Vitamins for your heart

In modern conditions of intense rhythm of lifeIt became the norm. Feeling periodically malaise and weakness, some people miss the fact that these feelings may be associated with the heart. The fact is that under the influence of nervous stress the vital body may wear out faster than the time to recover.

Compensate for their strength and strengthen the heart muscle, you can use a balanced diet, as well as receiving the necessary vitamins for the normal operation of the heart.

Features of functioning of the heart

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The state of health of any person to a largedepends on the quality functioning of the heart muscle that provides the heart as a pump, which pumps blood into the body. Many people do not think that it needs the support Before the pain.

If there is pain felt in the heart, it is necessaryrefer to the help of drugs. It is important to note that many pharmaceutical drugs with effect on heart muscle, like a whip, "pushing" it and forced to work in emergency mode. Additional overloads can be avoided - it is necessary to strive to maintain heart health as the main important body. Doctors recommend pay close attention to your diet. It is very important to make sure to include trace elements and vitamins for the heart needed to strengthen its status and stable operation in a normal rhythm. The disadvantage of these substances can not affect well on its work, causing a variety of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Thus, the presence of these diseases and for the prevention of vitamin complexes should be consumed for the heart and products with high vitamin content data.

Who needs vitamins for the heart

heart disease, vitamins, vitamin products, heart

To strengthen the health of the cardiovascular system, providing it the optimal conditions for full-fledged functioning, as follows:

  • organizing a correct diet with a balanced diet, including necessary for heart muscle vitamins and minerals;
  • further eating vitamin complexes to improve the performance of the heart;
  • normalize the mode of physical activity and well-dosed physical activity needed to strengthen the heart and strength endurance.

To prevent the development of cardiovasculardiseases, is required to maintain the body's high-quality carbohydrate and salt metabolism and optimal capillary circulation. In most cases, this is really achieved through regular and proper nutrition, which contains all the necessary vitamins. Organize it is often difficult - according to statistics, in modern conditions fully powered one person out of twenty. In this situation, you can use a specially balanced vitamin complexes.

What vitamins are needed for the heart

heart disease, vitamins, vitamin products, heart

It is worth noting that due to the naturestructure of the cardiac muscle cell growth and its recovery is much slower compared to other systems of the body. At the same time, most of the known vitamins contribute to normalization of vital processes in the body.

The following vitamins are most useful for improving heart health and normalization of cardiac activity:

  • thiamin (vitamin B1), contributing to strengtheningelasticity of cardiac muscle fibers. Due to this effect is stronger and works more evenly stabilizes the heart rhythm. As a source of thiamin are various cereals, coffee and beans. Furthermore, thiamine pharmaceuticals contain the following - Passilat and Thiamine cocarboxylase and chloride (as ampoules for injection);
  • rutin (vitamin P) - is useful for reducingpermeability and fragility of blood vessels, as well as to restore their desired elasticity, effectively prevents the formation of capillary bleeding. As a source of routine can take a decoction or infusion of rose hips, eat plums, spinach. A large amount of this vitamin found in apple peel and buckwheat porridge;
  • ascorbic acid firming affects on the heart muscle, minimizing the accumulation cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. Powerful source of vitamin C are many vegetables, sour fruits and berries, especially citrus fruits, sea buckthorn, wild rose, cabbage and green onions. Furthermore, in a pharmacy can acquire various tablets and dragees ascorbic acid or vials for injection;
  • tocopherol, or vitamin E, it is widely known inAs vitamin youth, since it inhibits the formation of lipid peroxidation free radicals. Vitamin E may be purchased in the form of liquid (oil solution), or capsules. As a natural tocopherol sources in the diet may act eggs, various vegetable oils, liver, cereals, various kinds of nuts, egg yolks;
  • pyridoxine (vitamin B6) - improves thecardiovascular system, and normalizes the body fat metabolism of cholesterol and promotes disintegration. For foods rich in pyridoxine, include red meat and fish, as well as rice, various types of legumes and dairy products. Formulations containing pyridoxine - Milgamma (including complex vitamins B), Pyridoxine hydrochloride (as a solution for injection). It's worth noting that with the regular intake of B vitamins can significantly improve the cardiovascular system as a whole;
  • vitamin F, representing complexpolyunsaturated fatty acids interferes with formation of cholesterol plaques and their further deposition on vessel walls. To replenish the body PUFAs is useful to eat seafood, and vegetable oils. At the pharmacy you can buy vitamin F99;
  • vitamin (coenzyme) Q10 - useful for energy support heart activity, normalizes blood pressure, prevents the emergence of heart arrhythmia and the appearance of hypoxic injury duecirculatory disorders. This material produces a liver in the body arriving from different products. In addition, the pharmacy can buy vitamin complex Vitrum Beauty Coenzyme Q10.

Thus, the regular intake of the abovevitamins (in the diet and in the form of vitamin supplements) will help to maintain heart health for many years, while improving the health and ensuring the strength, so necessary for an active lifestyle.

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