Why head hurts - and how to beat this pain


You may be surprised, but it hurts in this most common case
not a head, that is, not the brain. Causes of this pain: Long tension
Muscles, ligaments, forehead tendons, nape and upper shoulder belts. There
Receptors annoyed and pain occurs.

As a result: bilateral
Head pain (whiskey hurts, forehead or heads on both sides), starting
how «Heavy head». This pain is gradually enhanced and can
accompanied by loss of appetite, nausea; Head hurts monotonne.

deeper. Why muscles strain? Couple with stress that plays not
Main role, you yourself are to blame... When you accept one or another
«Forbidden» for head pose. Avoiding these poses and parasite movements, you
You will be less likely to suffer from headaches.

So, postures and movements.

  • Do not press the chin to chest - neither when you stand, nor when learn, reading a book or watching TV. Chin at all under any
    circumstances should not be a plot of support.
  • Spit only on a comfortable pillow, nor high, nor low that the cervical spine remains straight, and nWhy head hurts - and how to beat this painE is bending.
  • Do not narrow when sit down, do not rely on chairs armrests. If
    shoulders will rise high, neck and scalp muscles strain.
  • Do not sit for a long time with a low-tipped head when reading and working at a computer.
  • Long and stubborn cough can also cause headaches. Take antitussive drugs.
  • Do not hunt your eyebrows and do not worry the forehead, even if you were excited or disappeared.

Lack of pills

Well helps warm bath, hot shower, self-massage forehead muscles,
Zatilkov, Temple, Flower Walk, Physical Muscle Warming
top shoulder belt, neck.

Drink sweet tea with Melissa,
Mother, Valerian or warm milk with honey before bed - it is
gives relaxation of the muscles and as a result - brings to get rid of headaches.
If nothing helps, take analgesic, but not more often than 1-2
once a week, otherwise accustomed.


Half head or both, but in turn. Pain throbs and often she
so strong that you have to lie down; An avalanche form,
accompanied by nausea, light, sounding. Attack lasts from 4
hours up to 3 days.

Causes: Expansion of brain vessels,
capable of annoying sensitive receptors. This is an extension
provoked by a lack of sleep, physical exertion, hormonal
shifts, hunger, use of products that cause such expansion (nuts, chocolate, red wine and alcohol generally citrus,

Take unstable nesteroid
Anti-inflammatory drugs (nourofen, paracetamol, aspirin). At
Strong pain helps tryptans - a group of drugs developed
specifically against migraine.

Dangerous signals:

  • there was a new, unusual pain;
  • Headache is enhanced with each
  • Pain occurs when coughing, chihannia, outraging;
  • accompanied by dizziness, vomiting, numbness, weakness
  • appears in the morning and enhanced;
  • headache
    originated for the first time after 50 years.

When these signs, run to

Remember: sometimes headache is a sign of another,
more serious illness.

Interesting fact

If you believe statistics,
10-15% of people never feel headaches at all.

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