Cramps in legs

Sometimes the calves feet or hips suddenlysuddenly permeates unbearable pain. I believe that such unpleasant sensations familiar to many. If leg cramps occur rarely, occasionally, then do not worry too much.

What do those who have seizures are frequent,spontaneously even at standstill - at night? MirCovetov offers to talk about the causes of such torment, how to resolve them and ways in which to prevent them.

First, I will say that doctors call convulsionsinvoluntary contraction of striated muscle, resulting from exposure to internal or external stimuli, accompanied by severe pain. They come in different etiologies, varying length and intensity. Cramps in the legs - a tonic for the duration of the spasms are painful contractions last for more than three minutes, often repeated. Convulsions may be at any age, but most of all they torture the elderly and middle-aged.

Why am I having convulsions

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The reasons can be many here. Let's look at the main.

  1. The most serious causes include diabetes,hidden inflammation and injury, neurological diseases, lesions of the thyroid or parathyroid glands and other pathologies. If there is the slightest suspicion of the listed diseases, that need to be examined by specialists such as a neurologist, endocrinologist, phlebologist. When seeking treatment for the underlying disease, the seizures disappear soon.
  2. Deficiency of certain minerals in the body: magnesium (to take an active part in the transmission of nerve impulses to muscle cells), calcium (it is a physiological companion and partner with the magnesium).
  3. Lack of vitamin D, necessary for a good assimilation of magnesium and calcium.
  4. Provoke night cramps phlebeurysm. flatfoot, Excessive load on the legs during the day, such as during intense summer work. And stress, long-term excessive muscle tension - it is most often in athletes.
  5. osteochondrosis spine - thus squeezing the disease may occur exiting the spinal nerves, disturbed innervation that leads to pain.
  6. Being in a stuffy room, overwork.
  7. Local hypoxia - lack of oxygen to the tissues of the limbs.
  8. Prolonged exposure to cold water, hypothermia.
  9. Low blood glucose, an overdose of glucose-lowering medications in patients suffering diabetes.
  10. Hereditary predisposition.

leg cramps, leg cramps, leg exercises, foot care

Buy only comfortable shoes.

Try to avoid permanent and long loads on legs.

Give up smoking, reduce coffee intake, replacing it with a drink from chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, or delicious and healthy chocolate.

Buy at the pharmacy bottle of glycerin, apply beforesleep a few drops on your feet and light movements rub glycerin, and then go to bed. Convulsions you will not be disturbed during the night, and the skin will be soft and gentle.

Before going to bed make a relaxing foot massage and exercise. Remember, varicose veins massage can not be done. Massage can be done with the oil of sandalwood, chamomile or ginger.

Make regular evening foot contrast baths.

Good evening therapeutic baths help tofeet with the addition of infusions and decoctions of plants that have anticonvulsant and relaxing effect (peppermint, valerian, horsetail, celandine, chamomile). You can add warm water marine (or normal) salt.

Go to bed in socks from sheep, dog or camel hair.

Pre-cook the ointment, if you constantlysuffer from seizures. It consists of a teaspoon of olive oil and two teaspoons of mustard powder. Mass Transfer in a jar and lubricate its muscles, mixed by cramp.

This method helped many of my patientsallowing you to get rid of convulsions for a long time. For two weeks, before bedtime, lubricate the feet (or other places where cramps appear) with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Wait for the juice to dry, then put on lightweight socks made from natural fabrics and go to bed. The procedure can also be done in the morning, if possible.

And here is one more effective recipe. For him, it is necessary to stock up on onion skins. A handful of husks (a teaspoon), wash, put in a glass and pour 200 ml boiling water. Cover with a lid, after 20 minutes the drug is ready. His drink before going to bed, then cramps at night you will not wake.

Eat foods rich in minerals, vitamins, especially magnesium and calcium.

, The lack of minerals and vitamins

leg cramps, leg cramps, leg exercises, foot care

If cramps are often bugged, then reconsider your diet, eat more cabbage in the form of salads, chickpeas, drink the infusion of Ivan-tea.

Magnesium rich: cereals, legumes, wheat bran, dill, parsley, seaweed, spinach, celery, green onions, vegetables, fruit, dried apricots, figs, dates, prunes.

Best magnesium helps the absorption of pyridoxine (vitamin is B6). He's in great quantity in the buckwheat, peanuts, walnuts, bananas, beef liver, meat, fish.

Calcium rich: cheese, cottage cheese, dairy products, milk, cabbage, sesame seeds, almonds, turnip, lentils. To the body was kept in calcium, every day drink a glass of warm water, adding to her by teaspoonful of honey, apple cider vinegar and homemade lemon juice.

Vitamin D is abundant in cod liver, oily fish,egg yolk, dairy products. In addition, take a walk in the fresh air, because when exposed to ultraviolet rays on the skin, it produces its own vitamin D. As you remember, this vitamin helps calcium to be absorbed.

If the doctor deems it necessary, he will recommend to buy at the pharmacy preparations containing minerals.

The researchers found that after six pmmagnesium worse absorbed from the digestive tract. Magnesium is absorbed best in those who lead an active lifestyle, doing physical exercise. But calcium and vitamin D taken in the evening or at bedtime, then their absorption and delay in need of tissue increases.

assist exercise

leg cramps, leg cramps, leg exercises, foot care

In the morning do here are light and rewarding activities:

  1. In a standing position with your feet the letter «V», leaning on their outer sides for ten seconds. Next, stand on the whole foot. Movements are repeated several times.
  2. Very stand on tiptoes, heel off the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and then quickly descend on the whole foot. Five repetitions is sufficient.
  3. Sit down, tighten your toes to the foot, that is, bend the fingers for 10 seconds, then flatten it for ten seconds. Suffice it to 10 repetitions.

Of course, such exercises should be done barefoot. Very good prevents cramps jogging.

But these exercises should be carried out in the evening to remove accumulated over Labor Day tension in the muscles, restore normal blood flow to the extremities.

  1. Sit on a chair and rotate the feet, first clockwise and then - in the other direction.
  2. Bend your fingers, then abruptly straighten them, and then stir them actively.
  3. Sitting crossed the legs - then put them on your toes, then heels.
  4. Sitting stretch your legs, with toes drag so as to form a straight line, then pull the socks to her, that is, pull the foot. Alternate motion.
  5. Ten slow steps on one and the same place at the same time when picking up a foot, then gently pull the fingers foot down.

When beset cramps at night, then sleep is difficult. Try to prevent such painful sensations, follow the simple advice given in the article.

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