caries. stomatitis or periodontitis. At the same stage in the near future it will be possible to place and the absence of one or more teeth. The reasons are many, the result - an aesthetic defect, coupled with errors chewing and digestion.

Similar problems until recently peopleThey preferred to be addressed by the installation of fixed or removable complex designs. We will not consider all the pros and cons, and talk about a completely new and very promising direction in surgical stomatology - implantation through the titanium rod.

From the history

dental implants
The message is that any openingpreceded by years of meticulous and expensive research, no longer seems new. It happens that all life scientists devote a certain direction, which is subsequently used for other purposes. But in this case.

It reacting titanium and boneliving organism, scientists have become interested in the middle of the last century. The object of research were the rabbits, which have the greatest identical to human bone.

The results were immediate, and thereafternamely titanium was named the most inert material for the majority of "the reconstruction works in the human body." From it were made plate and screws for the fixation of fractures and the reposition of bone fragments ...

Dentists least Surgeons used titanium for implantation of one or more teeth. If you describe the process in a nutshell, the rod is screwed into the jaw and put on his crown. Tooth ready.

In fact, it turns out that such a primitivedescription to use impossible. No, this does not mean that the implant is a dangerous, time-consuming and costly exercise, and does not deserve a positive feedback. All is almost the opposite.

Preparatory stage

dental implants
Implantation is carried out in several stages, andIt is the complexity rather to the doctor rather than the patient. So first, the dentist determines the indications for this procedure. Namely, it produces oral examination, paying special attention to the gum in place of the absence of one or more teeth. Such attention is justified - in some people there is partial atrophy of the jaw bone or tooth row offset. In the first case a titanium rod will have nowhere to implant because it can get into sinus infections (If there is a preparation of the upper jaw), or hetouches important anatomical structures. The second case concerns, rather, patients needing multiple implants, and to properly count the required X-ray picture.

Readers of our site should be aware that the decisionthe problem of bone disease has several directions. First, the dentist may try to circumvent the anatomical obstacles (nerves). Second, the possibility of artificial bone augmentation - sinus lift. And, thirdly, there are many types of implants with different length of the roots, the doctor can choose the right.

Naturally, for the subsequent manufacture of crowns needed casts of both jaws.

Sinus lift or osteoplasty

This procedure we will pay special attention to,since in some cases it is only possible option to increase bone mass and full installation of the implant. The vast majority of patients sinus lift is required on the upper jaw in mind the anatomical features of its structure and the adjoining top of the nasal sinuses.

Most often, dentists use closed sinus lift. Special cutters (analogue drill) in the bonemake the channel for future implant exactly the depth to dense periosteum lining the inside of the nasal sinus, not injured. She gently peeled is introduced between it and the bone substance and establish a special titanium root. Osteoplastic material hardens and is a reliable support for the implant.

Open sinus lift different scales of operation. For the administration of the substance and the detachment of the periosteum make an additional hole in the upper jaw. Often open sinus lift and implant a titanium root is not carried out simultaneously. Please carry out the operation and after the rehabilitation of the implant set.

What to choose? The answer to this question should be sought together with the dentist and consult an orthopedist and surgeon. After hearing all the "for", "against", "possible consequences", "issue price", you decide.

dental implants

dental implants
Step One. So, taking all of the recommendations and passed a thoroughexamination, together with the dentist you embark on immediate reconstruction of the tooth (or teeth). Avoiding unnecessary and, in rare cases, the gory details, we inform: procedure "screwing" the intraosseous portion of the implant (relative to healthy tooth - root it) lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Several drills form the required channel length and width, and introduce the implant and cover his cap. In fact, everything in this first phase comes to an end. Next, we need patience - the average time of "the healing" of the implant (as well as many other foreign, but very relevant body to body) on the upper jaw 5-6 months, at the bottom - 2-4 months. This is due to the special bone density. The higher the density, the faster the first implantation step.

Step second and last. If you carefully observe the recommendationsdentist in the months of waiting, it came time to award. The doctor sets the healing abutment and begins to prepare for prosthetics - installation of the abutment and the crown.

Abutment - link, "adapter" between"Root" of the implant and the crown - the future of high-grade tooth. Then made the required number of bits. The last movement - the fixation of the crown to the abutment special cement. And please, do not hesitate smile and embarrassment now can not cover their mouths when laughing heartily at a joke the other.

The price is an important aspect of

A person who is trying to accessdentist as little as possible, the average price of the implant may seem very high. However, before to give preference to treatment in a hospital, you should consult with at least three other professionals. What will it give? You build up a range of prices, you learn about the services sector. Emotions and impressions most clinics do not put in the last place. Often, in order to lure patients, dentists "sin": include in the price of its work for inserting the implant and its own cost, they are silent about the cost of a temporary plastic crown, the cost of prosthetics and "forget" to warn that the preparatory phase may need sinus -lifting.

So do not expect that the doctor will tell the whole story. Ask questions, ask for a price list and not too lazy to make independent calculations.

In conclusion. tried to consider the most frequent models and treatment strategies. But this does not mean that any deviation from this path will not return you healthy teeth and a big smile. All readings are determined and the possibility of reconstruction dentist.

Smile more!

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