How to prepare for a colonoscopy

Sometimes, problems with the large intestine forclarify the diagnosis proctologist gives his patient referral for endoscopic examination called colonoscopy. But how to prepare for the upcoming procedure to perform its specialist could carefully examine the intestines? How to clean your bowels? our site will try to give readers the necessary information.

Why do I need a colonoscopy?

gastroenterology, bowel, colonoscopy examination

Colonoscopy is carried out with the help of moderndevice - a special probe. Due to the flexible fiber optic priborchiku in-endoscopist doctor an opportunity to inspect and assess the condition of the interior is quite an extended surface of the colon. To carry out such an examination and obtain the required for the diagnosis of the image light is needed. It penetrates through the optical fiber. This procedure allows to identify such diseases of the large intestine as colitis (Ulcerative or ordinary), diverticula, Crohn's diseasePolyps, colon tumors. Your doctor may even get a small piece of tissue for further research and study under a microscope. Even colon cancer can be identified using colonoscopy. If polyps are removed, after the removal of these entities of their research and look, precancerous or not?

How to prepare for the examination?

At the time of performing a colonoscopy colonIt must be clean (free of residues of food masses or any other kind of impurities). To the doctor to get more information about your colon state, try to carefully prepare for the examination.

gastroenterology, bowel, colonoscopy examination

Now you have to do cleaning the bowel -enemas or Fortrans. Where you have recorded on a colonoscopy, ask your doctor which way you will need to clean your bowels the day before the survey.

Method one. For it will need a mug Esmarch, accommodating a half-liter of water. Approximately 16 hours is recommended to take 30-40 ml castor oil (The number depends on the body weight). Enema (or two) half a liter volume (the water is taken at room temperature) should be done in 20 hours. Two more desirable to do an enema in the morning the next day (7-8 hours). When putting an enema, you are lying on your left side. Iron the your stomach on the perimeter, the direction of travel counterclockwise. Then the water will flow better on the large intestine. Soon there will be the urge to defecate. Try to be patient for at least one to two minutes.

Method two. For such a treatment advance purchase at the pharmacy Fortrans. In the package, you will see four packages containing the powder. Each package will have to be dissolved in a liter of water. The water is desirable to take cool. Acceptance of such a solution it is necessary to start the day before the date of the survey, approximately 16-17 hours. End use Fortrans necessary to 22 hours. After the last meal must pass two hours. So you poroshochek dissolved in a liter of water - now drink it in small sips. If you weigh 60 kg, you will need 3 bags Fortrans, ie it will be necessary to drink three liters. If your weight is 80 kg, then the plant, then, respectively, drink - four bags (4 liters). Many cope with the first liter. But the second liter can cause discomfort - liquid has to squeeze himself. The third (and subsequent) liters can cause nausea. This is due mainly to the large volume of liquid. To avoid discomfort and retching, use lemon slices. You can simply cut a slice of lemon nadkusyvat after each cup Fortrans solution. Once on the tongue receptors droplets acidic juice will pacify feeling nausea. Even if you are suffering gastritis, These few drops will not cause harm to the stomach, because they are highly diluted liquid. Another tip: to avoid nausea, some patients drink the solution chilled.

More Fortrans solution can be diluted with any sour juice, such as orange.

Attention! If you are taking Fortrans, then do not do cleansing enemas. The concentration of the drug in a liquid that cleans the intestines, must necessarily be high, otherwise it can not be completely cleaned intestines.

Technique of

gastroenterology, bowel, colonoscopy examination

Most often, a colonoscopy is carried out without anesthesia. If the anus of the patient severe pain, then it is a local anesthetic. Now a number of clinics practicing short-term intravenous anesthesia, after which the patient falls asleep. General anesthesia make children if their age up to ten years, or in patients who have massive adhesions formation in the abdominal cavity, as well as destruction. immediately warned that during this difficult procedure, the patient will feel pain. To make it easier was examined, follow the directions of medical staff. First you need to remove all clothing from the waist down. Then comes to lie on a special table on the left side. Knees to chest tighten. Then the endoscopist slowly introduces the colonoscope into the anus. If necessary, the patient will be asked to lie on your back, and then again back to the left side. The intestine is filled with gases (so that he stretched out), having the urge to defecate (false). After examination of the doctor pulls the air, using an endoscope.

After colonoscopy

Several hours after the examination of the patient has symptoms flatulence. This is due to the fact that in the intestine accumulated air. , You can resort to the gases quickly we went to activated carbon. Take 4-10 tablets and wash down with plentyof water. To eat and drink can be immediately when you return home. Only in the early days of the food should be light, do not overload the intestines. It is desirable to lie down for a few hours on the abdomen.

gastroenterology, bowel, colonoscopy examination

Our website recommends immediately consult a doctor, if after a few hours (or days) after the survey you have such effects:

  • severe nausea, vomiting;
  • stomach ache;
  • increase temperature more than 38 degrees;
  • bleeding from the anus;
  • diarrhea with the presence of blood in it;
  • dizziness, Weakness, loss of consciousness.

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