Rubella during pregnancy

You are lucky if you managed to get rubella in early childhood! The body can easily cope with the causative agent of the disease, bacterium from the kind of Togavirus. For adults, especially for women in position, the effects of illness can become fatal.

The disease has several names - rubella, Rubella, German Cort, - But the essence is alone: ​​a malicious virus can be picked up by air-drip or contact path, closely communicating with a pedigree infection. Outside the body, bacterium feels quite confident - it is not terrible. The temperature is below 55 degrees.

Krasnuha during pregnancy can seriously affect the intrauterine growth of the fetus, so, planning pregnancy, a woman should pay the most thorough attention to the prevention of this disease.

Immunity to the disease

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Rubella sick once in life, after which the immune system «Building» In the body a resistant barrier from a possible re-attack of the virus. So if the woman moved rubella long before pregnancy, then neither her nor her future baby infection is no longer afraid.

However, it is impossible to rely on his children's memories of the future mother, because it could be overcome by any other disease, whose symptoms are externally similar to the manifestations of rubella. Well, if there is a documentary confirmation of the disease transferred in the past. In some cases, rubella proceeds asymptomatic, in a hidden form. Not to rely on «AB», Specialists offer to pass blood for analysis to determine the presence (or absence) of antibodies to the virus.

There are two types of antibodies to rubella - IGM and IGG. Big blood concentration of IGM antibodies indicates a sharp form of rubella. If the analysis does not find them, a person either did not hurt rubella, or moved it a long time ago. In the first case, the antibodies did not appear, in the second - they managed to disappear from the body. Immunity in humans no rubella virus.

Much attention is paid to IGG antibodies. After the suffering disease, a small amount of their number remains in the body for life - this is a real immunity to rubella.

Possible analysis results:

  1. IgM antibodies are, IgG antibodies No - Rubel infection has happened recently.
  2. IGM and IGG Concentration is very high - acute rubella form.
  3. The complete absence of IGM and IgG - the virus of rubella in the body has never been, there is no immune to the disease.
  4. Igm - negative, IgG - positive - infection was in the past, immunity to disease.

How to protect yourself before pregnancy

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That the rubella virus is dangerous for a not yet born man know everything, but the scale of potential danger Many women in ignorance often underestimate.

It is worth noting that the most dangerous disease is considered when the future mother faced him in the first trimester of a long nine-month-old way. At the later scaffolding for the kid is almost not dangerous.

From the maternal body through the placenta, the virus freely penetrates into the nucleus fabric, awarding the baby by chronic infection. The overwhelming number of such cases ends spontaneous miscarriage. If the pregnant woman becomes infected in the first 10 weeks after conception, the fetus threatens the mass of pathologies - from the vices of the heart, vision and hearing to mental retardation. Even some miracle retaining pregnancy, a woman risks to give birth to a dead child.

The most common pathologies in babies after the mama of rubella during pregnancy:

  • microcephaly;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • fetal dystrophy;
  • Declaid NEBA;
  • lymphadenopathy;
  • anemia;
  • encephalitis.

Krasnuha can show himself during childbirth: due to the virus, generic activity is broken, infecting blood may occur and strong bleeding can be opened. Future mom and all members of her family should be made by doctors in fame that a baby with congenital rubella a few months after birth is dangerous for others who can get infected from him.

Deviations from the norm in the kid can not manifest itself immediately and turn into a slow motion bomb. When the child is going six months, the consequences of rubella will be given to know about themselves chronic examine, recurring Pneumonia and vasculitis. 70% of cases ends for a kid with a fatal outcome.

If the rubella moved by the mother did not affect her child's health after birth, it must be remembered that the potential danger will pursue the baby with another, at least two years - it is so much a virus lives in the body.

When the pregnancy is interrupt

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When infected with a woman on an early pregnancy term, when all the main bodies of the future kid are laid, the risk of developing complications from the fetus is very high, and the doctor will recommend the patient to make abortion. Infection at later duration is dangerous, but the pregnancy is interrupted only when there is a confirmation of intrauterine pathology in the fetus, in other cases there is a chance to give birth to a healthy kid. If the future mother "was lucky" to face the virus later than 28 weeks of tooling, the pregnancy is definitely left, but the patient is translated into a group of permanent control by experts.

Treatment of the disease

When the pregnant woman has become rubella, no fundamental methods of combating the disease are not accepted, but the disease is only symptomatic. Patient advise as much time to relax, drink a lot, take multivitamin complexes. With increasing temperature and pain syndrome, antipyretic drugs and light pain relief agents are used.

Carefully monitor the child's condition: doctors spend a liner therapy to prevent development hypoxia fruit, placental insufficiency, reduce the risk of miscarriage.

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