The use of potassium permanganate

On the beneficial properties of potassium permanganate known verylong. Even our grandmothers cherished bubbles stocked with powder deep purple color, which many have survived in the medicine cabinet, and to this day. Potassium permanganate and potassium permanganate in simple terms, is widely used in everyday life and medicine.

The familiar antiseptic for us not only actively fights against a variety of microbes and infectious agents, but also has a beneficial effect in cases of poisoning, and many other symptoms.

Scope of potassium permanganate

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Due to its amazing healing properties,Potassium permanganate is practiced as active in the field of traditional and alternative medicine, cosmetics and even gynecology. Potassium permanganate is also used in horticulture, as an effective means of combating the small pests and plant diseases.

Travellers taking potassium permanganate with a fordisinfection of wounds or drinking water, in which case you need to add to it a few crystals. The concentrated solution is a strong oxidant and effect on plastic, wood and metal. Using potassium permanganate at home, you should know that this substance can considerably impair the metal sink or tub. Spots left after solution practically laundered.

Formed after the electrolysis of sodium potassium permanganatepotassium and manganese anode. In the process of decay of the anode dissolves and forms a purple solution containing permanganate ions. At the cathode hydrogen is released, and then in the same appears as a precipitate manganese.

This drug is one of the leaders of thepossessing antimicrobial properties. In powder form it is sold in pharmacies, but in recent years, some pharmaceutical companies sell it only by prescription. Shelf life of manganese is unlimited, but it must be emphasized that only the most recent solution is able to destroy any pathogens, possessing an active sterilization any surface. It exists in the form of crystals, which, if necessary, dissolved in water to obtain a solution. It differs in color: pale pink hue speaks of weak concentration, bright crimson - on the contrary. Prepare treatment solution mainly based on crystals 10 1 liter of water, subsequently adjusting the color of its strength. It is always important to thoroughly stir the powder of potassium permanganate, as not dissolve the particles in contact with the skin can cause burns.

The use of potassium permanganate in medicinedue to its disinfecting properties. The prepared solution is used for the treatment of cuts, wash wounds and blisters. When inflammation of the throat and throat rinse is not prescribed a concentrated solution of manganese. This means washed the affected area 4 times a day. Very often the use of potassium permanganate solution as a drug for irrigating the mouth, namely, in diseases of the gums.

Treatment with potassium permanganate

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  1. Potassium permanganate in disorders of the stomach. Potassium permanganate is popular with food poisoning and diarrhea. Feeling the first signs, the patient should drink a weak solution, which is able to stimulate the bowel cleansing process.
  2. For oral administration in eliminating intoxicationorganism to 200 ml of water needed just two crystallite powder. Stir well the drug need to drink this water at one time. This good antiseptic will help neutralize the infection in the stomach.
  3. When hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. If feet sweat a lot, then a good way to resolve this issue will bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. This procedure usually does not take more than 15 minutes, and the water temperature - 40 degrees. After steaming feet they need to wipe dry and fluff formalin solution (1%).
  4. As already mentioned, potassium permanganate, - aa wonderful antiseptic, which is extremely useful in the treatment of various injuries. You need to know how to properly use potassium permanganate to the destination. Directly wound manganese water is not washed and treated with a margin. Disinfectant for serious wounds is prepared on the basis of: a small amount of powder on the tip of a knife to 1 liter. water. With little damage to the skin enough to dissolve a weak solution, rinse the site, and then lubricate iodine.
  5. When piercing. Now a lot of girls and guys trying to look like can be more creative and extraordinary, including pierce their ears, navels, eyebrows and nostrils. But the note of young people, such experiments are fraught with unpleasant consequences, unless they are to be of proper care. To avoid tissue infection after piercing needle, careful treatment of wounds with antiseptic. A weak solution of manganese in this case will be very useful. Place piercing should be disinfected at least 2 times a day and only with clean hands.
  6. If you are concerned or annoying wartsCorn, the potassium permanganate and is useful. The concentrated solution of potassium permanganate cauterize excellent all unwanted growths on the skin, it is enough to lubricate their daily potassium permanganate.
  7. When fungal diseases of female and male external genitalia doctors often prescribe their patients a painless and harmless means - manganese solution for washing. For treatment of thrush administered daily douching pale pinksolution, it is only important to see to it that all crystals dissolved completely in the water. Otherwise, it may cause damage to mucous membranes and irritation.

Potassium permanganate in the care of a child

antiseptic, potassium permanganate, medicines, potassium permanganate

Perhaps you may have heard that somemoms use potassium permanganate to care for a newborn baby. While bathing the baby in the water add a little of this powder to the water found disinfecting properties. Physicians, in turn, to this method are skeptical, believing that the slightest excess of the permissible dosage of manganese is able to cause burns to your baby. The same goes for not fully undissolved crystals.

If in spite of all fears, you decideuse potassium permanganate, considering it the most efficient and nealergennym antiseptic, you should know the rules for the preparation of the solution bathing the baby. Cooking his best consistently. First dilute potassium permanganate in a glass of water, then a saturated solution of strain through cheesecloth, folded in several layers. Only after this the solution may be infused into the bath as long as the water does not get pale pink tint, but the crystals of manganese immediately pour into the tub is prohibited. To handle navel newborn, use a rich mixture.

Potassium permanganate in the home medicine cabinet:

  1. Potassium permanganate quickly relieve the pain ofcalluses. To this solution of potassium permanganate in the need to add some salt to dissolve all legs and steamed in this fluid for about 20 minutes. After that you need to wipe your feet, and after a while the pain will stop.
  2. Unpleasant dermatitis, rashes, and manifesting the appearance of bubbles on the skin, and is treated with potassium permanganate. It is necessary to lubricate the affected areas on a daily basis 10% solution of manganese during the week.
  3. Traditional healers recommend the use of potassium permanganate while running hemorrhoids. Healing a solution prepared as follows: 3 liters of water must be added a few crystals of manganese, 1 tsp soda, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 200 g of boiled milk. The solution is to warm, stir and pour into the tub.
  4. Every day, at night it is recommended to take a bath for 20 minutes, and after 7 days, you get rid of bad hemorrhoids.
  5. Treat with potassium permanganate even signs of dysentery. Composition of a therapeutic agent includes manganese few crystals diluted in 500 g of water. The concentration of the solution may be increased depending on the patient's age. For example, infants give poor-pink solution, and adults - crimson. Take your medicine you need inside, parallel to the cleansing enemas.

Contraindications to the use of permanganatePotassium is an individual intolerance or allergy. To understand this, you need to follow the body's response to manganese solutions. Acceptance of potassium permanganate must be immediately discontinued if there were swelling, mucous membranes in the throat changed color, having convulsions or sharp pain at the next ingestion. Before using this tool, it is still recommended to consult with the district physician.

Due to its oxidizing action of potassium permanganate simply not compatible with the simultaneous use of activated carbon and other easily oxidizable substances. Keep a bottle of powder should be away from children and easily oxidized preparations which, in contact with manganese crystals can cause a fire.

The popularity of this ancient tool over the yearsnot go out and practice the use of potassium permanganate is growing. Our website recommends the most important thing to remember that only in compliance with all the rules of treatment with potassium permanganate it will be completely safe for humans and will present its beneficial effects.

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