Cough treatment with burnt sugar

As a child, I was a moving child, constantly ran and jumped, so and colds «clinging» To me often. Especially difficult to treat cough. What is the mother did not do: and the syrups gave, and the chest rubbed, and even forced to drink a nasty onion juice with milk - everything was without. And then the grandmother intervened in the treatment and offered me a simple tasty medicine.

Recipe Miracle Medicine Many is known - this is a burnt sugar. This folk recipe is considered a proven. It helps to remove not only unpleasant feeling in the throat, but also attacks cough.

As you know, cough happens two types: dry and wet. The first type of cough is a permanent satellite tracheite, Bronchitov and Larygitov. The second type - helps the mucus faster exit and clean the lungs and bronchi. Not always coughing begins with wet, and therefore our task is to translate dry cough into wet. Will help us in this ordinary sand sugar.

MirSovetov offers you, readers, familiarize yourself with the long-time recipe for cough with burnt sugar.

Many mothers against burning sugar

Horrel disease, sore throat, burned sugar, cough, cold

Yes, most moms believe that burned sugar against cough is nonsense. But actually it is not. Even pediatricians claim that this folk recipe really helps get rid of coughing attacks and relieve unpleasant feelings in the throat. And if you observe two children who are treated from cough in different ways - medicinal and folk, then you can draw conclusions: that child who was treated with sweet sugar candy, starts to cough.

It is also worth noting that burnt sugar will be a real salvation for those capricious children who refuse to take medicinal medicines. The main rule when taking a folk medicine - eliminate contraindications. If the patient can use sugar, then this recipe will not harm him.

Principle of preparation of medicine

Horrel disease, sore throat, burned sugar, cough, cold

There are several traditional recipes for making cough lollipops with which our site offers to familiarize yourself:

  1. It is necessary to pour into a spoonful sugar and hold it above the slow fire. Sugar must dissolve and darken. You can not allow such a state so that sugar become black - it will be a tasteless medicine, and the benefits will not bring. Then liquid mixture should be poured into a plate. It should be pre-lubricated with any oil (preferably vegetable). You can prepare wooden sticks in advance - clean the matches from sulfur or take advantage of toothpicks. Wands need to insert into the sugar mass and wait until the mixture is freezing. It turns out a lollipop - and the medicine, and sweetness at the same time. You can do otherwise: leave dissolved sugar on a spoon and insert a wooden wand into it. It turns out small oval lollipops.
  2. Take sugar and melt it on fire. Mix the burnt sugar with soft butter, but do not bring to a boil, otherwise the oil is separated from sugar. The resulting mass must be put on the plate and leave up to cooling.
  3. Many children and adults helps such a recipe from cough: put a saucepan with milk and bring to a boil. You can use both milk and cream. Pour a lot of sugar into milk and hold on fire. Mix as often as sugar does not stick to the bottom. You need to wait until the milk does not get a light brown shade. Proportions of milk and sugar values ​​do not have. But try not to add so much sugar to a glass of milk, it is better to put a smaller amount. As a result, you should have candy «Tyantchka» With tasteful cream. Such candy perfectly helps to get rid of cough.
  4. Melt in a spoon or other suitable sugar capacitance. Make sure that he does not smoke and did not burn. Fill the melted mass with water (take cold boiled). The proportions are as follows: one or two spoons of sugar - one or two glasses of water. After dissolving sugar in water, take a cough at first. If you have a half pack of such a medicine, then per hour you can forget about cough.
  5. Mix melted sugar with onion juice (proportions one to one). Ready Mass can be poured into ice shape. Cool down and let's squeeze the child one piece. Some children may not like the onion taste of lollipops.

Medicinal syrups with burnt sugar

Horrel disease, sore throat, burned sugar, cough, cold

In addition to lollipops, syrups can be made of melted sugar:

  1. Syrup with vodka and sugar. To prepare syrup, take the seven big sugar spoons and put in a frying pan. Heat sugar to brown. After it melts, pour a glass of chilled water. Be careful because hot couples or splashes can get on the skin. Mix the mixture and pour in a mixture of two or three spoons of vodka. Take twenty-five grams every two hours. This medicine is undesirable to give children.
  2. This syrup can be treated with cough in children. Take two tablespoons of sugar and heat in a frying pan. Pour the molten brown mass into a glass of hot water. Cool and let the child on the spoon after eating. To give the syrup a pleasant taste, you can add a little lemon juice.
  3. Prepare raspberry tea from raspberry leaves and fruits. You can use dried raspberry or jam. Add molten sugar to tea. Such a drink will improve sweating and remove inflammation in the throat.

And this recipe will help facilitate the condition of the patient with a wet cough. Take a hundred grams of mandarine peel. It must be cut into small squares, fall asleep with sugar (fifty grams) and add water. The resulting mixture must be placed on fire and cook until the skin becomes soft. Such candied mandarine peel can be used on a tablespoon three times a day. Course treatment - five days.

Is there any contraindications?

Horrel disease, sore throat, burned sugar, cough, cold

Remember to measure. Love sugar can not be consumed constantly and a lot. Of the two tablespoons of sugar, you can make ten delicious lollipops and give them a child for two days. During this period, it is desirable to eliminate the use of other sweets.

Remember that before bedtime it is necessary to clean my teeth, and the kids - rinse your mouth.

Do not forget to get a consultation of the doctor - then you can safely treat your baby and relatives from coughing with quarry sugar. be healthy!

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